Chapter 80: The Ice Fairy's Potential

    Chapter 80: The Ice Fairy's Potential

    Chu Mu and the Ice Air Fairy already had a soul pact between them, so the the cold air that the Ice Air Fairy emitted wouldn't have much of an impact on Chu Mu. However, as the Ice Air Fairy's body continued to rotate, an increasingly concentrated frost covered the surrounding plants...

    The third phase third stage Hunting Wolf madly shook its body, but just as it freed itself from Chu Mu's Rapid Freeze and was about to continue attacking Chu Mu, it was instantly covered by the icy fog's cold air!

    "Kill the Hunting Wolf!" Taking advantage of the building frosty fog, Chu Mu immediately spoke to the Ice Air Fairy.

    Chu Mu and the Ice Air Fairy became the last item covered by the frosty fog. Chu Mu quickly retreated behind the trees and the Ice Air Fairy's gaze locked onto the Hunting Wolf with rather slow movements. A fairy language incantation produced the screaming sound of a cold wind!


    Wave after wave of cold wind ineffably swept through, blowing around the indispensable frosty fog. Yet, it only made the white cold fog become even more vagrant!

    The Hunting Wolf let out a howl, but in the next moment, this rather intimidating howl suddenly turned into an eminently painful scream!!

    Fresh red blood freely spurted out from the Hunting Wolf's abdomen. The Ice Air Fairy's Thorny Ice Flower had unexpectedly burst out from under the Hunting Wolf's abdomen!

    The sharp end of the Thorny Ice Flower had pierced through the Hunting Wolf's abdomen, skewering its body onto the Thorny Ice Flower's blooming ice thorns!

    "My Hunting Wolf! I'm going to kill this trash!!"

    This prisoner had evidently felt the lost mental connection with his Hunting Wolf, and he let out an extremely angry shout in the midst of the icy fog.

    Once a soul pet died, the mental connection between the soul pet and the soul pet master would immediately be severed. This severing process would cause a certain injury to a soul pet trainer's Soul. Moreover, before the injury on this Soul had completely recovered, it would be very difficult to summon other soul pets.

    The Hunting Wolf was a high class servant rank soul pet. It was probably captured by this prisoner while at the spirit disciple level. Thus, it could be summoned through the first Soul and acquired a mental connection.

    The Ice Air Fairy's Thorny Ice Flower had instantly killed the Hunting Wolf while also injuring the prisoner's first Soul. For a short period of time, this prisoner wouldn't even think of summoning the soul pet he captured while at the spirit disciple level.

    "Yi!! Yi!!"

    The Ice Falcon ignored the pierced Hunting Wolf. This wing and ice type combination soul pet had a very clear target. It was entirely set on rushing towards Chu Mu.

    However, under the pervasion of the icy fog, the Ice Falcon simply could not find Chu Mu's hidden figure. It could only hover above the jungle that was now covered in ice crystals.

    The icy fog was created by the Ice Air Fairy, and since Chu Mu's thoughts were connected with the Ice Air Fairy, the lack of vision in the icy fog didn't affect him.

    Quickly chanting an incantation, Chu Mu, who was hiding behind a tree, locked his gaze onto the Ice Falcon flying above the icy fog. A demonic light of fire suddenly lit up in his black eyes.

    Chong Mei- Flame Awn!

    Chu Mu's Soul Remembrance had already reached the fourth remembrance spirit soldier level. Although his soul power wasn't sufficient, his Soul Remembrance was strong, and with his current cultivation, the power of his Flame Awn was at least three times stronger than Mo Xie's!

    In the air, two rays of fire rapidly interweaved into one piece that accurately struck the Ice Falcon's body. The Ice Armor covering the Ice Falcon's body immediately displayed signs of melting.

    "Ning, dispose of it!"

    Chu Mu sounded an order and the Ice Air Fairy chanted an incantation once more. Surrounding them, white crystals began to quickly condense. In a short while, they transformed into eminently sharp ice blades that laid suspended in the air next to the Ice Air Fairy.


    After being struck by Chu Mu's Flame Awn, the Ice Falcon's body lost its balance. Once the frosted ice blades slashed forth, it immediately let out a wretched shout. Struck down from the sky, it pummeled into a tree top.

    The Ice Falcon could pursue its prey from the air so once he got rid of it, Chu Mu could freely travel in the jungle.


    Suddenly, Chu Mu felt a slight movement from under the frost covered ground at his feet.

    "The Black Wood Demon!!"

    Chu Mu's eyebrows creased and he glanced at the already rather exhausted Ice Air Fairy.

    At once, Chu Mu also chanted an incantation and didn't hesitate to recall the Ice Air Fairy that had much of its magic energy depleted back into its soul pet space.

    Chanting once more, Chu Mu then used the remainder of his soul power to summon Mo Xie in front of him.

    A light blue colored pattern appeared under Chu Mu's feet, and from within the radiance Mo Xie's figure slowly appeared .

    Mo Xie's movements were much nimbler than the Ice Air Fairy's. Moreover, she didn't require Chu Mu's instruction to understand his intentions.


    A Blood Rending Claw swept forth as Mo Xie, who had just appeared, instantly noticed the Black Wood Demon's Piercing Black Wood Roots. Her claws proceeded to rip apart the earth and severed the Black Wood Demon's roots that had extended towards them.

    "Don't continue fighting. If there's a chance later, we'll get our payback then." Chu Mu said to Mo Xie.

    The icy fog continued to persist for a short while, completely covering the two prisoners' fields of view. Chu Mu decided to quickly head towards a denser part of the jungle.

    Mo Xie was extremely smart and unexpectedly knew to help Chu Mu draw the enemy away.

    Without even needing Chu Mu to say something, she deliberately used Flame Awn to create a fire, drawing the Rhinoceros and Black Wood Demon to another direction.

    Chu Mu hid in an underbrush. Through the gradually dissipating fog, he discovered the faint burning of a cyan devil flame that was quickly chasing after Mo Xie's running position.

    "I'm afraid people here can all summon Nightmares to fight."

    Looking at the cyan devil flame floating past him, Chu Mu inwardly remarked in fright. The reason that they probably didn't summon it earlier to fight was most likely because the Cyan Nightmare was still in a weak condition. If they were to summon the Cyan Nightmare at the beginning, even with the Ice Air Fairy there, it would have been harder for Chu Mu to flee.

    After using his mental connection to warn Mo Xie of the Cyan Nightmare's appearance, Chu Mu made sure that the two people were far away before walking in a completely opposite direction.

    Mo Xie's intellegence was rather developed. With her speed and quick-wittedness, even without his instructions, Chu Mu didn't believe that those fellows could catch Mo Xie in such a complex jungle.

    As expected, after approximately twenty minutes, Chu Mu had already walked to the opposite end of the lake when Mo Xie, who had lead the clumsy fellows around in a circle, appeared in front of him.

    "Soul Soldiers have at least four soul pets; moreover they can summon two soul pets at the same time to fight. Even if I were to face one Soul Soldier, it would be rather hard to deal with him or her. It seems that I have to be very careful in the future." said Chu Mu.

    "Wuwuwu~~" Mo Xie expressed deep approval as she nodded her head.

    Although he had ultimately fled from the battle, Chu Mu wasn't discouraged at all. Instead, he was rather happy with the Ice Air Fairy's powerful ice magic.

    Different from past enemies, the soul pets Chu Mu had encountered this time, apart from the Hunting Wolf, had all been at the Warrior rank. Moreover, they had reached the second or third stage. If a third stage Ice Falcon had appeared in the peon battle back then, it wouldn't have been much of a problem to dispose of the ten peons' soul pets.

    For the Ice Air Fairy to manage to fight one versus four and last for that long period of time already made Chu Mu feel surprised. After all, the Ice Air Fairy was still at the second phase sixth stage. Chu Mu even believed that if he himself could understand the Ice Air Fairy's techniques better and that if the Ice Air Fairy had more battle experience, fighting one versus four under the icy fog-like conditions just now could be possible.

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