Book 2 Chapter 259 - I am Yu He, Dong Qing’s Old Wound

    Chapter 259: I am Yu He, Dong Qing's Old Wound

    "Chu Chen, you still remember the appointed fight between us?" said Yu He as he feigned calmness.

    "Yes." Chu Mu nodded his head then continued to talk with Ye Qingzi.

    The corners of Yu He's mouth twitched. Chu Mu's actions were truly angering him. He still remembered the clear and loud slap Chu Mu delivered to his face; in the twenty years of his life, this was the first time Yu He had been slapped by someone outside his household!"The poison effect should have been obtained through absorbing the life force of soul pets that possess poison, but it also requires something that can protect its wooden heart, and doesn't let the poison attribute infect it. In other words, the stronger the poison, the stronger the spirit item that protects the wooden heart needs to be. This may be something very expensive. After all, the spirit item that protects the wooden heart is the same as something that lets a soul pet have certain immunity against a bug, flower, and vine type soul pet's poison." Ye Qingzi explained to Chu Mu.

    Chu Mu nodded his head and asked: "Then how did your Wood Tray Spirit soul pet come to possess the poison attribute?"

    "My Wood Tray Spirit has the flower attribute, and it comprehended it itself when it evolved to the fourth phase." Ye Qingzi blinked her eyes. She was wondering how Chu Mu didn't know of even this sort of common knowledge.

    "Oh, I guess so. Then, what spirit items have this effect?" asked Chu Mu.

    "Heart's Nectar - this is a special water nectar that condenses in a forest's bewildering world. It doesn't take the form of a liquid, but instead of a pearl. Normally, it exists inside a flower type soul pet. However, flower type soul pets are inherently rare and those with Heart's Nectar are even fewer, so if the Heart's Nectar can resist an eighth rank poison, it approached nearly 10 million in price." said Ye Qingzi.

    Chu Mu was sitting relatively close to Ye Qingzi. When Yu He had met Ye Qingzi before, he had harbored many intentions towards her. Right now seeing the two of them completely ignore him and talk about flower type poison, he  feel comfortable anywhere in his heart. After all, their tones were congenial, and their minds were invested in the conversation. It was like a pair of lovers talking about love and were about to hold hands...

    "Heart's Nectar. Haha, this item is something I have one of. An eighth rank Heart's Nectar. Before I was considering what we would put at stake for the appointed fight, but now you guys made me realize what to use." Yu He couldn't make the two of them chatter away in front of him any longer, and he decisively interrupted his way into their conversation. Moreover, he changed the topic to his fight with Chu Mu.

    "Oh, then thanks." said Chu Mu as he raised his eyebrows.

    "Why are you thanking me? Could it be you believe that you can beat me?" Yu He found that the group of people here weren't taking him seriously at all. Without a need for a feigned tone, he spoke to them with a cold voice.

    When the adjacent Ye Wansheng saw that Yu He finally wasn't faking it anymore, he began laughing and gave a thumbs up to Chu Mu, saying: "You're the real bad one here. You forced that fellow to bet something worth 10 million!"

    There were always rewards from fights.The appointed fight between them originally had been Yu He challenging him, but if there were rewards for challenging him, that would be the best so he would fight with even more vigor.

    "What about your stake?" Yu He wasn't dumb and couldn't let Chu Mu take advantage of him without giving anything in return.

    "What, there's an appointed fight between you two?" Young lady Sha and Dong Qing were evidently not connected with them in this way ,and their eyes astonishedly fell on Chu Mu and Yu He.

    When Yu He had mentioned an appointed fight, the two of them thought Yu He was intentionally provoking things. They never expected for them to have already met each other.

    Sparks began to fly, and Yu He no longer put on a fake facade. He had an arrogant and contemptuous attitude and he wanted to see if Chu Mu dared to use a stake like his that was nearly 10 million gold!

    "Young master, the lord is inviting you and your friends to come. The meeting is about to start." at this moment, the family servant slowly walked in and spoke to everyone.

    "We'll talk about this a bit later. Let's go first?" Dong Qing realized that this matter wasn't simple, and promptly alleviated the tension between the two parties.

    Yu He didn't say anything. He coldly sneered and stood up. Then, using a mocking tone, he said: "In my opinion, you should pick an empty location to fight me like today. If you lose and are seen by so many people, you'll lose the face of the Soul Palace young master who stands behind you."

    After speaking, Yu He ignored the others and walked directly toward the City Lord Mansion's meeting hall.

    "Yu He, acting so brash in my territory... has your brain been kicked in by a donkey?" Dong Qing wasn't someone who would just swallow his anger. Seeing Yu He shedding his pretense of cordiality, he didn't have to show Yu He any manners of being a host.

    "I'll remind you once, young master, that it's merely because of your father .Without the old Li City Lord, you would be nothing more than a second rate soul pet trainer. Train first for a few more years before you come speak to me." Yu He thoroughly shed his amicable pretense and even when speaking with Dong Qing, he did so without manners.

    Dong Qing's anger was already visibly exposed, and his eyes stared ice coldly at Yu He. However, he ultimately took in a deep breath of air and forcibly suppress his anger.

    "That despicable person. He caused the death of a person's main pet and still dared to shamelessly boast about training another few years first here. Two years ago, Yu He was nothing more than a dog that followed others. He would wag his tail and beg, trying his best to curry favor." Young Lady Sha was also angry and pointed at Yu He who was walking away as she loudly berated hin.

    Chu Mu's gaze fell on Dong Qing, and he indeed found that his emotions had been greatly disturbed. Especially when the Young Lady Sha mentioned what happened two years ago, the arteries and veins on his face began to slightly protrude.

    "Dong Qing? What's the matter?" Chu Mu made Dong Qing sit and asked him a question.

    Dong Qing wasn't a hot headed person and after sitting down, he finished the tea in his hands. However, it was a while before he said anything.

    Young Lady Sha couldn't keep her mouth closed and promptly said: "You've probably seen those friends of mine and Dong Qing. They can all be considered young people from the same generation and they respectively represent the various large factions of Li City, including Soul Palace, Merchant's Alliance, Soul Pet Palace, Elemental Sect, Zhanli Kingdom, Spirit Church, Nightmare Palace...."

    "The thing from two or three years ago was that everyone had recognized Dong Qing as the head of this large group, including Yu He. Back then, Yu He had intentionally tried to curry favor with Dong Qing and entered our group. However, Yu He was a shameless and despicable fellow who intentionally hid his strength. When a few of them were in the wild training, he exploited the trust Dong Qing had in him and caused the death of Dong Qing's main pet, drastically reducing Dong Qing's strength."

    When Young Lady Sha spoke, she was very emotional, and had an expression that seemed to indicate that she wanted to cut Yu He into pieces. In truth, Young Lady Sha had just been enduring it just now. After all, everyone was someone with status and couldn't just casually cause trouble wherever he or she pleased. This would definitely incite the scolding of their elders. Thus, when sparks began to fly between Chu Mu and Yu He, the Young Lady Sha basically couldn't endure it any longer. In spite of supposedly being an aloof eldest Young Lady, she still pointed at Yu He's back and loudly berated him.

    Dong Qing had been like Ye Wansheng for the past while, silently holding back the anger in his heart. Moreover, when Yu He had spoken those vile words just now, Dong Qing had only barely managed to endure it because Dong Qing was no longer Yu He's opponent.

    The elders of the various families were acquaintances with each other and the grievances between the young people were to be solved by themselves. Dong Qing further knew that before he truly had the strength to challenge Yu He, he absolutely could not act rashly.

    "That was barely anything. Later on, Yu He formed his own group in Li City and excluded Dong Qing. Ultimately, the only ones remaining were myself and those useless fellows." Young Lady Sha continued to speak.

    "It turns out everyone is the same. Haha, it seems that Yu He really is an egregious wretch!" Ye Wansheng finally removed his facade and sneered.

    "Tell me what grievances you have with him?" Dong Qing was already slowly calming his emotions and he asked them a question.

    Chu Mu gave a rough account of his and the Ye Family brother and sisters' matters to Dong Qing and Young Lady Sha.

    "At the beginning when I heard the news, I was 100% certain that Yu Lang and Feng Ya had been killed by him. It's good now since the person who witnessed it were you guys... but Yu He is truly crafty and didn't leave any direct evidence. I can only hope that Soul Palace's people do things properly and punish Yu He." said Dong Qing.

    "That's right, otherwise, he'll be outside the reach of law again. Nor will we know how many people will be killed by him in the future." said Young Lady Sha.

    "You guys don't seem to believe in Chu Chen?" Ye Qingzi watched the two of them sigh with lament and questioned them, puzzled.

    Since Chu Mu was going to fight Yu He, he would be able to teach him a firm lesson before the trial. Moreover, he would also be able to kill off one or two of Yu He's soul pets. However, Dong Qing and Young Lady Sha didn't mention the fight ostensibly, as if they weren't counting on Chu Mu being able to help them vent a little bit during his fight with Yu He.

    "This... Yu He is abominable and egregious, but his strength is honestly very strong. Amongst those people of our age, there's no one that's his opponent. Those that are actually stronger than him have already gone away to distant places to train..." softly said Young Lady Sha as she looked at Chu Mu.

    Young Lady Shan had only seen Chu Mu's Night Thunder Dream Beast. While it's speed really was extremely fast, merely speed alone could not win a fight.

    "Young master, the lord wants you and your friends to go over..." the old servant bowed his body again and gave a reminder.

    "We'll talk about this later. Let's enter the venue first so we won't be impolite." Dong Qing finally realized it wasn't early anymore and immediately had the old servant lead the way.

    "Sure, we'll talk about it after the meeting. I'm sure Yu He will be specially waiting for me once the meeting ends." said Chu Mu.

    The meeting was about the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, so Chu Mu didn't want to miss it. After all, Yu He' matter was something small, while the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon's matter was the important one.

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