Chapter 118: Sniper

    "What I want? You already know clearly what I want." Ouyang Tianming said coldly.

    Ye Qian smiled coldly and said, "I want to hear Zhao Ya's voice first."

    "Come, your fiance wants to talk to you." Ouyang Tianming handed the phone to Zhao Ya.

    "Ye Qian, you mustn't come, they are going to kill you." Zhao Ya hadn't finished speaking yet when Ouyang Tianming took the phone away from her. He laughed a couple of breaths then said, "I haven't touched her yet, but if you are even a little bit late, then I can't guarantee anything."

    Ye Qian was extremely touched by Zhao Ya's words. He completely didn't expect that Zhao Ya, this spoiled and headstrong heiress would say such a thing. Previously Ye Qian only wanted to save Zhao Ya because of guilt, now it was not only that, but also because he saw it as his duty. "Spit it out, what do you want me to do?" Ye Qian said coldly.

    "Be in the abandoned chemical factory in the outskirts in the north. Remember, don't call the police, or else I will kill her. Oh, right, also, you only have 20 minutes, then this will expire." After Ouyang Tianming spoke, a large smiled spread across his face, then he hung up.

    Ye Qian didn't dare hesitate, from here to the outskirts would take 30 minutes. When he reached the road, Ye Qian extended his arm to block a private car. The car made an ear-piercing sound as it stopped in front of Ye Qian. Ye Qian walked over and pulled the car's driver out, and said, "Lend me the car, I have an urgent matter." After saying this, the car sped away.

    The car's owner was a middle-aged man, he looked like he was in his forties, he stared blankly at Ye Qian leaving, it took him a long time to regain his senses, but he did not at all become panicked or angry, instead he smiled faintly and muttered, "Good xiaozi, even laozi's car you dare to steal, this is the Ye Qian that Feng'er talked about? Yue'er, that girl, her gaze is really quite original."

    Naturally, Ye Qian didn't hear these words, he was worried about Zhao Ya's safety right now. Ouyang Tianming was a madman, he was capable of anything, Ye Qian did not dare delay. If Ouyang Tianming were to really do anything to Zhao Ya, then there would be nothing left for him but regret. But Ye Qian was no fool, he didn't know how many people Ouyang Tianming had with him there, so if he went there by himself, with single-horse and single-spear, it was probably that not only would he be unable to save Zhao Ya, he would just get himself thrown in too. The Wolf Fang had a lot of hostage rescue experience, so Ye Qian unhesitatingly dialed Mo Long's number.

    "Mo Long, I'm going to give you a phone number, write it down." Then he recited the number, then he said, "Give him a call, tell him you're my friend, then the both of you bring the weapons over to the outskirts in the north, to an abandoned chemical factory. My friend is like you, he's a sniper. This is urgent, I won't add any more words, when you get there you'll know what to do."

    After all Ye Qian was driving now, and driving at 190 at that, carelessness could lead to a destroyed car and a lost life, so after he finished speaking Ye Qian hurriedly hung up.

    After getting Ye Qian's call, Mo Long did not hesitate for a moment, he made the phone call to Fu Jun Sheng while he had Jack prepare the guns. All the Wolf Fang members knew how to use a sniper, but Mo Long was naturally number one in terms of skill. Ye Qian already told Mo Long about Fu Jun Sheng, so he knew that he was a sniper from China's Special Wolf Fang Forces, naturally his marksmanship would not be too bad, that's why Ye Qian told Mo Long to talk to Fu Jun Sheng for help.

    Jack was making preparations for the security company, even though all matters with the departments were already settled and the business permit was already approved, Jack's recruitment requirement were really high, so until now nobody had been hired yet. He was also following Ye Qian's instructions, to develop China's Wolf Fang, they couldn't be too casual with the way of their people. Jack's marksmanship was not bad, but they needed a sniper, so might as well get China's Wolf Fang Special Forces's sniper Fu Jun Jeng. That's why Ye Qian picked Fu Jun Sheng, not Jack.

    When Fu Jun Sheng received Mo Long's phone call, he was at home with his wife and child. Even though they hadn't formally registered, both of them already considered this as fact, even the child called Fu Jun Sheng "Papa". At the beginning, Fu Jun Sheng took it upon himself to watch over mother and son because of the guilt he felt over killing the husband and father. But a lot of time had passed, Fu Jun Sheng didn't' know when but he had fallen for the woman. Nowadays Fu Jun Sheng had been promoted to the position of Tian Ya Conglomerate's security department's assistant manager. This job was not like the old job of watching the gates, he was now in charge of the bodyguards for the important guests of the company. The pay and the benefits were all much better, naturally the responsibility was also greater.

    It could be said that Fu Jun Sheng was pleased with both his career and family, for a person to achieve this in a lifetime can be considered a not bad already. After he got Mo Long's call, Fu Jun Sheng did not hesitate at all and nodded, and asked a question to clarify Mo Long's position, then he hung up. "My colleague wants to meet me for something, I will be back quickly, if you are tired, go to sleep first." Fu Jun Sheng's appearance was calm, he spoke to his wife warmly.

    The woman was understanding and nodded, "Be careful on your way, watch the cars."

    Fu Jun Shen nodded, opened the door then left. Men needed an iron-blooded side, and also needed a tender side. An iron-blooded man also had deeply-rooted soft side. Fu Jun Sheng was just such a person, even though he didn't know what happened, he could still feel that the matter was not a small thing, or else Ye Qian would not think of him. So he had to maintain a calm appearance to not make his wife worry.

    Because he felt that the situation was serious, Fu Jun Sheng kept urging the taxi driver to go faster. When he arrived at the meeting place with Mo Long, Fu Jun Sheng got off the car and swept his gaze around the perimeter, Mo Long stood under a street lamp by himself, beside him was parked a Land Rover.

    Fu Jun Sheng hurried over and asked, "Mo Long?"

    "Fu Jun Sheng?" Mo Long nodded, then asked back. When he saw Fu Jun Sheng nod he said, "Get in, let's talk in the car." After speaking he went in the car.

    "The things are at the back, have a look and see if it suits you." Mo Long said.

    Fu Jun Sheng turned around to look at the backseat and saw two sniper rifles arranged on the seat, as well as two pairs of night-vision goggles, bullets and other assorted equipment. After a moment of staring blankly, Fu Jun Sheng picked up a sniper rifle and inspected it carefully.


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