Book 2 Chapter 103 - Xia Guanghan’s Soul Pet, Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon

    Chapter 103: Xia Guanghan's Soul Pet, Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon

    Chu Mu had fed the White Nightmare for a total of four years, and he had to withstand the scary devil's torture every day and night!

    Yet today, this scary devil finally appeared. At this moment, Chu Mu felt as if both his body and soul had started burning with the appearance of the White Nightmare and its terrifying white devil fire!!


    A shrill and ear piercing devil screech sounded out, and the devil fire on Chu Mu's body burned even greater. As Chu Mu started chanting his soul pact incantation, it was like his very flesh had transformed into the pale white devil fire!!

    Chu Mu slowly took a step back and the devil fire on him left his body, forming a white devil fire silhouette almost identical to Chu Mu!

    Monarch rank White Nightmare!

    Burning all over with the unbelievably pale devil fire, most White Nightmares had bodies that looked like scary death warriors standing imposingly amidst ghost fire. They were heavily clad in armor, had bulky bodies, and were burning with flames from the torso down.

    But different from all the Cyan Nightmares and Blue Nightmares that Chu Mu had seen before, the White Nightmare that Chu Mu had summoned was completely formed in the shape of Chu Mu. Chu Mu had already split from the white devil fire on his body, yet the White Nightmare was like Chu Mu's burning shadow, standing in front of him!!

    Chu Mu had summoned the White Nightmare once on the Prison Island. At the time, the White Nightmare was just a shapeless blob of white devil fire. Now, the White Nightmare already had considerable morphing capabilities. When summoned by Chu Mu, it directly mimicked Chu Mu's appearance, and it stood arrogantly in front of Chu Mu. Its upper body shape was almost identical to Chu Mu's!!

    The white devil fire constructed Chu Mu's face. Two even brighter balls of devil fire burned viciously within its devil pupils, letting out a demonic fire glint, piercing coldly through Xia Guanghan's body and straight into his soul!


    The White Nightmare abruptly opened its flame-filled big mouth and let out a devil roar. Instantly, white flames followed the White Nightmare's flame body and pounced towards the two soul pets that Xia Guanghan had summoned, causing the two soul pets who were clearly disadvantaged in rank to back up a few steps.

    Xia Guanghan's expression became even more twisted. This White Nightmare itself had a very abnormal talent and was very hard to control. Such a soul pet was already a big risk to oneself. Even Xia Guanghan didn't dare to sign a pact with that White Nightmare, so he used Chu Mu as an experiment.

    Danger really just meant terrifying power. At this point, when Chu Mu summoned the White Nightmare with such high risk, if one temporarily disregarded any of the issues that Chu Mu would have in the future, at least the White Nightmare in Chu Mu's image was a very big threat to Xia Guanghan currently.

    Xia Guanghan himself also owned a White Nightmare, but his White Nightmare was already at the eighth phase. If he summoned it here, its powerful aura would definitely startle the owner of this territory. However, other than his White Nightmare, Xia Guanghan couldn't think of any soul pet that could defeat this abnormally talented White Nightmare.

    Xia Guanghan had only summoned three soul pets now. The first was the seventh phase fourth stage commander rank Heavenly Vine Demon. The Heavenly Vine Demon had already been strengthened by Xia Guanghan to resist a certain amount of fire damage, but the White Nightmare's soul devil fire was its terrifying counter. In front of Chu Mu's White Nightmare, Xia Guanghan's seventh phase fourth stage commander rank Heavenly Vine Demon would get completely suppressed.

    The second soul pet Xia Guanghan summoned was the seventh phase eighth stage Ice Winged Tiger!

    The Ice Winged Tiger and Xia Guanghan were mentally connected, so it naturally knew that Xia Guanghan was about to abandon it, but had instead just read the wrong incantation and forcefully removed the Earth Fiend Dream Demon instead. Soul pets had their own thoughts, especially those that reached the higher phases. Xia Guanghan's previous actions had really hurt this soul pet, causing the Ice Winged Tiger's fighting willpower to be very weak, looking like it didn't want to battle at all.

    Xia Guanghan's other two soul pets were respectively the eighth phase sixth stage warrior rank Dire Wolf that had stayed with Xia Guanghan for the longest time. It's fighting power was not less than some eighth phase commander ranks!


    The White Nightmare let out its terrifying monarch rank aura. Mo Xie, who had become a masterless soul pet, was still full of anger, and she didn't want to be outdone. The double royal flames on her body burned even brighter under the moonlight, and her pair of demonic pupils abruptly locked onto Xia Guanghan's brandishing eighth phase sixth phase Dire Wolf.


    Mo Xie's speed was still as scary as before. When running, one couldn't see her figure at all, instantly vanishing in place and appearing the next moment bizarrely right in front of the opponent's face!!

    Chu Mu couldn't use his soul remembrance to command Mo Xie to fight, but Mo Xie's fighting style was still based off of Chu Mu's normal fighting style!

    Phantom Royal Flamed Claw!

    Mo Xie's attack wasn't just directed towards the eighth phase sixth stage strengthened Dire Wolf. Appearing in front of Xia Guanghan's three soul pets, her phantom body suddenly split into four. These four bodies respectively flew towards the seventh phase fourth stage commander rank Heavenly Vine Demon, the eighth phase sixth stage warrior rank Dire Wolf, the seventh phase eighth stage Ice Winged Tiger, and the cold faced Xia Guanghan behind those three soul pets!

    Four Royal Flamed Claws flew over at the same time. The four dazzling double royal flames sliced through the night sky as they flashed by gorgeously!!

    Xia Guanghan took a few steps back, and he immediately made his Heavenly Vine Demon put up four heavenly vine shields. These heavenly vine shields very accurately appeared in front of Mo Xie's attacking trajectories!


    The four Heavenly Vine Shields immediately shattered under the attack of Mo Xie, and the Heavenly Vine Demon simultaneously let out a pained howl, quickly retracting its vines into its main body.

    Feeling the projection of the claws fly through the Heavenly Vine Shields, Xia Guanghan immediately summoned his seventh rank soul armor and gave himself another Heavenly Vine Shield!


    Chu Mu hadn't reached the level of spirit master, so the White Nightmare wouldn't listen to Chu Mu's command at all. It was completely affected by Chu Mu's massive resentment as it pounced straight towards Xia Guanghan!!

    Xia Guanghan's three soul pets immediately entered a crazy battle with Chu Mu's two monarch rank soul pets. Having Moon Essence, Mo Xie had a great advantage wherever there was moonlight. Her nine gorgeous tails swatted the Ice Winged Tiger again and again, who had low fighting willpower. She also sparked a battle between her and the eighth phase sixth stage Dire Wolf with her powerful royal flamed claws!

    The monarch rank White Nightmare was full of the scariest wildness. Under the effects of Chu Mu's dense resentment, this fellow's power had reached the seventh phase. Relying on its terrifying white devil fire talent, it continuously created shocking waves of soul devil fire!!

    Any devil fire technique reached seventh rank. After every angry devil cry were destructive eighth level devil fire techniques that swept the night sky!!

    Of Xia Guanghan's three soul pets, only the empowered Dire Wolf's fighting strength could match Mo Xie. The Heavenly Vine Demon was completely suppressed by the scary devil fire, and it was only barely able to support the Dire Wolf's fight against Mo Xie.

    On the other hand, the seventh phase eighth stage Ice Winged Tiger was already less powerful than the seventh phase White Nightmare. Adding on the fact that its fighting willpower was low, after a few eighth rank techniques swept by, the Ice Winged Tiger was at its last breath!

    Not so long ago, Chu Mu was still jealous of the majestic Ice Winged Tiger of Xia Guanghan, but today, before Chu Mu's White Nightmare, it wasn't even able to withstand a single blow!

    Xia Guanghan's face was abnormally twisted. Though his soul pets couldn't compare with his main soul pet, their fighting powers were still much stronger than most soul pets of the same rank!

    It was just that Chu Mu's two soul pets' talents were indeed too abnormal! The Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox's talent was completely like a monarch rank. With three excelling talents and the power of double royal flame and the effects of Moon Essence, even Xia Guanghan's eighth phase Dire Wolf, which was strengthened countless times, wasn't a match for her. Between the clash of techniques, the weaker Dire Wolf fell into a clear disadvantage.

    Chu Mu's White Nightmare's talent was even more in the abnormal level. It even had a higher talent in controlling its white soul devil fire than Xia Guanghan's White Nightmare. The seventh phase fourth stage Heavenly Vine Demon was rendered absolutely useless in front of this dominant white fire monarch, losing any fighting value it had!

    Under the effects of moonlight, Mo Xie reached seventh phase. After absorbing all the resentment, the White Nightmare similarly reached seventh phase. One could only imagine the fighting power generated from putting these two soul pets with top tier talent together.

    Clearly at a disadvantage, Xia Guanghan decisively retracted the willpower lacking seventh phase seventh stage Ice Winged Tiger back into his soul pet space!

    Slowly starting an incantation, a fuzzy yellow sand lifted up from Xia Guanghan's body. This yellow sand formed a dust dragon that went upwards!!

    The soul pact symbol strangely appeared within the whirling sandstorm. The sand that appeared out of nowhere slowly dissipated with the wind, but what slowly formed was a yellow sand sculpted body.

    Chu Mu watched Xia Guanghan closely. He knew that Xia Guanghan's soul pets definitely weren't that simple!!

    A powerful, yellow sand aura slowly spread and, within the permeating yellow sand, a five meter long and imposing creature slowly appeared!

    "Monarch rank soul pet - Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon!" Chu Mu's brows immediately creased. He didn't think that among Xia Guanghan's soul pets, there was still a terrifyingly powerful dragon being!!!

    Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon: Beast World - Bug type - Dragon species - Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon - high class monarch rank

    Not being able to summon his main soul pet, of the four soul pets of Xia Guanghan, the most powerful was naturally the High Class Monarch Rank Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon!

    Of all the soul pets, any with the word dragon in its name were almost above all the monarch ranks. Their power was terrifying- often the epitome of their respective ranks!

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