Chapter 88: Evil Pupil Scare, Mind Control!

    Chapter 88: Evil Pupil Scare, Mind Control!

    Royal Flamed Nine Tail Inferno Fox!!!!

    From the perfect warrior rank, losing to the Tundra Ice Beast only in defense, to the now perfect commander rank. This perfection had possibly surpassed the realm of the commander rank already, becoming a true monarch!!

    Royal Flamed Nine Tail Inferno Fox: Beast World - Demon type(Beast type) - Demon Fox species - Nine Tailed Inferno Fox Subspecies - Royal Flamed Nine Tail Inferno Fox - high class commander rank

    Top tier commander rank beast type talent!

    Top tier commander rank demon type talent!

    Top tier commander rank fire type talent!

    With commander rank soul pets, as long as one of the talents reached the top tier of the commander rank, and the rest of its talents weren't horrendously low, it would then be an incomparably precious commander rank soul pet.

    However, the Royal Flamed Nine Tail Inferno Fox had three such top tier talents. With the additional effects of the double royal flame on her high power talents, why wouldn't one dare to fight a monarch rank?!!

    A soul pet comparable to a monarch rank was truly born!

    Royal Flamed Nine Tail Inferno Fox, ignoring all the commander ranks, and challenging the monarch rank!

    The tides in Chu Mu's heart still couldn't calm down, as his eyes watched Mo Xie at that moment. The exaggerated nine dragon-like tails, the pure silver and royal fur,  the proud and imposing royal flame. Such a soul pet was like a legend. Thinking back to the first time he saw Mo Xie in her Moonlight Fox phase, and then comparing that to the Royal Flamed Nine Tail Inferno Fox now, the transformation made even Chu Mu feel warm tears of excitement welling up in his eyes!

    Chu Mu took a deep breath, and the depression and anger from Mo Xie breaking her six tails disappeared. His chest was filled with the burning of the double flames, causing even his blood to start boiling!!

    "Mo Xie, find your honor back from where you lost it!

    Chu Mu pressed down the ecstasy in his heart, and spoke as calmly as possible to Mo Xie.


    The palpitating call again echoed throughout the battlefield, and the proud Royal Flamed Nine Tail Inferno Fox's time to shine had arrived!!

    Crouching down slightly, in the next moment, a wave of fire blasted out from behind and Mo Xie suddenly disappeared from her place!

    Not even a flash of silver appeared, as the terrifyingly fast Royal Flamed Nine Tail Inferno Fox just disappeared from everyone's sight!

    Yet, when everyone came back to their senses, all ten thousand people suddenly noticed that the Tundra Ice Beast had already been violently thrown into the air by nine intimidating Inferno Fox tails!!

    The Tundra Ice Beast was four meters in length, yet it was thrown up like an infant. Only when it reached the height of ten meters did people suddenly notice that nine surprisingly long tails had rolled the beast up!!

    Nine Tail Dragon Obliteration!


    The utmost proud call sounded out again!

    It was no longer a Bone Lock, but straight up Obliteration!!

    The nine tails started waved around frantically in a very high frequency, actually creating a silver storm that engulfed upwards!

    It stood up magnificently and shockingly, in everyone's sight, it finally transformed into a silver dragon full of blending power!!

    "Shuashuashuashua!!! Shuashuashuashua"

    Within the stomach of the silver dragon, the Tundra Ice Beast felt the terrifying obliterating power and it shattered into pieces of ice crystals!!!

    The silver nine tailed obliterating dragon didn't appear for long. The entire process took only two seconds, yet the heavily armored Tundra Ice Beast with a soul armor was completely torn to shreds, even becoming ice powder in the end!!

    The Ice Tundra Beast, with a seventh rank final stage defense, was reduced to powder that dissipated with the wind! Seeing this scene, the ten thousand people all sucked in a breath. Was this really a duel between youth experts?!

    Shimmering powder slowly landed by Mo Xie's silver body. The proud Mo Xie rose her head and looked strikingly at the extremely pale Jia Feng. Her evil and demonic quality was displayed completely, causing Jia Feng to not even dare to summon another soul pet. From over a hundred meters away, he was shocked to the ground by the gaze of those demon eyes!


    Mo Xie again let out a call. At this moment, Mo Xie's arrogance was let out without restraint. She actually commanded Jia Feng to summon his third soul pet!!

    Jia Feng was dazed. His eyes stared into Mo Xie's silver evil pupils, and his terror was slowly magnified until it became despair!

    Jia Feng's expression changed constantly. Suddenly, a strange glint shined in Mo Xie's silver pupils. The same glint also flickered in Jia Feng's pupil!

    The next moment, Jia Feng's eyes completely changed. From the original terror to despair, it changed into a completely placid dullness. As if his soul was instantly sucked out of him, he was expressionless!

    Suddenly, while maintaining this soulless state, Jia Feng started slowly chanting, as if completely listening to Mo Xie's command, and he summoned his other soul pets!!

    Evil Pupil Scare!!!

    Chu Mu stared blankly, looking astonished at the still emotionless Jia Feng who was chanting!

    Evil Pupil Scare, a demon type technique that was even stronger than Evil Stare. Through destroying the enemy's mental will and forcefully planting a command as a mental wave, it could force the enemy to carry out the commands without even knowing!

    What Mo Xie was currently casting was indeed Evil Pupil Scare, this powerful yet wicked demon type ability!!

    Jia Feng was already chanting, and a three meter long deep blue furred Terror Wolf appeared gradually from within the soul pet summoning symbol.

    Sixth phase eighth stage - high class commander rank. The terror Wolf, within the realm of the commander rank, was definitely a mainstream soul pet. The majority of soul pet trainers trained this evil and purely beast type soul pet.

    However, Jia Feng's Terror Wolf, from its sharp claws, appeared to be a top tier attack talent soul pet.

    As a pure beast type soul pet, the Terror Wolf's beast type aura was tremendous. Every time it appeared from its summoning symbol, one could obviously feel the dense coldness and a beast's thirst for blood.

    Yet, when this sixth phase eighth stage Terror Wolf appeared on the river region battlefield, its aura wasn't released even slightly!

    The terrible aura of the monarch worthy Royal Flamed Nine Tail Inferno Fox was still in existence, so how could the lowly Terror Wolf act brashly. From the moment it was summoned, this Terror Wolf's green eyes were full of fear and it hung its head low, not even daring to stare into Mo Xie's evil pupils!!


    Still disappearing in place, what was different from before was that everyone distinctly felt the weeds on the plain getting tossed upwards!!

    The scary speed was so fast that not many could see her figure clearly!

    Mo Xie suddenly appeared in front of the Terror Wolf, extending her royal flame claws and firmly scratching the Terror Wolf's body!!!

    Seeing only a cold glint without flames, the Terror Wolf's powerful body was split into two under everyone's eyes!!

    From the skull, through the sharp teeth, all the way to the waist, the sharp claws cut a very clean incision. When the wolf fell, one could still see the flowing blood, white tendons, and slimy organs......


    Blood immediately sprayed out from the massive cut. The crimson and disgusting liquid sprayed right onto Jia Feng's face and body, viscously dripping onto the ground from his body.


    Yet, when the two parts of the corpse fell down, the strange double royal flame suddenly appeared with a one second delay, quickly burning the Terror Wolf into ashes!!

    A shock instantly spread throughout the entire stadium, infecting everyone. At this point, no one dared to discuss anymore, as they all watched the arrogantly standing Royal Flamed Nine Tail Inferno Fox fearfully.

    The bizarre atmosphere seemed to calm the entire world down, and Jia Feng, who was painted with blood, only now recovered some of his consciousness.

    The sticky blood continued to roll down his cheeks, but the recovered Jia Feng didn't have any inclination to wipe off the blood on his face. His heart, at this moment, was pierced by a pair of sharp eyes. His pupils were dilated to the max, as he watched the extremely near Royal Flamed Nine Tail Inferno Fox in shock. In the corner of his eyes was two halves of a corpse that had become ashes. The start of the burning of these corpses was the moment the soul pact between him and his Terror Wolf was severed!

    Breathing at this moment stopped. Jia Feng didn't even have the power to close his eyes anymore. Those icy cold eyes, elegant yet striking body, terrifyingly waving nine tails, and burning double royal flame. They were all so close to him, able to make him disappear completely from this world at any time!!


    Finally, a firm voice broke the silence in the battlefield. The person to make this sound was the Jia City city master!

    Chu Mu and Mo Xie almost simultaneously turned around to look at the menacing Jia City city master.

    A cold smile appeared on Chu Mu's face, and he said lightly to Mo Xie, "Come back."

    Mo Xie's cold and evil eyes slowly shifted. When she turned around, one of her long tails, not knowing if it was intentional or not, swished straight into Jia Feng's chest, completely ignoring Jia Feng's sixth rank soul armor and viciously causing Jia Feng's rib cage to cave in!!

    Jia Feng immediately spat out blood and flew backwards, flying a very far distance before finally stopping!

    Seeing this scene, Jia City city master's expression clearly twitched, but he didn't dare to say anything. He was only able to sit black faced back into his seat, very forcefully wearing an ugly smile and he said to Princess Jin Rou, "Truly an eye opener that I can witness a perfect warrior rank Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox mutate into a Royal Flamed Nine Tail Inferno Fox. Princess sure has received another powerful person. If you can train him well, he would definitely become yet another expert within Nightmare Palace that could support Princess......"
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