Book 2 Chapter 75 - Advancement, Eighth Remembrance Spirit Teacher

    Chapter 75: Advancement, Eighth Remembrance Spirit Teacher

    Dawn broke, dispelling the darkest moments of the night.

    As the first morning light fell, what twinkled under it wasn't the usual dew on the plants in the Yang Clan's mansion, but was crimson blotches.

    This ray of sun witnessed a revolution of Gangluo City in the past ten years. The largest and most powerful Yang Clan of Gangluo City, in one night, was strewn with corpses and bathed in blood, leaving less than one hundred dependents shivering in the blood, with the rest running away. The old city master mansion was now blood-stained grounds.

    Yet, one of the four big clans of Gangluo City, the Chu Clan, also disappeared without a trace. No one noticed when this clan left. It was as if they had evaporated into thin air, leaving only messy horse tracks that lead eastward.

    Gangluo City's east side had two roads, one was northeast towards the Jia Region, and the other went towards Huiyan City, which was the road at where Chu Mu had robbed the Yang Clan's money.

    On the way to the Jia Region, Chu Mu rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast along to constantly create messy horse prints......

    "That should be enough?" Chu Mu turned around to look at the marks along the road and then looked up at the dense stormclouds.

    Chu Mu originally only wanted to check when it would rain, but he unexpectedly noticed a fire red organism fly close by from Gangluo City.

    The fire red organism slowly approached Chu Mu, and it fell in front of him.

    Chu Mu recognized this organism. It was naturally Qing Menger's Flame Bird, and the person on it was the gentle and moving Qing Menger.

    Seeing Qing Menger, Chu Mu smiled and asked, "What is it?"

    "Are you leaving?" Qing Menger's gaze flickered. Before, Qing Menger had heard from Chu Mu that after he was done with the Yang Clan, he would leave. Thus, once the bloodbath ended, Qing Menger immediately headed towards the Chu Clan, only to find that everyone had left already, so she chased the horse prints east.

    "En, there's still much to do." Chu Mu said.

    Chu Mu had already heard some news of his father from Chu Tianheng and Chu Mu, but Chu Mu temporarily couldn't go searching for his father, because Nightmare Palace had already sent him news to meet up with Princess Jinrou at the Jia Region.

    To garner the most time for the Chu Clan to finish migrating, Chu Mu still couldn't openly disobey the wishes of Nightmare Palace. Therefore, Chu Mu still had to go to the Jia Region to look after Princess Jinrou.

    "Then......then we......how will I be able to find you......" As she spoke, Qing Menger's eyes already started tearing up. When there is a slight loss of control in emotions, tears will start falling.

    "There's no need. You can cultivate well in the Luo Region Sect, and the Gangluo City will become the city of the Qin Clan......" Chu Mu looked at the poor Qing Menger. In reality, most of Chu Mu's feelings for her were brotherly love and nothing more. As for the marriage, it seemed to have long since been disbanded, and only Qing Menger herself still cared about it......

    As Chu Mu saw it, after the clan moved, he probably wouldn't have anymore interactions with Qing Menger, unless she was willing to move with his own clan to the South Region.

    "Why is there no need......" Qing Menger felt that Chu Mu didn't care about her, and tears instantly slid down her cheek, as she looked awfully wronged.

    "I won't stay here, if there's a chance in the future......let's leave that for the future." Chu Mu extended his hand and wiped the tears off of the pitiful girl.

    Qing Menger looked teary eyed at Chu Mu and murmured, "I have something to tell you......"

    "Maybe next time, saying it now isn't meaningful." Chu Mu shook his head and glanced at the flickering shadows within the forest.

    Chu Mu had already disbanded all of the Nightmare Palace's killers. These killers were Xia Guanghan's people, so Chu Mu didn't wish for them to find out the direction of the Chu Clan's migration. Yet, if Qing Menger kept in contact with him now, once he struggled free from Xia Guanghan, Qing Menger could very likely become a target of Xia Guanghan.

    Qing Menger looked dazed at Chu Mu. The Chu Mu four years later suddenly felt incomprehensibly foreign. Such unfamiliarity made it hard for her to stop her tears.

    "I wanted to tell you since last time......" Qing Menger seemed to muster the courage, yet she then she remembered the embarrassing nature of her next sentence and lowered her head, unable to look at Chu Mu's eyes.......

    Finally, Qing Menger said what she wanted to say to Chu Mu. Once she said it, Qing Menger's face was already bright red, tender and alluring.

    Yet, when she rose her head and tried to take a peek at Chu Mu's reaction, she stared dumbfoundedly.

    Qing Menger looked on as she saw Chu Mu had long since rode away on his Night Thunder Dream Beast. A sour feeling welled up in her heart, and the tears in her eyes couldn't help but drip down her face in heated trails......

    This moment was like four years ago again, when she hesitated and didn't speak, wanting to find a better moment to tell him. Yet, in a moment, this person disappeared completely from her life......


    On the empty roads, Chu Mu sat alone on his Night Thunder Dream Beast, running towards the Jia Region. With a low emotional quotient, he didn't notice that the girl he left behind already had a face covered in tears......

    Four years of killing made Chu Mu distinctly slower in such thoughts. Yet, even if Chu Mu noticed, he would at most have given a promise to Qing Menger- a meaningless promise. Rather than that, it would be better to think of such problems in the future when they meet again. Then, there wouldn't be that many restraints......


    Gangluo City was in the northeast part of Luo Region. Passing through a few cities and finally reaching the regional boundary meant the arrival of the Jia Region.

    After running for an entire night, Chu Mu also felt tired, so he randomly picked a little city and landed.

    As usual, when night fell, Chu Mu fed his soul power to his White Nightmare, and immediately he felt white flames appear on his body......

    Chu Mu furrowed his brows. The spontaneous ignition of the white soul flames meant that the White Nightmare's power had increased another stage, and it also meant that Chu Mu would have to withstand the burning pain of the white soul flames as it grew......

    Such pain was completely unbearable to the normal person, as dying probably felt better. Yet, with years of training, Chu Mu's soul was, to some degree, resistant to white soul flames already, so the pain was somewhat weakened.

    "Sixth phase fifth stage......" When the white flames slowly died down, Chu Mu smiled bitterly. If it were at the sixth phase fifth stage, Chu Mu would have to feed most of his soul power to it again......

    When Chu Mu hit seventh remembrance spirit teacher, he could gradually use forty percent of his soul power. However, once the White Nightmare grew, he would only be able to use thirty percent.

    Helplessly shaking his head, Chu Mu could only close his eyes and continue to cultivate to let his soul power recover swiftly......

    Yet, what made Chu Mu happy was, just as his soul power was moderately recovered, he suddenly felt a relaxation throughout his body as his remembrance also increased!!

    "I've advanced!" Chu Mu felt joy. He didn't think that after he exterminated Yang Clan, he would reach the eighth remembrance spirit teacher!

    A soul pet trainer's real power was mostly concentrated on the soul pets they controlled, and their personal cultivation level was second. In reality, many soul pet abilities were affected by the soul pet trainers' level, receiving certain boosts.

    For example, the power of Mo Xie's Evil Stare was decided by Mo Xie's own mental strength. However, it also accounted for Chu Mu's soul remembrance. If the opponent's soul remembrance were lower than Chu Mu's, Evil Stare would definitely work very well against their soul pet. The same was true vice versa- if the opponent's remembrance was higher than Chu Mu's, then Mo Xie's Evil Stare would be less effective.

    Chu Mu also had the soul technique Chong Mei, which allowed Chu Mu to copy his own soul pet's ability. The copied ability's power was also decided by Chu Mu's soul remembrance and technique level!

    Eighth remembrance spirit teacher, when looking through all of the Luo Region, was still considered top tier. In fact, amongst the younger generation, there were very little people with a remembrance as high as Chu Mu.

    Chu Mu's cultivation speed was very fast, especially in the four years where he signed the pact with White Nightmare. The White Nightmare constantly ate at Chu Mu's soul power. Once Chu Mu didn't have enough, it would eat Chu Mu's soul. This way, Chu Mu was constantly spurred on, completely excavating all his potential in training. Reaching the eighth remembrance spirit teacher at the age of eighteen was rare, even in Nightmare Palace.

    "Two more remembrances. Though my increases in power have been getting slower and slower, I'm certain I'll get to spirit master......" Chu Mu smiled and said confidently.

    Once he reached spirit master, Chu Mu would be able to summon three soul pets. With three soul pets, he would no longer be at a disadvantage against other spirit teachers.

    More importantly, once he reached spirit master, Chu Mu would finally be able to summon the terrifying monarch ranked white nightmare that he had been feeding for the past four years!

    According to Chu Mu's estimation, the monarch rank white nightmare's fighting strength was even higher than the unmutated Mo Xie, and the White Nightmare would possibly be at the seventh phase at that time.

    Once the seventh phase monarch rank was summoned, Chu Mu's power might no longer be restricted to the younger generation. Many soul pet trainers would no longer be his match.

    Also, Chu Mu's spatial ring still had a Hidden Dragon Egg. If Chu Mu didn't guess incorrectly, it was also at the monarch rank. Once he reached spirit master, Chu Mu could start training the offspring of the powerful Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.

    Reaching the eighth remembrance, as the remembrance went up, Chu Mu's perception increased as well. At that moment, Chu Mu also released his remembrance to see just how far he could perceive now......

    Chu Mu originally just wanted to test out his stronger remembrance, yet he suddenly noticed a tiny energy ripple that came from above the house, seemingly to sneakily approach his room!!

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