Book 2 Chapter 334 - A Win Drenched in Blood 2

    Chapter 334: A Win Drenched in Blood (2)

    After the defense had been corroded by Zhan Ye, the Terror Wolf's skin defense drastically fell. Chu Mu controlled his three soul pets with extreme patience, fighting the last of the attrition fight with the Terror Wolf.

    Although the Terror Wolf was in a weak state, a ninth phase commander wasn't easy to kill still, and there were a few times where it nearly fled.

    "Wood Finger Prison!" the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's ten fingers drove into the ground. The Terror Wolf growing slower by the moment couldn't dodge it, and was stuck firmly in the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's Wood Finger Prison, before being pinned to the ground!

    Zhan Ye's ink armor spikes pierced its body once again, dropping its weakened armor to an even lower level!

    "Towering Ice Ice Sword Array!"

    The Ice Air Fairy operated its towering ice, and countless minute particles of towering ice condensed on its head to form ten meter long towering ice ice swords; they hovered with intimidation in the air.


    Within the thirty ice swords condensed another Ice Sword Array. As the Ice Air Fairy controlled the sixty swords, they flew with vigor towards the ninth phase Terror Wolf!

    The Ice Air Fairy became the most important source of damage, and the majority of the wounds on the Terror Wolf's body had been caused by its ice type techniques.

    This time again, the Ice Air Fairy delivered the deadly strike. When the sixty swords descended, the Terror Wolf had no more strength to struggle. Finally, its body was ripped open by Zhan Ye's indignant Heavenly Splitting Claw and fresh blood spilled out of its body...

    "Devil Tree Battle Soldier, maintain your control. Zhan Ye, continue attacking!" the many years of fighting experience told Chu Mu that before actually confirming the opponent had died, he couldn't lower his guard.

    Indeed, just as Zhan Ye was about to rip open the Terror Wolf's throat, it suddenly sprang up in an attempt to kill Zhan Ye on a counterattack.

    The Devil Tree Battle Soldier had already prepared its roots, and before the Terror Wolf had fully sprung up, its body was bound by countless roots. From within these roots extended incomparably sharp barbs that deeply split open its skin!

    As long as its defenses were cut apart, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier could use Life Force Absorb!

    The Terror Wolf was already in a weakened state, and after a round of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's rapid absorbing, it lost all of its strength and lay, irreconcilably, in the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's array of countless roots.

    The Ice Air Fairy launched another series of ice type techniques at it once again. Finally, Zhan Ye used Heavenly Splitting Claw, ripping apart the Terror Wolf's throat...

    This time, the ninth phase Terror Wolf was completely on the path towards death.

    Its battered body began to minutely twitch before immediately freezing from the Ice Air Fairy's ice type techniques. Finally, it lost all signs of life.

    "It finally died." after confirming the Terror Wolf was dead, Chu Mu let out a long sigh of relief.

    "All of you come over and have some medicine." Chu Mu didn't immediately go over to the Terror Wolf's corpse. Instead, he called all of his soul pets next to him and used expensive medicine to heal them.

    During the fight, Chu Mu had expended nearly 30 million in medicine; this essentially was the medicine expenditures for one month.

    In a seventh rank bewildering world, it was very rare where he would encounter situations where the lives of his soul pets would be in danger. Furthermore, Chu Mu was always able to easily face these dangerous soul pets while also intentionally avoiding soul pets he couldn't defeat.

    However, facing directly against a soul pet that was one to two levels higher in strength, it was only then that Chu Mu experienced the terrifying feeling of a total annihilation if he was only the slightest bit inattentive.

    All of Chu Mu's soul pets had fought once, and Chu Mu's soul power had been completely depleted while his soul pets sustained different degrees of injuries.

    The one heaviest wounded was the White Nightmare, because it had fought against the full strength Terror Wolf for a very long time. There were many wounds on its body, and if it wasn't because Resentment Building afforded the maintenance of its fighting strength, the fight probably would have been even harder.

    Second was the Night Thunder Dream Beast which, in order to fight for two seconds, had a large chunk of its leg bitten. Even though Chu Mu had given it a 500 thousand gold healing medicine, it took a minute for its blood to stop flowing. Moreover, in this one minute, it was enough for its life force to be weakened by 10 to 20%.

    The life force of demons inherently wasn't very strong and the bleeding caused it to pass out in Chu Mu's soul pet space. It probably would be very hard for it return to its normal state before half a month had passed.

    The wounds on Mo Xie's body were the most because she had fought for the longest. Relying on her speed and dodging superiority as well as her plethora of fighting experience, she narrowly escaped the Terror Wolf's claws of death multiple times.

    Mo Xie didn't receive any deadly wounds, but she had many middle grade wounds. From her neck to her tail, there were at least a dozen bloody scars while seven of her nine tails were bleeding.

    In reality, Zhan Ye had suffered the most damage, receiving twenty times the attacks as the White Nightmare had. If it wasn't because of the powerful Broken Limb Rebirth technique, Chu Mu would have definitely been annihilated this time.

    Complete annihilation was something Chu Mu knew could have happened at multiple points during the fight, but ultimately he managed to avert this disaster.

    Looking at the lifeless corpse of the Terror Wolf, Chu Mu unexpectedly didn't hastily go and retrieve the generous rewards; rather, he just stared at the ninth phase commander's corpse for a long while.

    "I've just entered the eighth rank bewildering world..." aside from the rejoice from victory, Chu Mu's heart was also full of other emotions.

    His strength ostensibly was far from being enough. Merely one fight had exhausted all of his fighting strength. If a second creature of this level appeared, him and his soul pet would all perish in the barren field and would be corroded by the wind and sand until they were a pile of white bones...

    After resting for a while, Chu Mu finally climbed up the broken wall and retrieved the rock type elemental crystal.

    "An eighth level rock type elemental crystal. It's worth about 20 million; young master also can give it to the Ghost King and raise it to the seventh phase." said Old Li.

    Chu Mu nodded his head and put the spoils of war from this challenging wind into his soul pet space.

    "Nong~~ Nong~~~~~"

    The Ghost King in the soul pet space had an ashamed appearance.

    During this fight, the only one that hadn't participated was it. Yet, he happened to earn the spoils of war. The Ghost King was clearly very ashamed.

    "Don't worry, in the future when your companions need you, do your best then." consoled Chu Mu.

    "Nong~~~~ Nong~~~~~~" the Ghost King vigorously nodded its head.

    "Hou hou~~~~~" just at this moment, Zhan Ye standing beside Chu Mu suddenly let out two roars as if it was intentionally indicating something to Ch uMu.

    "You've evolved?" Chu Mu turned around and instantly discovered an ink gloss had appeared on Zhan Ye's body. The ink gloss made the wounds on Zhan Ye's body visibly heal much quicker, and the ink colored armor subsequently looked completely brand new.

    "Seventh phase fifth stage. It seems that raising your fighting strength through fighting those stronger than you is evidently even faster." said Chu Mu.

    The main factor behind a soul pet's evolution was endless fights to ceaselessly defeat oneself and completely extract the species potential out from oneself. This challenging those stronger than oneself had effects that were extremely evident.

    "Wu wu wu~~~~~~~~~~~"

    Zhan Ye was letting out roars of evolution when Mo Xie's voice suddenly reverberated around Chu Mu's mind.

    "Mo Xie, you evolved too?" a wave of happiness washed over Chu Mu and he hastily poured his soul remembrance into Mo Xie's soul pet space.

    Indeed, the seventh phase eighth stage Mo Xie reflected with a lustre of evolution that was the same as Zhan Ye's.

    In the previous fight, when facing the powerful threat of the Terror Wolf, there probably wasn't any time to evolve. However, once the fight ended, when the medicine healed the wounds of the soul pets and a bit of their physical strength returned, they would immediately evolve.

    "Seventh phase ninth stage. After obtaining the Nine Tail Inferno Fox's Heart, you can immediately rise up to the eighth phase third stage. When that time comes you will be able to hold your own!" Chu Mu cracked a laugh.

    "Hou hou hou~~~~~~~"

    With Mo Xie's strength increase, Zhan Ye let out a few low growls, as if it was telling Mo Xie it would eventually surpass her.

    Back when they had encountered Zhan Ye, any of Mo Xie's attacks were able to heavily wound Zhan Ye. However, right now, Zhan Ye's strength was slowly catching up.

    "It seems that the soul equipment is an extreme necessity." Chu Mu rubbed the metal tactile head of Zhan Ye and spoke to himself.

    Chu Mu discovered that if he wanted to fight those stronger than him, Zhan Ye would be the most important crux because only it could truly withstand the attacks of those powerful soul pets. Moreover, Zhan Ye's ink armor spikes were extremely vital at corroding the opponent's defense. If Chu Mu wanted to continue in this eighth rank bewildering world, he had to give Zhan Ye a full form fighting equipment. Only this way would all of the fighting strength of his soul pets not be depleted after one fight.

    "Young master, the ninth phase Terror Wolf's corpse still has many things that can be excavated. Gather the things on its body and you should be able to sell them for ten millions. Then you should earn back the money for medicine first." said Old Li.

    Chu Mu nodded his head and gathered all of the valuable items from the Terror Wolf. Its soul core, crystallized innards, wolf claws, wolf teeth, wolf bones and so on worth about 10 million according to Chu Mu's approximate calculations. It was just a pity that it didn't amount to the 30 million in medicine expenses...

    "Young master, when you were fighting just now, I found that there were a few elemental crystals past the broken wall that should have an aggregate sum of around 50 million. However, you should leave first and head to Tianxia City to rest first. If you want to enter the eighth rank bewildering world even further, you must increase the strength of your small fox. Otherwise, you'll deplete all of your fighting strength just like what happened in this fight. You're better off going through the seventh rank bewildering world. At least this way you won't have to frequently rest and go back to replenish on supplies..." said Old Li.

    "50 million..." bitterly laughed Chu Mu.

    If he could, Chu Mu really wanted to continue on, but right now the Ice Air Fairy's mental strength was practically exhausted and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier didn't have much physical strength left. Only Zhan Ye could continue to fight because of its powerful recovery ability...

    Helplessly shaking his head, Chu Mu could only recall the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and the Ice Air Fairy back to their soul pet spaces. Then, he rode on Zhan Ye back to the enormous valley where he followed a safe path to Tianxia City.

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