Chapter 484: Tenth phase, Zhan Ye’s High Class Monarch Rank Explosion

    Thousand feet millipedes were organisms that loved to sleep. Their bodies were too large, and both moving and battling needed a great amount of energy. Normally, they would choose to sleep to maintain energy and only leave their nest to hunt once in a while.

    In the battle before, the commotion only awakened some of the Thousand Feet Millipedes as well as the nest master Ten Thousand Feet Millipedes. There was still a large amount of Thousand Feet Millipedes calmly laying in their own territories sleeping. The rocks that fell from above wouldn't do much damage to their thickly armored bodies.

    Yet, with the battle noises in the rock barrier getting louder, and as the bodies of fellow millipedes started to spread further into the abyss, more and more Thousand Feet Millipedes started waking up from their death-like comas.

    In the darkness, the red eyes started blinking open, as numerous as the stars in the night sky, each staring with vicious intent at the small region behind the rock barrier!

    This time, more Thousand Feet Millipedes were awakened by the battle at the edge of the abyss. At first, these beasts merely thought it was an in-fight between millipedes; such a situation happened too often in the nest, and deaths of over a few hundred weren't surprising.

    Yet, when their fellow scared Thousand Feet Millipedes crawled back to awaken them, they were informed that it was actually an outer species hiding behind the rock barrier constantly killing their companions!

    When fighting inside their species for their own good, Thousand Feet Millipedes were selfish. However, against an outer species, they were always able to become unified!

    Finally, countless large organisms started moving their lazy bodies!

    "Sisisi~~~~~~~~~~" Countless feelers and legs started shuffling as Thousand Feet Millipedes as long as a hundred meters slowly opened their eyes and watched the rock barrier oozing with their companions' blood.

    As this hundred meter long Thousand Feet Millipede woke up, a huge circle of tenth phase Thousand Feet Millipedes slowly lifted themselves up as well, as if to bow down to their leader, creating a frightening scene!

    Thirty tenth phase Thousand Feet Millipedes, one of which was low class monarch rank! How terrifying was this formation! The last round of Chu Mu's beast fighting round was but a tenth phase pseudo-monarch rank Terror Wolf!

    Yet, now Zhan Ye had to not only face a tenth phase low class monarch rank, but also 30 tenth phase commander ranks!

    The environment in the cave was something Chu Mu wasn't familiar with. Though Chu Mu knew Zhan Ye's location, going through this complicated cave to find the millipede abyss was still tough.

    Chu Mu didn't know if Zhan Ye still had any Broken Limb Rebirths. Its life force was incredibly weak, so Chu Mu had to arrive in the shortest possible time and find a way to save Zhan Ye.

    "Wuwuwu~~~~~~~" Mo Xie let out a call to tell Chu Mu to look at the cave wall.

    Glancing over quickly, Chu Mu found a claw mark that matched Mo Xie's claws perfectly; this Chu Mu was sure of.

    "You left it?" Chu Mu rubbed Mo Xie's ear and asked.

    Mo Xie nodded, quickly following the places she left a mark with her claw. Though there were numerous splits in the road, Mo Xie always left clear marks to guide the way.

    "Well done." Chu Mu laughed proudly. Seems like Mo Xie knew Chu Mu the best, knowing Chu Mu wouldn't abandon his own soul pets. That's why, when Mo Xie left, she had already left these marks for when Chu Mu would come back.

    Since there were road marks, the trip back became much easier.

    Of course, to ensure the female master wouldn't catch up, Mo Xie had run quite far, a clear distance away from the abyss.

    "Zhan Ye, you have to hold out, we're almost there!" Chu Mu said silently.

    In the abyss, the low class monarch and thirty tenth phase Thousand Feet Millipedes were already amongst the scattered corpses on the ground, becoming pieces that melded onto the rock barrier.

    Zhan Ye was now a middle class monarch and was also tenth phase. As its strength was still continuously increasing, these Thousand Feet Millipedes were still killed by Zhan Ye!

    Yet, after this group of Thousand Feet Millipedes, another group of even stronger ones came forth.

    "Beng~~~~~~" Zhan Ye's body fell heavily onto the ground.

    Immediately, a dozen Thousand Feet Millipedes gathered around and wrapped their elongated bodies around the heavily injured Zhan Ye!


    The Thousand Feet Millipedes that reached a hundred meters slowly lifted their bodies up and glared, red-eyed, at Zhan Ye from above, belittling this puny creature!

    This was a tenth phase middle class monarch! In second tier, this could almost wipe out the entire young generation!

    Zhan Ye's strength was near tenth phase, so its phase couldn't go up anymore. Facing a hundred meter long tenth phase middle class monarch as well as a dozen tenth phase top tier commander rank Thousand Feet Millipedes, Zhan Ye reached its limit.

    Thousand Feet Millipedes were greedy. When Zhan Ye was completely constricted, two top tier commander rank Thousand Feet Millipedes opened their bloody maws and bit respectively towards Zhan Ye's upper and lower body!!

    Zhan Ye didn't have the energy to dodge anymore. The left Thousand Feet Millipede directly swallowed Zhan Ye's body above the hip, while the other Thousand Feet Millipedes bit down on the body below the hip!

    "Sila!!!!!!!" blood immediately spewed out. Zhan Ye's body was ripped into two bloody segments, with the upper half being directly swallowed without even a munch!!


    The other Thousand Feet Millipedes immediately let out angry cries, clearly lamenting that their companion didn't share this delicacy with the rest of them.

    Yet, none of these Thousand Feet Millipedes knew that the Thousand Feet Millipede that ate Zhan Ye's upper body made the same mistake the first millipede did!

    Zhan Ye's life force was unbelievably powerful. It had been bitten in half by the Terrorblood Wolf before.

    Yet, as long as its organs weren't completely crushed, Zhan Ye won't immediately die.

    And, as long as Zhan Ye doesn't immediately die, Zhan Ye could use Broken Limb Rebirth. The only difference was, different from usual, this broken limb rebirth will take much longer.

    "Hou!!!!!!!!!" Zhan Ye let out an angry roar inside the Thousand Feet Millipedes's stomach. The parts it had been chewn apart started oozing with bug liquid, pushing off the Thousand Feet Millipede's stomach acid and repairing Zhan Ye's body!

    Broken Limb Rebirth!

    This was already Zhan Ye's sixth time using Broken Limb Rebirth, as well as the last time it could!

    If it were again rendered wounded and tattered, it would spell true death.

    Maybe it was the hopeless death as well as the constant battle of a day and a night that completely awakened Zhan Ye's potential!!

    This time, Zhan Ye's body took a long time to heal.

    Zhan Ye's ink armor became harder, its claws sharper, and the horned beast runes on it became clearer!!

    When the Broken Limb Rebirth finally finished in a few minutes, Zhan Ye's strength again rose!!

    Zhan Ye's phase already pushed it to its complete form. It didn't even know where the energy came from. Half of it came from the Brave Stinging Heart, yet the other half came from its blood, only activated by the horned beast mark!!


    A howl full of intimidation sounded from the Thousand Feet Millipede's stomach. It was also a violent release of wild energy. The howl alone shook the Thousand Feet Millipede to nearly collapse!

    "Shua!!!!!!!!!!" The brand new ink claws easily slashed through the Thousand Feet Millipede's thick meaty body. This centipede that swallowed the living Zhan Ye similarly didn't escape the same fate as its companion!!


    The tenth phase monarch rank quickly noticed Zhan Ye's appearance, letting out a surprised and mad shriek!

    Zhan Ye had locked onto the most powerful middle class monarch rank the moment it broke through. It leaped upwards and heavily stepped on the top tier commander rank that devoured its lower body!!


    This stamp was incredibly powerful. The top tier commander rank's skull was caved in by Zhan Ye, causing its entire body to collapse onto the ground!

    Shattering that top tier commander rank skull, Zhan Ye again leaped forward and dodged the middle class monarch rank's poison spit. Its body full of darkness appeared in front of this tenth phase middle class monarch rank!!

    The bright horned beast mark blinked with an ancient light, awakening the hidden energy within Zhan Ye's blood and amassed it within Zhan Ye's ink claws!

    Under the effects of the horned beast mark, as well as some awakening energy, Zhan Ye's strength became two full ranks higher than this middle class monarch rank Thousand Feet Millipede. This two ranks of difference was equivalent to that between a high class monarch and middle class monarch rank!!

    The middle class monarch rank didn't expect Zhan Ye to jump out alive. When it let out an angry shriek, Zhan Ye's Heavenly Ripping Claw slashed past, forcefully splitting the Thousand Feet Millipede from jaw, to throat, to mid-section......

    "Sila!!!!!!" Middle class monarch rank was completely ripped in two. Gallons of blood splashed onto the other Thousand Feet Millipedes' bodies, rolling down their shiny armors as their red eyes stared full of shock and fear at the tiny black body. They watched as this black figure ripped apart their leader, and ate its soul core, making it food!!

    Zhan Ye apathetically bit into the middle class monarch rank bug type soul core and swallowed it raw. It glanced coldly at all the tenth phase commander ranks!

    At this moment, tenth phase commander ranks no longer posed a threat to Zhan Ye. A full two ranks higher than these tenth phase commander ranks, Zhan Ye's most basic attacks could instantly kill them. Dealing with nearly a hundred was just a matter of time!!
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