Book 2 Chapter 162 - 2 - Abandoned City, Lair Calamity

    Chapter 162: Abandoned City, Lair Calamity

    The city's construct itself hadn't suffered any serious damage. However, junk and trash was littered all over the streets, creating an overwhelming stench.

    What made people feel a bit of chilliness was that there were a plethora of corpses and skeletons scattered throughout the streets, roofs, city walls, and many other places. Bloodstains further gave the desolate-feeling city a trace of ghastly blood red.

    The entrance of the city was already in this state. Who knew how many people had been killed under the calamity of Hibernating Desolation. As they walked in, Ye Qingzi's face grew more and more pale.

    "Let's quickly pass through this city." Ye Qingzi's face grew increasingly unsightly. Clearly, the excessive violent deaths of people had enshrouded her in a dense haze.

    "Ya." Chu Mu had the Night Ttunder Dream Beast increase its speed and fly through the city's main avenue.

    The inside of the city wasn't actually desolate and inhabited. They often could see a few soul pet trainers controlling soul pets, hurriedly passing by. Behind them would be a few pursuing Heavenly Devil Insects.

    The city needed to recover to its original state, and although the Heavenly Devil Insects still existed, there were already many soul pet trainers beginning to clean up the remaining Heavenly Devil Insects in Wogu City to prevent these creatures from dealing too much damage to this city.

    "The two of you! The two of you!! Wait!!" Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were running when a man wearing Wogu City guard clothing riding on a Storm Devil Colt suddenly ran up to them.

    CHu Mu and Ye Qingzi searched the surroundings and seeing that there were no Heavenly Devil Insects flying around, they stopped.

    "What's the matter?" asked Chu Mu as he looked at the Wogu City guard.

    "The two of you are able to ride a Night Thunder Dream Beast, meaning you strength probably isn't weak. Can I earnestly request the two of you to deliver this ring to the city's eastern gate tower?" said the guard.

    Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi let out confused expressions.

    When the guard saw that the two of them were at a loss, he asked: "Are the two of you not hunters?"

    "We're not."

    "The Hibernating Desolation came suddenly this time. There are many residences of the city who don't have half a months of food in stock. Upon thinking of this situation, the city lord had us guards begin to transport food out from the grain depot starting on the seventh day. We would spread it to various districts of the city to prevent the residence from starving to death. However, the number of us guards are not enough right now and furthermore, the soul pet trainers who have begun to operate on the seventh day are not many. Therefore, we have begun to seek the help of hunters. If the two of you don't feel like it delays you too much, then can I trouble you two to bring this there. After all, the eastern part of the city is the most lacking of food and water. We... we will give commission." the guard's words were very sincere and they even carried a bit of beseechment. Clearly, he really hoped for Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi to be able to help him.

    Chu Mountain was in the northern city, and it occupied the entire route of the northern side. Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi happened to need to travel to the city east and move around Chu Mountain to the northern Great Broken Valley.

    "Give it to us." Although Ye Qingzi cared about her brother, she would still make an effort to help with this. Immediately she took the two spatial rings carrying stocks of water and food from the guard's hands.

    "I'm truly very thankful to you to." the guard was instantly very moved as he said, "I... I still have to go to another area to distribute food. The two of you should be careful. The residence of Wogu City will thank you."

    Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi nodded their heads and continued to ride on their dream beasts towards the city east.

    As they ran towards the city east, Chu Mu really saw many strong city guards running to and fro in the empty streets. He also often saw their soul pets engage the Heavenly Devil Insects.

    "Chu Mu, wait..." Ye Qingzi suddenly halted in her tracks and stopped, with her words, Chu Mu who was riding on his Night Thunder Dream Beast.

    "What's the matter?" CHu Mu stopped and looked at Ye Qingzi.

    "I seem to detect my brother in the vicinity." said Ye Qingzi.

    "In the vicinity? Didn't he go to Great Broken Sting Valley? Also, how can you feel your brother's presence." immediately asked Chu Mu.

    "My brother and I have a pair of sibling soul pets. Their souls have a mental connection and within a certain range, we can both sense each other's presence. Just now, my soul pet told me it detected the other party..." said Ye Qingzi.

    Chu Mu remembered that Xia Guanghan could use a soul imprint to find his White Nightmare. Yet, this was the first time he had heard this kind of mutual spiritual communication could be used to find the other sibling soul pet.

    "No wonder your brother could leave without worry. Before, I was wondering how you were going to find him; since he's in Wogu City, it means that he encountered some delay, and he didn't go to Great Broken Sting Valley." said Chu Mu.

    Ye Qingzi also let out a faint breath of relief. If Ye Wansheng wasn't in Great Broken Sting Valley, and moreover if his soul pet was detected here, it meant he was still safe.

    "Go in that direction and we should be able to find him." Ye Qingzi pointed at another street as she spoke to Chu Mu.

    Chu Mu nodded his head and followed behind Ye Qingzi as she rushed towards Ye Wansheng's location.

    Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi had presently already deviated from the city east direction. They slowly entered the enter distrct of the city, but what made Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi crease their brows was that as they walked towards the city center, the number of Heavenly Devil Insects increased. Presumably it was due to an excessive number of people gathered at the city center. There were many who were unable to hide in a cellar and were transformed into food for the Heavenly Devil INsects, causing them to lay eggs there.

    The rotting speed of Heavenly Devil Insects was extremely fast.  Normally, half a month after the mother laid the egg, it was able to hatch. The reason why there were so many Heavenly Devil Insects congregated here, definitely was because after laying their eggs and eating their fill, they stayed to protect their eggs. It wouldn't be until their eggs hatched before they brought these small Heavenly Devil Insects away and continued to search for food in other areas.


    Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi quickly entered this incomparably bustling inner city district. What caused the two of them to be astonished was that surrounding this inner city district unexpectedly were a myriad of city guards. They had formed teams and were using their soul pets to fight the continually increasing strength of the Heavenly Devil Insects.

    "You two shouldn't get any closer. If you want to hunt Heavenly Devil Insects, go somewhere else." a man controlling a Light Rhinoceros immediately stopped Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi.

    "What happened ahead. Why does it look like it was struck by a mudslide?" asked Chu Mu as he looked ahead.

    From passing through the frontlines of the guard's soul pets and Heavenly Devil Insects, he could see that the buildings and streets in the area ahead had been encased in an incomparably pasty black colored half-solid substance. It was completely black and looked extremely nauseating.

    This black colored half-solid substance had spread through a large area, turning the entire flourishing area into the most ugly and frightening ruins.

    "It's the nest of Heavenly Devil Insects. A branch of the Heavenly Devil Insect group has set up a nest here. In short, this place is very dangerous and you shouldn't get any closer." said the man.

    "Qingzi, is he inside?" Chu Mu looked at Ye Qingzi and asked a question.

    "Yes, he's inside." Ye Qingzi's face was pale as she nodded her head.

    If this place had been transformed into a Heavenly Devil Insect nest, then the people that hid in cellars would be smothered in their cellars due to the insect poison and lack of air. If they didn't quickly deal with it, they would definitely die.

    "One of my friends is inside. Is there any way to save him?" asked Chu Mu.

    "Hmph, my wife and children are all inside there. However, what does that matter. The city lord has already sent in experts, hoping that one of the experts can get rid of that monarch. However, the entire Wogu City is so big and there are a myriad of  Heavenly Devil Insects congregating. Several tens of Heavenly Devil Insect nests are within the city and each one of them requires several experts to clear out. It's easier said than done..." the man's tone was heavy as he spoke.

    Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi creased their eyebrows. This Heavenly Devil Insect nest definitely would harbor the existence of a powerful monarch ranked Heavenly Devil Insect. This Heavenly Devil Insect's strength, even if it wasn't that of the ninth phase monarch that Chu Mu encountered, it wouldn't be too far from it. It would truly be extremely hard to defeat it.

    Aside from this, a Heavenly Devil Insect's nest had over a thousand Heavenly Devil Insects flying around. The most important thing was that the rank and phase of the hatched Heavenly Devil Insects wouldn't be low. Even if Chu Mu transformed into a half devil and used the ninth rank in might Heavenly Flame Rite, it wasn't guaranteed he could kill that all of them.

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