Book 2 Chapter 200 - Sixth Phase Ninth Stage, Getting Braver As It Fights

    Chapter 200: Sixth Phase Ninth Stage, Getting Braver As It Fights

    The five people continued to fight, and they had finally gotten rid of a big half of the six hundred Crafty Rock Guards, but they also suffered huge losses!

    Zeng Linshan was the first to succumb to the Craft Rock Guards. Afterwards, the teen that lost a soul pet in the beginning also died. The only teen who survived also lost a soul pet. The last two fighting elemental soul pets were both not his main soul pets, and he was barely able to keep up with a few Crafty Rock Guards. He found survival precariously between Zhang Qian and Qing Li.

    "Qing Li, quickly finish off these Crafty Rock Guards. Once we kill that guy, we can leave!" Zhang Qin also knew the situation wasn't very hopeful.

    When Zhang Qin finished, he specially glanced at Qing Li and asked Qing Li through remembrance, "Should we summon a fourth soul pet to save him? There still are 200 Crafty Rock Guards, yet his soul pets are all basically out of power......"

    "Heng, since you've already said he doesn't have much fighting strength, why keep him? Let him perish on his own. Anyways, the less people who know this, the better!" Qing Li said viciously.

    Zhang Qin nodded and cancelled the notion of summoning a fourth soul pet.

    Zhang Qin and Qing Li were both very careful. Maybe, if they summoned their fourth soul pet now, they could reduce some pressure. However, they had to save a hand, or else if they truly met danger, they were beyond dead!

    "Strange. How has that kid's sixth phase first stage fighting beast Mo Ye not died yet?" Zhang Qin glanced at the big crack in the walkway not far away and looked confused.

    "Don't worry about that, let's get rid of these Rock Guards first!" Qing Li didn't mind Chu Mu's hardly remarkable sixth phase commander rank.


    At the walkway crack.

    With a life force six times that of a normal soul pet, it allowed Zhan Ye to not die even under surrounded attacks. Also, with the continuation of the fight, Zhan Ye was also getting stronger little by little!

    Zhan Ye also had a very strong self healing and recovering ability. If he didn't suffer any truly incapacitating injury, Zhan Ye wouldn't easily use Rebirth. After all, there were only six Rebirths. In this six Rebirth process, the longer it lasted, the stronger it would become!


    In the moment of growth, Zhan Ye's eruption was also the strongest. Zhan Ye's two claws immediately were wrapped in the sixth phase complete state offensive soul claws and heavily slammed into the walkway!!

    Finally, under the effects of Brave Stinging Heart, Zhan Ye improved another stage, reaching the sixth phase fifth stage!

    Fragmenting Stamp!!


    The power range of Fragmenting Stamp was very wide. Twenty meters around all had to suffer the power of this stamp. The Crafty Rock Guards near Zhan Ye were immediately blown away. Some of these even flew right off the walkway, and fell down the steep mountainsides!

    Riding the aura from growing, Zhan Ye continued to kill a few Crafty Rock Guards before decisively returning to the great crack to adopt his defensive strategy!

    Near Zhan Ye were still forty Crafty Rock Guards. If these Forty Rock Guards simultaneously casted techniques, their destructive capabilities were still terrifying. Even Zhan Ye's body only had ink armor and a sixth rank soul armor. The wounds on his body increased quickly......

    "Chong Mei - Cold Crushing Mark!" Chu Mu's incantation sounded!

    Telling the Ice Air Fairy to defend him, Chu Mu casted the five second long incantation of Cold Crushing Mark!

    Sixteen ice devil rings appeared, and they quickly flew past the walkway to where Zhan Ye was standing.

    The Crafty Rock Guards surrounding Zhan Ye completely didn't notice this ice technique of Chu Mu's. Fourteen of the sixteen ice devil rings hooked onto a Crafty Rock Guard's body!

    As the freezing aura was released, it quickly turned fourteen of the Crafty Rock Guards into ice!




    Of the fourteen Crafty Rock Guards, seven were completely crushed into ice powder by the ice devil rings. The other seven, though not dead, were still completely destroyed!

    The higher the technique level, the less able Chu Mu's Chong Mei was at recreating it.

    Chu Mu's ice controlling ability was definitely inferior to Ice Air Fairy, so the Crushing Ice Mark Chu Mu cast would undoubtedly be weaker. To be able to instantly kill seven Crafty Rock Guards was precisely because of his second remembrance spirit master level.

    "Zhan Ye, Broken Limb Rebirth!"

    After slightly alleviating Zhan Ye's pressure, Chu Mu immediately let Zhan Ye use his broken limb rebirth technique!

    Zhan Ye's wounds started frantically oozing with viscous insect liquid. At the same time that it covered Zhan Ye's body and healed his wounds, it also quickly created different liquids to create a new ink armor!

    "Towering Ice Armor!" Chu Mu sent the command to Ice Air Fairy.

    "Ling~~~~~" The pressure here with Ning was already greatly reduced, so casting a supporting technique wouldn't affect its battle.

    The defense of Towering Ice Armor was much higher than Mysterious Crystal armor. Zhan Ye, with its own ink armor, sixth rank soul armor, and now with the Towering Ice Armor, had reached a near eighth rank in defense!

    Reaching near the eighth rank, the attacks of the Crafty Rock Guards were noticeably weaker. Though its speed was reduced because of the Towering Ice Armor, with a special soul pet like Zhan Ye, the longer he could last, the better.

    After Zhan Ye's defense rose, Chu Mu could let it fight without worrying about it too much. He immediately started commanding his Mo Xie and Ning to start a crazy slaughter of the Crafty Rock Guards!


    "That kid's sixth phase first stage Mo Ye still hasn't died?" Zhang Qin looked over and suddenly noticed that, in the big crack, the Mo Ye covered in ink armor was still crazily slaughtering, and the forty Crafty Rock Guards that were attacking it were now reduced to twenty!

    "Sixth phase eighth stage? He switched soul pets?" Zhang Qin stared blankly and suddenly noticed that the Mo Ye had become the sixth phase eighth stage!

    "This......how is this possible, how is it at the sixth phase eighth phase now!" the young man who hid between the two people opened his eyes in disbelief as he stared at Chu Mu's Zhan Ye!

    The young man was not far from the walkway crack when he was fighting. In such a dense and chaotic battle, he naturally couldn't pay attention to the weak sixth phase weak Zhan Ye. However, when he looked over with his peripheral vision, he could see that the soul pet had always been there, fighting with the Crafty Rock Guards.

    Before, this young member didn't mind it, but only now did he suddenly realize that not only did the sixth phase first stage Mo Ye not die, but its power had increased to sixth phase eighth stage, and he was more than 100% sure Chu Mu didn't switch soul pets!


    The roar was full of explosiveness, letting everyone feel as if the very space was shaking with it!

    Just as the Elemental Sect three were watching astonishedly, Zhan Ye again rose a stage within the battle and reached the sixth phase ninth stage!

    "Voluntary Growth! This Zhan Ye can perform Voluntary Growth!!" Watching the Mo Ye fight, the three Elemental Sect people were dumbstruck, momentarily forgetting that there were threatening Crafty Rock Guards near them.

    Brave Stinging Heart! After a full five Broken Limb Rebirths, Zhan Ye's strength had finally reached sixth phase ninth stage!!

    Sixth phase ninth stage- Zhan Ye's power, speed, defense, life force, recovery ability, had all reached an even higher level. Facing the remaining twenty Crafty Rock Guards, Zhan Ye was finally meeting them with ease!

    After a great increase in power, Zhan Ye started its truly crazed slaughter. The Crafty Rock Guards couldn't possibly stop the fully equipped Zhan Ye!

    Heavenly Ripping Claw!!!

    Ink Spike Armor!!

    Death Ray!

    Fragmenting Stamp!!

    Techniques were casted back and forth. After a violent fight, the amount of Crafty Rock Guards started to decrease again, finally leaving only a few that retreated trembling with fear, completely not daring to approach the battle beast gone berserk!

    Its ink armor was already full of all sorts of wounds. To the other soul pets, this was already an intermediate amount of damage, but to Zhan Ye with its powerful bug type blood, it wasn't a hindrance at all.

    After getting rid of all the Crafty Rock Guards fighting it, Zhan Ye ran over swiftly to Mo Xie's battlefield and fought alongside her.

    Mo Xie faced almost more Rock Guards than the added amount of Zhan Ye and Ice Air Fairy combined! Even after killing forty Crafty Rock guards, there were still forty more.

    After Zhan Ye was added to the fight, with a powerful meat shield to attract attention away from Mo Xie, Mo Xie could finally cast powerful monarch rank techniques without worry!

    "Clean them out."

    After the nearby Crafty Rock Guards were all destroyed, Chu Mu told Ice Air Fairy to join Mo Xie's battle too.

    With the three soul pets together, the remaining forty Crafty Rock Guards didn't stand a chance, quickly getting killed by Mo Xie, Zhan Ye, and Ning!

    As Chu Mu defeated all the Crafty Rock Guards around him, Qing Li and Zhang Qin's battle was also reaching an end. The powerful Purple Lightning Devil's scary claws fell down and, with a combination of frightening lightnings, had blown the last three Crafty Rock guards into dust!

    Qing Li and Zhang Qin both didn't summon their fourth soul pets. With no other soul pet to summon, the teen, no matter how wise, couldn't escape death. Just as he was surprised by the increase in Zhan Ye's power, he let down his guard and was taken off the cliff by a dozen Crafty Rock Guards......

    Qing Li and Zhang Qin gathered their soul pets around them and coldly stared at Chu Mu. Their six soul pets were all clearly wounded, and were breathing heavily after the fight. Clearly, the fight had wasted a great amount of their stamina.

    The entire walkway was completely unrecognizable now, with a massive hole, full of shattered rocks and densely packed cracks.....

    The mountain itself had already severely changed, even giving one a feeling of tottering.

    The Crafty Rock Guards' corpses were piled upon the parts of the walkway that remained, yet many were also hanging off protruding rocks or embedded in the mountain. Soul cores were everywhere, and occasionally one could spot alluring glows from within stone cracks.

    However, no matter if it was soul core or soul crystal, the remaining three all didn't have time to worry about, because their main goal now was: to kill the other party!

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