Book 2 Chapter 195 - The Ghost King on the Peak

    Chapter 195: The Ghost King on the Peak


    The small cave-like rock mouth opened and, after a roar, from its deep digestive tract spewed out a muddy rock breath that crazily buffeted the Ice Air Fairy like a sandstorm!

    "Chu Mu, your Ice Air Fairy can fight it, leave the rest to me." Ye Qingzi saw that this eighth phase Crafty Rock Guard had its eyes on the Ice Air Fairy and she said to Chu Mu.

    Chu Mu nodded. From his estimates, though the Crafty Rock Guard was still a warrior rank soul pet, this eighth phase crafty rock guard's strength was that of an eighth phase commander rank. If it was before, only his white devil and Mo Xie could defeat it.

    Yet now, since the Ice Air Fairy was already at the seventh phase, and its ice type controlling capabilities were beyond the commander rank, it definitely had the capability to fight against this eighth phase crafty rock guard!


    Facing the taunting of the eighth phase strengthened Crafty Rock Guard, the Ice Air Fairy didn't show any cowardice. The mysterious crystal ice aura on it suddenly became cold and biting, and the entire mountain area became like a frozen valley. The Ice and snow howled through the area, and it caused the mountain to clink and clank with the impacts!

    "Ning, Broken Ice Domain!"

    Chu Mu said to his Ice Air Fairy!

    This region was already covered in ice shards. After Ning cast its Broken Ice Domain outwards, all the ice shards near it seemed to have gained life, and they started to float near the Ice Air Fairy.

    When all the broken ice started gathering together and spinning frantically around the Ice Air Fairy, the Ice Air Fairy let out a long call, and all of it became a thirty meter tall broken ice storm. It was writhing like a sinister ice python as it lunged towards the eighth phase Crafty Rock Guard!


    The Crafty Rock Guard also let out an angry call as its long claws dug deeply into the mountain body. Immediately, the entire rock mountain underwent a peculiar change, as if gaining life!

    A massive rock hand slowly emerged from the mountain. The arm was about twenty meters long, and it was ten meters wide. It was completely made up of one rock and, with the control of the Crafty Rock Guard, it directly swept off a huge patch of rocks and hit the broken ice storm that the Ice Air Fairy made!

    The broken ice storm was like a huge raging python, but when the massive rock hand slapped it, the python was clearly deformed, and it finally became only a gale that brought some broken ice onto the Crafty Rock Guard's body.

    "This Crafty Rock Guard's defense should be very near the eighth rank. If we want to pierce its defense, we must use a very powerful techniques." Chu Mu furrowed his brow.

    The Ice Air Fairy only had two techniques that reached the eighth rank in power. The first was Mysterious Crystal Ice Sword Formation. Under Superposition, it may become stronger and truly greatly wound this near eighth rank defense Crafty Rock Guard.

    The other was the recently learned seventh rank technique, Cold Crushing Mark. The Cold Crushing Mark needed quite some time to chant, and it was a group attack. Though every hoop's power was near the eighth rank, these near eighth rank level attacks could rarely work on the near eighth rank defense Crafty Rock Guard. After all, rock type defenses had a very good resistance on all attacks that weren't the dark type.


    The eighth phase Crafty Rock Guard was about to counter attack. This rock type soul pet also started chanting an incantation and, while the Ice Air Fairy was resting, it quickly finished chanting its incantation!

    Rock Crystal Burst!

    Small, sand-like particles of rock crystals silently floated up to near the Ice Air Fairy. As they became more and more numerous, these sand-like rock crystals started grouping up.

    Every ten rock crystals that  grouped up together would create an immense explosion!!




    Over a hundred rock crystals floated near the Ice Air Fairy, and every ten would create an explosion. Immediately, a dozen of explosive and shattering energies blew up near the Ice Air Fairy!!

    Every Rock Crystal Burst power was near the seventh rank. When the dozen of rock crystals stacked together, the attack was at the eighth rank!

    As if the rocks shattered from the inside, after the Rock Crystals burst, countless fragments went flying, sending a string of "dadada"s through the air and riddling the side of the mountain, lodging within the mountain or flying off into the distance.


    The Ice Air Fairy let out an angry call as its crystalline and translucent body became full of holes and wounded!

    Ning's defense was also near the eighth rank, so such an attack couldn't truly heavily wound it.

    "Ice Chain Formation!"


    The incantation started, yet the Ice Chain Formation only took one second. Under Elemental Willpower, the Ice Air Fairy didn't get affected by the nearby Crafty Rock Guards' claw attacks, and it quickly finished the incantation.

    Ten long ice chains suddenly formed at the conclusion of the spells. The chains interlocked and suddenly fell down on the Crafty Rock Guard's head!


    Under the lock of the ice chains, it was bound tightly to the mountain side and couldn't move!

    "Ice Sword Formation!"

    Resting for a second, the next moment the Ice Air Fairy had already started the incantation for the Mysterious Crystal Ice Sword Formation!

    The incantation needed two seconds, and the Ice Chain Formation just happened to lock the Crafty Rock Guard for three to four seconds. Thus, the Ice Air Fairy received no obstructions when casting this technique!

    Twenty three ice sealed long swords formed. Because of the mountain, which was slightly stained, the swords looked like they were upside down and within the rocks, giving those who stood below an invisible pressure!



    In one second, the superposition incantation was quickly finished. As the Ice Air Fairy finished chanting, twenty three ice swords suddenly appeared again.

    Forty six ten meter long ice swords!

    With such a massive ice aura, it caused the lower phase Crafty Rock Guards to let out frightened calls!


    A long call sounded, and the forty six swords wavered as they left the mountain and all pointed towards the recently freed eighth phase Crafty Rock Guard!


    The Ice Swords flew past the cliffs and densely slammed into the Crafty Rock Guard. The Craft Rock Guards didn't even have time to cast a defensive spell before immediately welcoming the experience of forty six ice swords!

    "Beng!!!! Beng!!! Beng!!!!!!"

    Every ice sword left a long sword gouge on the mountain's rocks under the walkway. The eighth phase Crafty Rock Guard was sent from the walkway downwards, dragging a ten meter long trail along with it, and its body was constantly pounded into pieces......


    Finally, with a huge bang, the bombardment of the forty six ice long swords finished.

    The eighth phase Crafty Rock Guard's body also became countless ice shards and sand on a jutted out rock. Even the soul core within it wasn't saved, becoming powder.


    With even their leader killed, the rest of the Crafty Rock Guards naturally didn't dare to linger in the fight. Running away, they all ran into the rocks and merged with the mountain, not daring to come out again.

    The Crafty Rock Guards ran very quickly. In a short few seconds, the entire mess of the road was empty but for Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi, and their soul pets.

    Chu Mu looked at the distinctly more powerful Ice Air Fairy and said, "Being able to control forty six Mysterious Crystal Ice Swords even when hanging, your control powers have increased."


    After defeating the eighth phase Crafty Rock Guard and receiving praise from Chu Mu, the Ice Air Fairy also let out an excited call, slowly floating in front of Chu Mu.


    "This isn't a good way. If we keep going up, we will inevitably meet more soul pets, yet the Elemental Sect people can go straight through because of our battles." Ye Qingzi looked downwards and told Chu Mu.

    "En, it's indeed a problem. We must have a big fight with them, but I first have to choose an advantageous position." Chu Mu at the moment couldn't think of any better way to solve their problem. They could only fight. Worst comes to worst, he would use half devil again. After all, he had Ye Qingzi. Any overly severe side effects should be controllable by Ye Qingzi.

    Ye Qingzi nodded, and looked up to higher in the mountain, wanting to see if there was any place suited for battle.

    The clouds became higher. When one gazed over, one could somewhat see the peak of the mountain.

    And at the half way point between the peak and the walkway, Ye Qingzi found a cliff-like place......

    A faint fog floated through that area. As Ye Qingzi gazed closely, however, she suddenly noticed a moving black arm. It seemed to be slowly walking to the edge of the mountain.

    "Chu Mu, quickly look!" Ye Qingzi immediately pointed at the organism hundreds of meters above them and said to Chu Mu.

    Chu Mu looked up and immediately saw the soul pet standing at the edge of the mountain!

    Chu Mu's first impression was of a sturdily built giant that was proudly standing from high looking down. It gave one a majestic feel, as if it were a king standing at the highest point in the world and looking down upon its realm!!

    "That is....." Chu Mu was subdued, and his body actually started shaking slightly from happiness!!

    "Ghost King!!" Young master, that's the Ghost King!!"

    Old Li's voice sharply resonated through Chu Mu's brain. Even the old fellow couldn't control his emotions and started screaming.

    Ghost King!!

    The powerful monarch rank soul pet with a combination of rock and ghost type's power, defense, and rock techniques!

    Beside the Colored Sky City's two doors stood two formidable and aggressive Ghost Kings. When countless soul pet trainers walked through the doors, they would all look up to this monarch rank soul pet and reveal expressions of longing and yearning!

    When Chu Mu walked in the Colored Sky City and saw the Ghost King's sculpture, he was similarly touched, because he was just missing a more upfront soul pet with a mix of power and defense.

    What Chu Mu didn't think was that there would actually be a Ghost King on this Heavenly Crystal Peak, and one below the sixth phase at that!

    Monarch ranks were able to be captured if they were below the sixth rank. After the sixth rank, making them submit was abnormally hard. Chu Mu was sure that the Ghost King standing near the mountain edge was definitely not mature yet and was completely possible to be captured!!

    His blood started boiling and at this moment, Chu Mu was shivering with excitement!!

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