Book 2 Chapter 359 - Complete Counter, Ghost King’s Migh

    Chapter 359: Complete Counter, Ghost King's Might

    "Fourteen Wild Desert Scorpions, but no ninth phases......Ghost King!" With an incantation, Chu Mu called Ghost King to battle.

    Ghost King was an elemental world soul pet. The wild sands were the territory of Ghost King, since its ability to control sand was definitely far superior to these Wild Desert Scorpions.

    Yet, the most threatening horns, claws, and stinger of the Wild Desert Scorpions were effectless against Ghost King's eighth rank late stage defenses. At this moment, Ghost King could freely display its monarch strength!

    Chu Mu knew that the bounty would probably last a long time so, to conserve the other soul pets' fighting strength, he didn't summon too many of his own soul pets. These fourteen Wild Desert Scorpions were given to Ghost King and Mo Xie to deal with. Once more Wild Desert Scorpions show up, he will summon Devil Tree Battle Soldier for its group battle strength.

    The fourteen Wild Desert Scorpions were barely a threat to Chu Mu's two soul pets, so the battle finished quickly.

    Ghost King's attacks weren't powerful, so in the battle with the 14 Wild Desert Scorpions, Mo Xie killed 12 of them while the Ghost King only killed 2.

    "Young master, ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpions' poison is approximately equal to 10 servings of poison, so we should walk further inwards." Old Li said.

    Chu Mu nodded, and used his remembrance to clean up the battlefield before compressing the fourteen Wild Desert Scorpions' poison into the poison compression flask.

    Heat waves rolled by. As they walked in deeper, the temperature got higher and higher, as if the very air was burning. Looking far into the distance, one could even feel the light bending near the sandy ground and hills.

    Ghost King gained the best training under this desert environment. These Wild Desert Scorpions were all a phase higher than Ghost King. Under normal circumstances, seventh phase monarchs could at most compete against an eighth phase commander rank.

    If it kept fighting like this, Ghost King's stage would definitely grow very quickly!

    "Ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpions, there finally is one. Ghost King, Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Mo Xie."

    Chu Mu lifted a corner of his mouth. Ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpion was equivalent to ten poison packages. Only ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpions posed a true challenge to his soul pets, so Chu Mu hoped to see some.

    Ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpion had many seventh and eighth phase Wild Desert Scorpions around it. These Desert Scorpions could be handled by Devil Tree Battle Soldier!

    "Monarch Ghost Transformation!"


    Ghost King's ghost fire started burning as its mighty body slowly expanded. Its height quickly reached four meters, and the Monarch Ghost Curved Sword tightly held in its hand was three meters long too!!

    This time, Chu Mu didn't let Ghost King transform towards defense, but instead doubled Ghost King's power!

    Ghost King needed true challenge and killing. Constant defense could give it training, but would definitely not be as beneficial as letting it kill and battle personally.

    Seventh phase second stage and ninth phase second stage, this was the truly interesting cross-phase battle. Facing a ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpion, Ghost King even let out an excited monarch roar as it stepped forward heavily!

    Almost without needing to chant, when the Ghost Monarch Curved Sword was lifted up high, the grounded sand nearby started a tornado and shrouded onto the Ghost King's blade, causing its three meter long curved blade to become over ten meter long sand blade!!

    Four and a half meter giant, yet it was holding a sand blade over ten meters. How powerful was it?!

    The Ghost King quickly locked onto the Wild Desert Scorpion and chopped downwards with its curved sword!!


    The sand covering the Ghost Monarch Curved Sword exploded as the weapon landed. All the sand formed a dozen meter tall sand wave that was propelled by the energy of the blow. When some seventh phase Wild Desert Scorpions were hit by the sand waves, their bodies disintegrated into blood, bug armor, and limbs......

    The ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpion's reaction speeds were decently quick. The six meter long body moved to the edge of the attacks and, with its thickly armored body, it dashed outside of the sands and quickly ran towards the Ghost King in an assault!

    "Mo Xie." Chu Mu couldn't let Ghost King fight the Wild Scorpions alone, so he let Mo Xie act as a supporting character between their fight against ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpion.

    Rock type Ghost King was the perfect counter for Wild Desert Scorpion in this desert ground. If it were any other type, Chu Mu definitely wouldn't allow seventh phase second stage Ghost King to face a ninth phase commander rank.

    With the continuation of the battle, Ghost King relied on its powerful defense, attack, and rock controlling powers to slowly gain the upper hand in its battle with the ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpion!

    "Mo Dang Sword!" Chu Mu commanded.

    Ghost King's, as a monarch rank, commanded techniques almost purely above sixth rank. This made Ghost King's offense a hefty portion stronger as well.

    Brown light flashed as the Monarch Curved Sword fell down. Around the sword quickly appeared many Mo rocks five meters wide. As the Ghost King sliced downwards, those large rocks also fell, causing the blow to become even more powerful!


    The ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpion was right in the middle of where the Ghost King landed its blade. Not only did the blade rip open the ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpion's already wounded body armor, the five meter wide Mo rocks also fell heavily onto it, causing this already wounded Wild Desert Scorpion to be heavily smacked into the ground, sending flesh and blood flying!

    "Nong!!! Nong!!!!!!!"

    Ghost King's sword very easily ripped the ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpion into two halves.

    Seventh phase second stage, yet it killed a ninth stage Wild Desert Scorpion. Even Ghost King didn't realize that it could cross this many phases in battle. Its monarch pride slowly grew!

    Suddenly raising its monarch curved sword high, Ghost King's ghost fire suddenly became so wild that it burned its entire body!

    "Nong!!!!!!" Nothing could activate a soul pet's potential more than a full on battle! Under Mo Xie's support, after Ghost King killed the Wild Desert Scorpion, it directly started growing.

    "Seventh phase third stage! Seems like coming was indeed very wise, to be able to increase Ghost King's strength greatly in a short time." Chu Mu smiled.

    "Nong!!!!! Bi!!!!!!!!!"

    Ghost King just finished growing, so the ghost fire on its body still didn't completely die off, but it was already eager to battle. Stepping forward heavily, it walked towards Devil Tree Battle Soldier's battleground, and swept with the Monarch Ghost blade in its hands!

    Ghost King controlled intermediate rank Dark Crystal Rock, so its rock type attacks weren't really powerful. However, combined with Ghost King's strength, it could create devastating damage.


    Ghost King's power caused the entire sandy ground to be cratered. Every sword could cause huge patches of damage.

    Very soon, this group of Wild Desert Scorpion was killed.

    "I've only gotten 90 servings, yet I've been here for ten days already. With this pace, we need at least three months to complete the poison gathering." Chu Mu shook the little poison flask and said to himself.

    Such a collection bounty, if one roamed around on the outer edge, could indeed be fulfilled safety. However, it would take a great amount of time.

    With three months, Chu Mu could do many things, so he couldn't waste a full three months on this poison.

    High risk, high reward. Finally, Chu Mu decisively gave up the outer region of the sands and went towards even deeper places, ignoring all the Wild Desert Scorpions he saw along the way.

    Yellow sand flew and slowly, the gale started becoming severe. The deeper sand pits were no longer as calm as before. Looking over, one could always see one or two sand hurricanes twisting their ugly forms as they moved in a set path, leaving the passage muddied and chaotic.

    In the vast desert, Chu Mu rode Zhan Ye as they ran through the sands. They seemed tiny in the boundless desert, seeming to run in place no matter how hard they sprinted.

    "Zhan Ye, wait." Chu Mu stopped Zhan ye.

    Zhan Ye stopped its running and slightly lifted its head, waiting for further instruction.

    "Run right, there seems to be someone there." Chu Mu said.

    Zhan Ye nodded and stepped towards the direction Chu Mu pointed at and started running.

    Indeed, when Zhan Ye climbed onto a massive hill, it could see a couple of soul pet trainers in a sand basin fighting a large group of Wild Desert Scorpions.

    The amount of Wild Desert Scorpions was very high. Looking down from above into the basin, Chu Mu could see grey bodies moving in every corner.

    It seemed that even more Desert Scorpions were gathering towards the soul pet trainers.

    "A team that was able to get here mustn't be weak." Chu Mu said. At this distance, even Chu Mu couldn't completely analyze how strong they were, but since they could survive under such environments, none of them should be weaker than he is.

    "Young master, you can try to join them. They seem to be collecting other materials of Wild Desert Scorpions. If you join them and ask for all the poisons of the Wild Desert Scorpions, you can quickly finish your poison collection." Old Li said.

    Chu Mu nodded. Joining a team would indeed save much time.

    Of course, when joining them, Chu Mu had to make sure of their identities in case he fell into a trap.

    "I'll disguise young master first, just in case." Old Li said.

    After Old Li changed Chu Mu's appearance, Chu Mu rode Zhan Ye towards the soul pet trainer team surrounded by countless Wild Desert Scorpions!

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