Book 2 Chapter 213 - Unbridled Inside Soul Palace’s Great Hall

    Chapter 213: Unbridled Inside Soul Palace's Great Hall

    Although Chu Mu could not mobilize Soul Palace people, if he encountered a disaster, this Soul Palace Decree could be of great use.

    Palace Master Tang didn't dare to go himself, but if Chu Mu went, he wouldn't dare stop him either. He could only hastily send people to follow Chu Mu.

    In these few days, Chu Mu hadn't specially spent time to silently cultivate, so much of his soul power had been expended. He couldn't casually use soul techniques, and after jumping down from the loft, he immediately ran towards the Soul Palace's great hall.

    The Soul Palace's great hall was extremely spacious, and there would always be Soul Palace with bright and neat clothing. Most of the members of Soul Palace accepted were people with a certain status in some territory. It could also be said that the Soul Palace was a place that experts congregated. Often, if a soul pet trainer was part of Soul Palace, with its reputation, it signified he was slightly superior.

    When Chu Mu entered the great hall, he barged through. Regardless of who it was, his body that had quality stronger than normal soul pet trainers was swept through like a tornado. It immediately caused a great amount of cursing as many arrogant soul pet trainers glowered at him.

    Finally, Chu Mu saw Yu Jia in the Soul Palace's great hall only ten meters away from the entrance.

    Yu Jia didn't pay attention to the truculent chasing Chu Mu. He continued to have his self-believing confident smile as he faintly smiled, and nodded at a few experts in Soul Palace. He had a very learned appearance.

    "Ning, Ice Wall!"

    Chanting an incantation, Chu Mu immediately summoned the Ice Air Fairy. Without any hesitation, he immediately had in use an ice technique in Soul Palace's great hall!

    A frozen frost of a snow white ice pattern gradually appeared in the great hall. The Ice Air Fairy's body which was covered by a bluish white towering ice slowly emerged from the ice pattern.


    The incantation practically finished instantaneously. Suddenly, countless pieces of ice condensed, rapidly completing the frozen ice wall. In an extremely short amount of time, the Soul Palace's great hall was frozen. Moreover, there were many layers of them that intensely rose up!

    "What's the matter, what's the matter?" a soul pet trainer who was about to walk out of the Soul Palace's great hall was stunned and his face showed a shocked expression as he looked back at Chu Mu.

    "Who dares be so unbridled, daring to summon his soul pet in Soul Palace's great hall and moreover block the entrance!" a few guards immediately yelled in the great hall. Their eyes glowered at Chu Mu and the Ice Air Fairy. As long as this soul pet made the slightest movement, they would definitely summon their soul pets immediately.

    The height of Soul Palace's great hall entrance reached twenty meters. Even disregarding its width, no matter if it was a passerby on the street outside, or a Soul Palace member in the great hall, they all let out shocked and panicked expressions due to such an entrance being frozen by a layer of thick towering ice crystals.

    The Soul Palace was widely known to have tight security. There fundamentally was no faction, including Soul Palace's members, who dared to be so unbridled in Soul Palace's public locations.

    Soul Palace did not permit soul pets to be summoned in its great hall. Chu Mu's summon clearly violated Soul Palace's provisions. As for the frozen entrance, it was completely provoking Soul Palace's dignity.

    Yu JIa also revealed a shocked expression. He watched the frozen ice wall for a long time and confusedly turned around. He wanted to see which person had such large guts and dared violate Soul Palace's provisions.

    His gaze flitted across and he quickly saw Chu Mu and the Ice Air Fairy. He felt Chu Mu's pair of cold eyes, and his brows immediately creased because he felt that this apathetic young man seemed to be targeting him.

    "This young master, please recall you soul pet and immediately unfreeze the door. Otherwise, don't blame us if we're impolite!" the efficiency of Soul Palace's guards was fast as expected. When Chu Mu had made his move, there were already 10 guards who surrounded Chu Mu.

    "Have them go to the side!" Chu MU swept his eyes over the three guards who were hastily following him as he indifferently spoke.

    The three guards knew Chu Mu's identity, but they were only Soul Palace's guards from a ninth rank city. They had never encountered such a situation and, for a moment, they didn't know what to do. They only looked at each other.

    "Uh... fellow few brothers, go do you own thing. Don't interfere." the three guards softly said to the other ten guards.

    "Don't interfere?" the chief guard creased his eyebrows, suspicious. This young man was clearly being impudent in Soul Palace's great hall. How could he ignore this?

    Yu Jia continued to look at Chu Mu. He felt his sharp gaze and tried to keep as amicable of a smile as he said: "This friend, please slowly tell me if I've committed some crime. What need is there to make such a large move in such a grand hall?"

    Yu Jia's words were evidently to first bring logic here and displayed the mannerism of a monarch. After all, this place was Soul Palace and it wasn't just anyone who could casually attack in this place. He didn't believe that this fellow's hasty freezing of Soul Palace's entrance wouldn't attract the displeasure of a few Soul Palace experts.

    As expected, when Yu Jia's words came out, there were already a few Soul Palace experts whose expressions were rather serious. These soul pet trainers in Soul Palace all had a certain status, and even they didn't dare freeze Soul Palace's great hall. This brat who came from somewhere unknown dared to be so arrogant, completely ignoring Soul Palace's provisions.

    "Hmph, young man, you should use your brains before doing things. What kind of atmosphere are you creating by acting so rudely. If you don't want to provoke us seniors who are pressed to do things, quickly unfreeze the entrance. If you wait for us to attack, then you'll suffer bitterly." a bearded middle aged man gave a cold harrumph. He clearly was extremely unsatisfied by Chu Mu's arrogant and despotic actions.

    Besides this man, several Soul Palace seniors nodded their heads. Although it wouldn't be hard for them to shatter this ice wall, they didn't want to waste their soul power to do so. Moreover, forcibly breaking it would cause much commotion, and they didn't want anything unpeaceful to occur in this strict Soul Palace.

    Yu Jia swept his gaze over the few Soul Palace elders and when he saw they they were discontent, he promptly smiled and said: "This friend, if something is the matter, let's sit down and slowly talk. Let's not bother the time of these elder's."

    Yu Jia's words seemed cultured and civilized, humble and considerate, but the intentions behind his words were to give everyone a friendly impression of himself. Furthermore, he wanted to paint that mysterious man as a rude fellow.

    If Yu Jia were to be dealing with a normal young expert, perhaps after being glared at by these Soul Palace elders he wouldn't dare be any more presumptuous and would obediently remove the ice.

    However, Chu Mu wasn't afraid. Since his identity as a young master wasn't false, and furthermore, Palace Master Tang had verified it, even if he acted even more excessively, it still wouldn't be too excessive. Of those who could make Old Tang not come out, Chu Mu was the only one who could do so.

    "Ning, Ice Seal." Chu Mu was disinclined to talk rubbish with Yu Jia. He wanted to capture this fellow before speaking, otherwise if he could go back and managed to talk with Qing Li, he would definitely grab Ye Wansheng. It would be very difficult to save Ye Wansheng in secret so he absolutely had to push the dispute to a conflict of Soul Palace and Elemental Sect.

    Under Chu Mu's instructions, why would Ning hesitate further? It chanted an incantation and rapidly finished the Ice Seal incantation!

    A towering ice cold air suddenly pervaded Soul Palace great hall. A lot of towering ice frost transformed into a violent wind that directly swept forth, suddenly painting a layer of icy white on the ground and pillars. A thick ice crystal froze on top!

    Seeing Ice Seal's attack, Yu Jia's eyes grew a bit wider and he silently yelled in this heart: Does this fellow's brain have issues? He's attacking me in Soul Palace's great hall!

    Yu Jia had believed this young fellow who mysterious appeared in Soul Palace's great hall wouldn't dare to attack him. Yet, he had actually ordered his soul pet to use a technique that further was the powerful Towering Ice Ice Seal!

    Yu Jia's eyes let out a flustered expression. The seventh level soul armor rapidly appeared when the cold ice covered his body. When the seventh level soul armor defended against Ice Seal, he also chanted an incantation, having a sturdy rock armor cover his body thus cutting off the entire ice layer outside the rock armor.

    The rock type had the highest defense of all attributes. Moreover, it countered the ice type to a certain degree. The Ice Seal of Chu Mu's Ice Air Fairy reached the eighth rank in might; once Yu Jia used the seventh level soul armor, the sturdy rock armor blocked a majority of the Ice Seal's force...

    The cold aura still managed to penetrate his skin and Yu Jia who was covered in rock felt the freezing force outside his defense; cold sweat began to flow down his neck.

    Finishing an eighth rank technique in one second. It further was a high level crystallization of towering ice crystals. Yu Jia never would have thought that a seventh phase Ice Air Fairy could exhibit such a powerful ice type ability. If he hadn't reacted in time, he ostensibly would have been instantaneously frozen by the Ice Air Fairy.

    The Ice Air Fairy's Ice Seal technique could be said to have instantly silenced the entire great hall. The young generation soul pet trainers stared with their eyes wide open and let out expressions of disbelief. The several Soul Palace elders including the bearded man were also incomparably shocked. Perhaps this was the first time they had seen someone train an Ice Air Fairy to such a level!

    "Palace master, this... this young man's strength is amazing!" the guards who were previously blocking Chu Mu stared in shock at him as they spoke to the adjacent Palace Master Tang.Palace Master Tang had actually arrived earlier in the great hall, but had hidden himself in a dark corner. Before making clear of how Yu Lang and Feng Ya had actually died, he wouldn't dare involve himself in a fight between "the second generation of important figures".

    Of course, Palace Master Tang never expected Chu Mu's Ice Air Fairy to be so powerful. Its strong ice type technique already surpassed peak commanders and was exceptionally close to low grade monarchs!

    "Go and stealthily inform those few not to involve themselves in that matter as they please. This matter is rather complicated and it's not something our small palace can involve ourselves in." it was a while before Palace Master Tang recovered from his shock and he silently spoke to the guard next to him.

    "Very complicated?" whispered the guard.

    Palace Master Tang nodded his head. Yu Lang and Feng Ya were both people of Soul Palace's seven large palaces. Of them, Yu Lang was the seventh palace master's son and even if his death was an accident, he, Palace Master Tang, would have to take some blame. Moreover, another young master of an even higher status had appeared. This young master indicated that Yu Lang and Feng Ya had been set up and killed; moreover, the perpetrator was Yu Jia.

    Yua Jia's status in the Elemental Sect was very high and Palace Master Tang wasn't a stupid person either. He knew that the implications behind this matter could potentially be very deep. If he jumped in, then it would be even harder for him to stay innocent. Therefore, he was more willing to just watch on the sidelines. In any case, the older generation couldn't interfere in a young generation fight. Palace Master Tang only had to put things to a stop when something awry would happen and it further was fine if he showed a bias towards the Soul Palace's young master.

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