Book 2 Chapter 286 - White Devil Flames In A Summit Contes

    Chapter 286: White Devil Flames In A Summit Contest

    The energy didn't move very quickly, and Chu Mu could feel the cold liquid slowly circulate into his burning veins and arteries.

    There was no rejection between the two, and the devil flame burning veins and arteries didn't drop in temperature from the Jade Spring, nor did the Jade Spring lose the energy within from the burning devil flames...

    The Jade Spring began to circulate within Chu Mu's veins and arteries from the most important blood in his heart all the way to the pulsing veins and arteries in his limbs. This process wasn't very different from Chu Mu slowly guiding soul crystal energy into a soul pet's body. He could feel the flesh, bones, blood, and nerves clearly change.

    At the beginning, this strengthening speed allowed Chu Mu to adapt, as the feeling of his body being full of strength was truly like shedding his mortal body.

    However, as the Jade Spring absorbing increased, Chu Mu increasingly found that the energy had reached a level where his soul remembrance was incapable of controlling it.

    The half devil state of Chu Mu had his beast type lineage strengthened because of the jade Spring, and as the beast type grew stronger, the absorbing speed of the Jade Spring grew faster and faster.

    Chu Mu's soul remembrance was merely at the second remembrance spirit master level and as the half devil state strength increased, Chu Mu's spirit master remembrance could no longer control the Jade Spring pouring into his body.

    Some unknown time later, the boundless energy of the Jade Spring began pouring in so fast that Chu Mu felt his veins and arteries were like a blooming vessel for the Jade Spring to surge like a flood. It surged around his veins and arteries, causing an extremely bloated feeling to transmit all over his body!

    "Old Li, what's happening?!"

    Chu Mu used soul remembrance to yell at Old Li. As the energy grew in amount, it was practically going to blow up his veins and arteries. An unprecedented fear, like the Jade Spring itself, filled Chu Mu's body.

    "I... I don't know either... it could be that the energy is too much; even in the half devil state it's still very hard to absorb." Old Li let out an expression of panic.

    The Jade Spring was meant to baptise a Hidden Dragon. While Chu Mu's body had truly become stronger after transforming into a half devil, it was still incapable of reaching the Hidden Dragon's level. Moreover, there were many times that when a Hidden Dragon received a Jade Spring baptism, it would feel body-breaking pain; this was even more so the case for the inferior body of Chu Mu.


    The Cyan Hidden Dragon continuously changed locations in the air, and its powerful dragon strength transformed into a cyan dragon whirlpool that arose from the ground to the clouds!

    As the engulfing range of the whirlpool expanded, the spectating middle-aged members all began to retreat to a further place. They all were shocked as they stared at the cyan whirlpool growing larger.

    Such a powerful and boundless whirlpool was capable of destroying a street district, yet it was used to only attack Kingdom Lord Li Sheng's powerful demon.

    Li Sheng had already summoned two soul pets, and the abnormally fast demon began to restrict the Cyan Hidden Dragon's mind without cease. This prevented it from using any techniques while the other enormous violent beast stepping in the air faced off directly against the Cyan Hidden Dragon. Its claws and fierce teeth left multiple bloody wounds on the Cyan Hidden Dragon's body.

    Kingdom Lord Li Sheng hovered in the air in a robe. Facing the Cyan Hidden Dragon, he didn't stop using soul techniques. If it wasn't for the Red Galactic Demon Emperor's powerful mental restriction abilities, Kingdom Lord Li Sheng would definitely not be able to restrict the Cyan Hidden Dragon so quickly.

    "Kingdom Lord Li's demon is probably at the pinnacle of demons, right?" the young generation members were even further away from the battlefield and when they saw the Red Galactic Demon Emperor easily attack the Cyan Hidden Dragon, all of them let out expressions of respect!

    "That red colored soul pet which shape cannot be clearly seen is called the Red Galactic Demon Emperor? What soul pet is that?" asked a few young generation members who didn't know.

    At this moment, all of them shifted their gazes to Dong Qing, as they wanted to garner information about Kingdom Lord Li's powerful Red Galactic Demon Emperor.

    "The Red Galactic Demon Emperor is one of Northern Forbidden Region's strongest demon species. It's said that Western Kingdom's Northern Forbidden Region also harbors a Blue Galactic Demon Emperor which is the lord of that bewildering world. In truth, the Red Galactic Demon Emperor that Old Li is using is a twin brother of that hegemon, and within that is a very long story. In short, after old Kingdom Lord Li's cultivation, the Red Galactic Demon Lord's was actually on top of that wild hegemon. Although it hasn't reached the true pinnacle of demons, it wasn't very far." said young lady Sha in place of Dong Qing.

    "What about that soul pet that can walk on clouds?" asked another person.

    The wild-ape like soul pet with a long snake tail was presently the only soul pet that could truly contend with the Cyan Hidden Dragon. Its valiant strength wasn't inferior to the Cyan Hidden Dragon's wild and violent aura; this caused all the soul pet trainers to involuntarily sigh.

    "Cloud Snake Ape Monarch. It's old Kingdom Lord Li's strongest main pet. This soul pet was basically the one old Kingdom Lord Li used to establish his position as an upper class Kingdom Lord!" said Old Li.

    Cloud Snake Ape Monarch: demon world - beast type - ape species - Cloud Snake Ape Monarch - monarch rank

    The firmness of its long cloud snake tail wasn't inferior to the Cyan Hidden Dragon's tail. From head to toe, it was covered in flesh that was brimming with explosive force. With silky smooth skin, it looked like a statue completely carved out of copper essence. Its skin only gave off a gold property lustre and with such skin- it wasn't inferior to the Cyan Hidden Dragon's cyan dragon scale defense!

    "Sunset Roc!"

    Old Li raised the corners of his mouth, and chanted another incantation, summoning his third main pet - the Sunset Roc!

    After the tenth phase Sunset Roc appeared, the glorious sun transformed into an incomplete sun-like tangerine yellow color. The tangerine-yellow colored energy illuminated the tenth phase Sunset Roc's body, reflecting off a gold-yellow. The Sunset Roc unrestrainedly emitted the tyrannical and arrogant aura of an aerial emperor!

    The five great Li City experts had all summoned over four soul pets, and there were a few with outstanding strength.

    The White Nightmare Palace's vice city lord had a ninth phase monarch white nightmare and tenth phase Blue Nightmare. Two powerful nightmares - one white and one blue. The demonic devil flames were like flaming clouds that covered the heaven and earth!

    Soul Palace's Palace Lord Yu Shang had a tenth phase Light Rhinoceros. Palace Lord Yu didn't express much enthusiasm towards besieging the Cyan Hidden Dragon as he seemed to not have summoned his strongest main soul pet to participate in the fight.

    The soul wounded Sect Lord Yu didn't stop fighting and continued to control his soul pet with the strongest fighting strength, the ninth phase Chaotic Thunder Sprite, to vent his anger at the Cyan Hidden Dragon with lightning.

    As for Kingdom Lord Li Sheng's ninth phase Red Galactic Demon Emperor, ninth phase Cloud Snake Ape Monarch, and tenth phase Sunset Roc, any one of them could directly face off against the Cyan Hidden Dragon.

    Various experts and various main pets had been summoned. None of these soul pets was under the ninth phase and none of them had fighting strength lower than a monarch. With so many soul pets that they could only look up to appearing in front of these young people, further coupled with them besieging a Cyan Hidden Dragon, this gave them as well as the middle aged people an unprecedented shock!

    At the moment, everyone in Li City pretty much had his or head tilted upwards and looked on anxiously at the universally shocking fight. The entire city had descended into a never before panic of a great battle between the strongest soul pets.

    It could be said that the last indistinct night fight caused the Li City residents to tremble in fear, but this time personally witnessing it a plethora of miles away in clear sky caused a huge commotion in Li City as millions of people were shocked!


    This fight could only only be described by world-shaking. Such a glorious fight between the strongest soul pets was something no one wanted to divert their gazes off of.

    Through its wounds, the Cyan Hidden Dragon let out an angry roar. Fighting alone against over a dozen ninth phase monarch rank soul pets, even if it was any stronger, it was still forced its submission. It seemed that it was impossible for it to escape this time. The people whose hearts were trembling silently began guessing how long the Cyan Hidden Dragon could hold out and exactly which expert would deliver the fatal blow to it.

    As for the area underneath this city-shaking fight, no one paid attention to the white devil figure that had slipped through the Cyan Hidden Dragon's finger cracks. Neither did anyone investigate why the Cyan Hidden Dragon had willingly taken the Red Galactic Demon Emperor's mental petrify in order to save the figure that nearly shattered all its bones!

    At the moment, this devil figure that no one was paying any attention to was still lying in the ruins. In between the disheveled rocks and pile of rocks flew up traces of white devil flames. These devil flames didn't burn the rocks at all and merely burned within the ruins outlandishly, mysteriously, evilly and charmingly...


    "I've finally found you!!!! Hahaha!!"

    Beside the ruins where the devil flames were burning, an indistinct silhouette slowly emerged...

    "A group of idiots. All of you are dealing with the Cyan Hidden Dragon, but none of you could have thought that the Hidden Dragon egg is in this brat's hands. Haha, the Hidden Dragon egg will now belong to me, Duan Xinhe!" mocked Duan Xinhe as he glanced at the gorgeous fight in the sky between the peak soul pets.

    Relying on the Gluttonous Insect Monster's invisibility ability, Duan Xinhe, with great difficulty, broke free of the two Soul Alliance member's pursuit.

    When he saw Chu Mu fall from the sky, he had originally planned on fleeing, but grit his teeth and came back.

    What made him pleasantly surprised was that everyone's attention was focused on the Cyan Hidden Dragon and no one was paying this brat any attention. This made things much easier for Duan Xinhe.

    "Go dig it out for me!" Duan Xinhe was rapt with ecstasy in his heart. As long as he could obtain the Cyan Hidden Dragon egg, even if one of his Gluttonous Insect Monsters had died, what would that matter?!

    "Sou sou!!!!!"

    Just as the Gluttonous Insect Monster launched itself at Chu Mu buried in the ruins, a black soul pet quickly threw itself at the Gluttonous Insect Monster, knocking it flying.

    Duan Xinhe was stunned and when he clearly saw the black soul pet, he released his soul remembrance. He instantly locked onto a gorgeous woman behind a half-destructed building. The worries in his heart eased and a sinister smile rose on his face.

    Duan Xinhe's eyes that were filled completely with madness quickly flickered with lust. He said: "I wondered who it was. It turns out it was a beautiful girl. Haha, this time I won't let you get away..."

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