Chapter 482: Zhan Ye, Zhan Ye 3

    Chapter 482: Zhan Ye, Zhan Ye (3)

    At the edge of the abyss, only the tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipede threatened Zhan Ye. This Thousand Legged Centipede's pair of bloody pupils were filled with fear, and it's body was shaking as it wanted to retreat behind the stone barrier.

    "Si la!!!!!!!!!"

    Heavenly Rending Claws outlandishly swept across the last tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipede's abdomen which armor was easily ripped apart by Zhan Ye's claws. A near ten meter wound was opened!!

    Immediately, a large mass of liquid began to seep out of the Thousand Legged Centipede's opened wound. It began to wriggle as it slowly lost signs of life!


    After its strength reached the ninth phase seventh stage, Zhan Ye's attacks became extremely terrifying, and even the tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipede was unable to withstand it.

    After the tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipede had been killed, the ninth phase and under Thousand Legged Centipedes barely posed any threat to Zhan Ye. Quickly, the unceasingly increasing strength of Zhan Ye allowed it to kill all of the Thousand Legged Centipedes behind the stone wall.

    Zhan Ye was presently in its second Broken Limb Rebirth state. Its body was full of interweaving wounds, and fresh blood spilled onto the ground.

    It gave heavy pants of breath.  After killing thirteen Thousand Legged Centipedes, not much of Zhan Ye's life force remained. Taking advantage of this moment, where there was no fighting occuring, Zhan Ye's body obtained time to recuperate.

    "Si si si!!!! Si si si!!!!!!"

    Zhan Ye's life force recovered from forty to fifty percent, when a piercing centipede cry rang out from behind the rock barrier.

    Long black bodies could be seen wriggling. There was a five meter gap between the rock barrier and the rock wall. But right now that gap was filled with a dozen meter long Thousand Legged Centipedes, where their thousands of sickle blade feelers were oscillating... above the fifty meter rock barrier, a twenty meter long Thousand Legged Centipede slowly raised its body up. Its bloody eyes stared at Zhan Ye which was hiding at the corner of its nest. Its physique was an indication of its strength, as it had clearly reached the peak of the commander rank, meaning its strength was one level higher than the other tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipedes.

    "Si si si!!!!!!!!"

    This Thousand Legged Centipede had intelligence, and when it swept its gaze over its comrades' corpses, it realized that the creature hiding in the corner was very strong. It immediately ordered all of the Thousand Legged Centipedes that had yet to reach the tenth phase to retreat!

    Soon, only tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipedes began to crawl into the confined space behind the rock barrier!

    Zhan Ye was still in its Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation state and facing these tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipedes, it met them head on. Its ink armor spikes pierced into the Thousand Legged Centipede at the very front, giving it a heavy wound.

    "Pai!!!!!!!! Pai!!!!!!!!"

    After Zhan Ye launched its attack, ten Thousand Legged Centipedes began to madly brandish their bodies, launching a string of attacks at the three meter body of Zhan Ye.

    Only a bit of Zhan Ye's life force had been just replenished, and it rapidly fell once more. There were many instances where it was nearly ripped into flesh bits by the ten Thousand Legged Centipedes.


    At this near-death juncture, Zhan Ye relied on its powerful life force to kill two of the tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipedes.

    When his life force was nearly gone, Zhan Ye didn't hesitate and rapidly rolled into a hole in the abyss which the large bodies of the Thousand Legged Centipedes couldn't enter...

    The insect venom on its body began to secrete from outside its wounds, transforming into flesh that healed Zhan Ye's mangle body.

    The new ink colored armor began to cover Zhan Ye's body. As it underwent the Broken Limb Rebirth, it let out a low roar and its four limbs began to expand!!

    Ninth phase ninth stage!!!

    Previously, when fighting the tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipedes, Zhan Ye's strength had risen to the ninth phase eighth stage. After the Broken Limb Rebirth, it rose once more reaching the ninth phase ninth stage!!

    From the eighth phase ninth stage to the ninth phase ninth stage. Three Broken Limb Rebirths had increased Zhan Ye's strength by an entire phase!

    With its life force once more having reached max, Zhan Ye's eyes locked onto a Thousand Legged Centipedes approaching from the gap. When it opened their bloody mouths to bite him, Zhan Ye abruptly sped up, its body transforming into a sharp black blade, that instantly tore into the Thousand Legged Centipede's mouth!!!

    "Gulu Gulu Gulu!!!!!!!:

    That tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipede's body froze and immediately after, its dozen meter long body began to swell. It was as if it was going to burst!!


    Finally, the Thousand Legged Centipede's body exploded. Green body fluids spewed everywhere and nauseatingly stuck to the other Thousand Legged Centipede bodies.

    This Thousand Legged Centipede's head was completely unharmed, but its body had combusted from within. Combusted limbs, fragmented feelers and red flesh spilled on the ground. Its corpse on the ground was enormous while the space behind the rock barrier was limited. By the time Zhan Ye had killed a number of them, the area was filled with their corpses.

    From the rock barrier still crawled tons of these malevolent creatures, however. Their eyes were like blood red gems imbedded in the darkness. It was like they were watching their prey hide behind the rock barrier.

    After Zhan Ye killed the peak commander rank Thousand Legged Centipede, it stunned the rest of the centipedes inhabiting this boundary. These Thousand Legged Centipedes had yet to reach the tenth phase and the moment they neared, they would be instakilled.

    Right now, all of them were congregated near the rock barrier, but there was no stronger Thousand Legged Centipede that dared approach this place, as they refused to enter the area behind the rock barrier.

    Facing the gazes of tens of Thousand Legged Centipedes, Zhan Ye coldly turned around and slowly walked towards the gap in the wall. In front of these cowering Thousand Legged centipedes, it lay in the gap and stuck out its tongue before licking the wounds on its body...

    The fight hadn't ended, and Zhan Ye knew that before long, even stronger Thousand Legged Centipedes would appear. Right now what it needed to do was take advantage of the time and quickly heal its wounds.

    Having already used Broken Limb Rebirth three times, Zhan Ye had to properly understand how to dance around the Thousand Legged Centipedes in the upcoming fight to prolong the fight and allow its strength to unceasingly increase!


    A puff of hot air shot out of Zhan Ye's nose. It slowly raised its head, and its deep black eyes stared at an enormous Thousand Legged Centipede that had appeared above the fifty meter high rock barrier!

    This Thousand Legged Centipede's body was already over thirty meters long, and when it crawled down from the small mountain-like rock barrier, its body covered a huge portion of the barrier. If it wasn't because the rock barrier had been affected from long term centipede venom and turned incomparably tough, it probably would have been demolished with a casual technique. A rock of this size would be easily smashed by a body filled with strength!!

    Zhan Ye didn't immediately attack, instead waiting for the Thousand Legged Centipede to crawl to the ground before slowly standing up. It arrogantly walked out from the gap and its ink colored body riddled with wounds faced the Thousand Legged Centipede ten times larger than it!!

    Its black pupils were a bloody green color, and it was able to see the arrogant spirit of Zhan Ye deep into the area!

    The Mo Ye species were battle frenzy beasts. When they were born, they were faced with a merciless fight!

    No matter the Mo Ye, it wasn't allowed to die of old age. No matter how old they were, in front of death, the Mo Ye species would fight.

    Zhan Ye's principle to fight originated from its fighting lineage. It would proudly fight until its life came to an end.

    At the same time, the soul pet of any species was faced with the need to survive from the very moment they were born into this world where the strong preyed on the weak. Through this process of surviving, they would seek out methods to increase their strength from the first phase first stage until the ninth phase ninth stage and finally the ultimate tenth phase form...

    Birth, growth, evolution, and maturity. This was half of a soul pet's fate. This half was guided by the destiny of survival and fighting. Without the ability to survive or fight meant that only death and elimination remained...

    "Hou!!!!!!!" it was at this moment that the bloodboiling Zhan Ye was trying to break through the ninth phase and tenth phase bottleneck to reach the perfect tenth phase form. Indeed, perhaps it would be able to attain it in this next fight!!

    ...On the east side of the mountain, the burning body of Mo Xie was running down the precipitous mountain. It created a gorgeous red flame as it reached the point between the mountain and the ground.

    "Wu wu wu~~~~~~"

    In front of Mo Xie was an expansive forest. Presumably at the end of this forest was the finish line of this bewildering world.

    Mo Xie stopped at the foot of the mountain, and placed Chu Mu on the ground with her tail. She propped Chu Mu up against the tree to rest.

    Behind her, Princess Jin Rou stopped and wiped the sweat off her forehead with her hand. Her slightly tired eyes stared at the forest full of sunlight.

    "Once we reach Chen River, we'll be safe. There are other competitors there including a number of Nightmare Palace members. They wouldn't dare to make any moves." said Princess Jin Rou.

    After speaking, Princess Jin Rou walked next to Chu Mu.

    Chu Mu had already been passed out for two days. According to Old Li's estimates, with Chu Mu's mental fortitude, he would wake up soon.

    The forest environment was also complex. If Chu Mu was able to wake up, he, who was familiar with this wild environment would be able to easily take her to Chen River. Moreover, with all of the female master's subordinates were injured, it would be very hard for her to find them with her own strength.

    "Wu wu wu~~Wu wu~~~~~~~"

    Mo Xie lay next to Chu Mu. She could ostensibly feel some sort of resonance with his spirit and immediately opened her eyes, slightly raised her head and stared at Chu Mu.

    Quickly, Mo Xie discovered that Chu Mu's eyes were half-open, and that he had subconsciously used his hands to cover the dazzling sunlight.

    "Wu wu wu!!! Wu wu!!!!"

    Discovering that Chu Mu had woken up, Mo Xie let out an excited shout and continuously licked Chu Mu's cheek.

    Chu Mu was already used to the sticky saliva rubbing against his face every morning when he woke up. He subconsciously stuck out his hand to rub Mo Xie's small head.

    The mental devouring had already disappeared. Chu Mu's mental state right now couldn't be described as full, but had recovered a bit. After recovering a bit and clearing his mind, the previous memories quickly rushed into him. This caused Chu Mu to realize something!

    The soul link caused Chu Mu to realize Zhan Ye was very far away from him.

    Moreover, he could feel that one of his soul pet's life force aura was extremely weak!!!
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