Chapter 410: Binding Wind Holy Region, Embarking on a New Training Expedition

    Chapter 410: Binding Wind Holy Region, Embarking on a New Training Expedition

    Chu Mu nodded his head. He maintained his soul remembrance link, and slowly poured the soul remembrance still containing the Binding Wind Spirit's soul memory into the other half of the memory fluid. He then had the Binding Wind Spirit drink the other half of the memory fluid.

    The Binding Wind Spirit could feel, through Chu Mu's spirit link, that Chu Mu was returning its soul to it, and it frantically drank the other half of the memory fluid. It then, from Chu Mu's soul remembrance, began to wash itself with its own soul.

    The memory imprint wasn't very different than the soul pact signing; the only difference was that Chu Mu didn't chant the soul pact incantation, and forcibly implant his own soul mark on the Binding Wind Spirit's soul.

    "Young master, the memory fluid has destructive effects on the soul. The Binding Wind Spirit's memory has already been returned to it, but its memories will still be slightly fragmented. This can only be fixed on its own slow reminiscing of the past." said Old Li.

    "Even after its memory was wiped, it still firmly held onto the task it had to do. I believe that once it regains its fragments of memories, it will naturally remember it." said Chu Mu.

    Once he finished, Chu Mu recalled his own soul remembrance.

    For some reason, when he recalled his soul remembrance, Chu Mu faintly felt that his soul maintained a slight link with the Binding Wind Spirit, which wasn't as powerful as the soul pact link...

    Chu Mu felt that the Binding Wind Spirit's soul, after being washed twice, had undergone some change. This change seemed to be an evolution of the soul, yet it still seemed to lack something.


    The Binding Wind Spirit let out a soft cry, and a bit of lustre and movement gradually returned to its two blank eyes.

    Chu Mu slowly walked to the side and picked up the soul capture ring. He then returned to the Binding Wind Spirit and said: "Come back in. I will still go back to the Binding Wind Holy Region and will release you there. You can go do what you need to do."

    "Qin" the Binding Wind Spirit nodded its head.

    This time, without Chu Mu chanting an incantation, the Binding Wind Spirit hobbled a few steps forward towards the soul capture ring's space...

    A deep starry lustre flashed, and the Binding Wind Spirit's tiny and fragile body gradually disappeared from the battlefield. Chu Mu extended his soul remembrance into the soul capture space and sent the Binding Wind Spirit an eighth level healing medicine for it to take.

    Once the Binding Wind Spirit took the healing medicine, it curled up at the edge of the empty soul capture space, gradually recovering its soul. However, its pupils that were still slightly visibly spiritless circulated with some special lustre; only, this lustre was never able to strongly take root.

    Chu Mu looked at the mentally exhausted Binding Wind Spirit and let out a soft sigh. He didn't say anything else and wore the soul capture ring on his hand.

    "Young master, do you truly feel like this philosophy has any real meaning? A true powerful soul pet trainer has many situations where he or she must use any method possible. There was once a powerful soul pet trainer that completely disappeared from this world due to the restraints of this philosophy." Old Li spoke in a low tone to Chu Mu.

    "I don't know. I will only do what I feel is correct." Chu Mu was also regretful about not capturing an eighth phase high stage middle class monarch. Only, a soul pet that had lost its soul had also, in Chu Mu's opinion, lost its conviction to fight. Thus, it would merely become a puppet which he could control instead of his soul pet.

    "Ai...." Old Li let out a sigh and said, "when young master's strength reaches that level and if you still maintain that philosophy, I'll tell you about the origins of Prison Island's God."

    "Prison Island's God..." muttered Chu Mu.

    Chu Mu still remembered the feeling when Prison Island's God had flown past him back then. It was an intense internal shock as if he was facing the strongest creature from another world. It was limitlessly mysterious and also gave people a feeling of unlimited strength.

    When Prison Island's God had flown not even ten meters above his head, Chu Mu didn't even have the ability to raise his head in reverence. At that time, Chu Mu had had a profound understanding that this ten centimeters was about as high as the nine layers of heaven.

    Over these past few years, Chu Mu had continuously grown and gotten stronger. He himself, nonetheless, didn't know how negligible of a difference the gap between Prison Island's God and himself had shortened. Ultimately, Chu Mu would continuously climb upwards...


    "He still did not succeed in the end. Psychic soul pet trainers should, at most, be able to raise the probability by a bit..." Ye Wansheng walked down from the audience.

    After walking down, Ye Wansheng told Chu Mu goodbye and left by himself. He presumably needed to also continue striving hard for the sake of his own soul pets.

    Chu Xing and Chu Ning were originally going to comfort Chu Mu, but when they saw that Chu Mu was standing still by himself at the center of the battlefield, thinking, they hesitated a while before ultimately deciding not to walk over. They immediately proceeded to follow Ye Wansheng out of the battlefield.

    Ye Qingzi, however, did not leave. She sat in silence at her seat and watched Chu Mu from behind. In her heart, she was thinking of something...


    Some period of time had passed before Chu Mu gradually came back from his contemplations. He turned around, and stared at Ye Qingzi silently waiting for him.

    Ye Qingzi felt Chu Mu's stare and her beautiful eyes flashed with a bewitching lustre. A smile blossomed on her face as she said: "In these next few days I'll concoct a few ice type spirit items that could possibly help lower your soul temperature. However, since they are eighth level ice type spirit items, they need a bit of time before they can fully be concocted.

    "You waited here for me this long just to tell me this?" Chu Mu walked over next to Ye Qingzi.

    "Mhm." Ye Qingzi nodded her head.

    "Nothing else?" Chu Mu spoke with a slightly flirtatious tone.

    Ye Qingzi quickly felt the change in Chu Mu's eyes. If it was someone else, she would always be able to calmly face such a flirtatious and ardent gaze; however, Chu Mu's gaze made her feel a bit uncomfortable. This didn't manifest from his tone, but rather because there was something strange in her heart causing mischief. This in turn caused a rosy pink to indescribably appear on her beautiful and fair cheeks.

    "I... I should finish concocting before telling you." Ye Qingzi sofly muttered. She could have told him about the medicine things beforehand, as there was really no need to specially wait around here. She clearly just wanted to talk to him...

    Chu Mu looked at the rare expression the normally unperturbed Ye Qingzi wore and he cracked a smile. He sat down rather close to Ye Qingzi and told her about the past year after he had left Li City...


    Ye Qingzi already knew that Chu Mu had shocked the world in Li City with his world stunning half devil. However, Chu Mu knew that Ye Qingzi would help him keep this secret, so he didn't need to specially justify himself to her.

    When it came to the matter of Chu Mu's half devil being extremely harmful to his soul, Ye Qingzi had been extremely worried about this over the past year. After all, prior to that, Chu Mu had always required her to concoct an ice type spirit item to lower his soul temperature.

    Therefore, after entering Soul Palace, Ye Qingzi, aside from healing Ye Wansheng, used her time to concoct ice type spirit items that could lower the temperature of Chu Mu's soul.

    Having undergone a year of training, Ye Qingzi could now concoct eighth level spirit items.

    Ye Qingzi's specialized concoction effects were more effective than purchasing from outside since while concocting, Ye Qingzi could focus solely on Chu Mu's physical constitution, soul pets and souls. She would thus be able to concoct an ice type spirit item that was 100% beneficial to Chu Mu.

    As time progressed, Ye Qingzi also began to take up the duties of being Chu Mu's full time doctor. She further formulated a few prescription programs for him, for instance using two ice type spirit items twice a month, taking a bit of time everyday while silently cultivating to absorb eighth level ice type soul crystal energy to nurse his soul, taking an ice cold bath right before bed to remove the remaining devil flame aura from his body...

    If he did not stifle the half devil problem, Chu Mu felt that he would have lost his mind even before the Battle Under the Realm arrived.

    Since the opening of the Binding Wind Holy Region had been delayed, further coupled with Ye Qingzi giving extreme warning of the seriousness of Chu Mu's soul, Ye Qingzi managed to convince Chu Mu to rest for a month. In this month, Chu Mu had to do as Ye Qingzi said.

    Therefore, in the ensuing period of time, Chu Mu entered a state of complete rest where he focused on mainly on raising the Ice Air Fairy's strength.


    One month passed very quickly.

    Ye Qingzi's nursing had very clear effects, and Chu Mu could even feel that his body felt cooler. His soul had also strengthened to a certain extent and was even closer to the sixth remembrance spirit master level.

    As for the Ice Air Fairy, since it had just undergone spirit item phase and stage strengthening not to long ago, although Chu Mu had used two eighth level spirit items and had also used ice to nurture his own body, its phase and stage merely rose to the eighth phase fifth stage.

    In reality, the Ice Air Fairy was greatly strengthened in this one month. What it presently lacked was fights and the moment it was placed in continuous fights, its phase and stage would definitely rapidly grow.


    One month later, Binding Wind Holy Region finally opened its mysterious entrance.

    Upon opening, the holy guards immediately released the young Binding Wind Spirit Chu Mu had captured earlier into the wind hole belt. Chu Mu would only have to go there to find it.

    Chu Mu could release the eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit, but he had to try and capture the young Binding Wind Spirit. After all, the Binding Wind Spirit was a wind type soul pet that he yearned for.

    "Chu Chen, seventh rank title. Take out the spatial ring and soul capture rings on you." said the holy guard.

    "This soul capture ring contains an eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit. Can I release it?" Chu Mu said as he pointed at the soul capture ring.

    The two holy guards displayed curious expressions. Releasing soul pets in the Binding Wind Holy Region was normally a task for them; nonetheless, taking a ring containing an eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit into the Holy Region wasn't prohibited by the rules.

    "You can take the soul capture ring in. After you release it, you can put the soul pet you want into it. When you leave, let us examine it to ensure only one soul pet is contained inside and it will be ok." at this moment, Holy Guard Chief Zhuo Nong walked up to Chu Mu, and spoke in an ordinary tone.

    Chu Mu nodded his head. He knew that Holy Guard Chief Zhuo Nong was being accommodating to him and after saying a word of thanks, brought the soul capture ring containing the eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit into the Binding Wind Holy Region.

    This time, Chu Mu came into the Binding Wind Holy Region not only to capture the young Binding Wind Spirit, but also to embark on a new training expedition - an extremely lengthy training expedition!
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