Chapter 523: One Touch before Departure. Li Hen Saving the Day

    Xian Guanghan's Sunset Eagle slowly approached, while his face was covered by a golden helmet.

    Just now someone had opened a medicine bottle and Xia Guanghan had used this opportunity to approach Chu Mu and the others. He was waiting for Chu Mu to lose his guard before taking Chu Mu down in one fell swoop.

    However, Xia Guanghan never expected that Chu MU's Mo Xie had firmly remembered his smell when they fought in the demon's home. Him approaching Chu Mu now was equivalent to exposing himself.

    Chu Mu's eyes stared closely at the man covered completely by golden armor. In the past, Chu Mu was like an ant in front of this person. If were to merely lift his leg, he could easily trample him to death.

    Back then, Chu Mu was only 15. At that age, Xia Guanghan's strength made Chu Mu feel fear and an insurmountable obstacle.

    Bu many years had now passed and Xia Guanghan had appeared once again before him. Chu Mu's strength was no longer as different from his and when Chu Mu saw this great enemy of his appear in front of him, his blood didn't completely feel a sensation of danger. Instead, there was also an ambition to firmly step on this man who he used to feel was difficult to overcome!

    "Wu wu wu wu~~~~~~~"

    Mo Xie's anger towards Xia Guanghan had clearly reached a certain level, and even though Chu Mu wanted her to remain calm, Mo Xie's eyes still lingered with hostility that was difficult to conceal!

    Mo Xie and Chu Mu had known each other the longest and their emotions for each other were the deepest. Back then, Xia Guanghan had nearly forced her and Chu Mu to come to an end. The soul pact rupture's soul pain occurred in both parties. When Chu Mu's body was convulsing, Mo Xie's soul would equally tremble.

    During that experience, Mo Xie had been weak and could only let that executioner do as he pleased. But now, Mo Xie's strength had greatly increased, reaching the ninth phase.

    She wanted nothing more than to attack know and rip that Sunset Eagle to pieces before ripping Xia Guanghan's flesh off one piece at a time!

    "It was you guys that killed this person?" Xia Guanghan intentionally lowered his voice before pointing at Duan Xinze's head under his feet.

    Xia Guanghan recognized this head. It was the ninth rank prisoner, Duan Xinze who had been ordained as the highest honor reward. Even though his strength had been severely restricted, to the majority of the competitors, he was still difficult to fight. Xia Guanghan was a bit surprised the four people could kill him!

    "That's right. He was killed by our Soul Palace's Chu Chen. In truth, we didn't do anything." Shang Heng intentionally praised Chu Mu.

    "Oh? He's that amazing?" Xia Guanghan's face showed a few traces of astonishment.

    According to the information Xia Guanghan had obtained beforehand, Chu Mu's strength probably barely ranked within the top tens of the large factions. Xia Guanghan couldn't enter the competition himself while Chu Mu had remained hiding inside Soul Palace. Therefore, Xia Guanghan could only have Zhuo Xiao deal with Chu Mu.

    But he was greeted with surprise, because Chu Mu had been able to defeat the ninth rank prisoner Duan Xinhe. This meant that he was still hiding some strength.

    However, he was merely astonished, but not afraid. The severely restricted strength of Duan Xinze was not on the same level as the current Xia Guanghan. As long as he had the chance to attack, any number of Chu Mu's would all die!

    Chu Mu didn't say anything and simply stood beside Ye Qingzi, calmly thinking of countermeasures.

    Direct confrontation wouldn't work. With Xia Guanghan's strength, even if he defeated him, his soul pets would be wounded and even if only one of his soul pets was wounded, it would be difficult for Chu Mu to continue the realm breakthrough.

    The adjacent Ye Qingzi seemed to detect Chu Mu's change in, mood even though this change was extremely minute.

    She looked back at the golden armored competition authority guard before looking at Chu Mu again. She discovered that Chu Mu seemed to be keeping a certain distance away from this fellow. This distance was precisely a fighting distance!

    Ye Qingzi didn't understand why Chu Mu was so cautious towards this competition authority guard. Competition authority guards were chosen by the various large factions in the Battle of the Realm. These people had to strictly adhere to competition rules and it was their job this time to protect the competitors and prevent prisoners from harming them. There shouldn't be such a need to be so cautious.

    "Chu Mu, what's the matter/" Ye Qingzi asked Chu Mu with her soul remembrance.

    "He is the enemy I spoke about." Chu Mu used soul remembrance to speak to Ye Qingzi.

    Ye Qingzi immediately showed a shocked expression. She never expected that Chu Mu's great enemy would appear under the identity of a competition authority guard. This meant that Chu Mu's enemy wasn't a young generation person!

    Ye Qingzi wasn't a stupid woman and she quickly hid her shock, not letting Xia Guanghan sense it.

    Since the fight still hadn't started, this meant that the opposing side was afraid of something, and wasn't going to attack for the time being.

    However, from a safety perspective, Ye Qingzi still quietly gave her soul pets orders to watch Xia Guanghan's Sunset Eagle. The moment something happened, her soul pets would immediately attack the Sunset Eagle.

    "What should we do now? Fight?" Ye Qingzi asked Chu Mu with soul remembrance.

    "Not for the time being. Ting Lan and Shang Heng are here, so there's a chance he doesn't dare attack me." Chu Mu responded with soul remembrance.

    As a competition authority guard, unless Xia Guanghan was able to kill all four of them, he would definitely suffer the Battle of the Realm competition authority's punishment afterwards.

    Right now, regardless if it was Chu Mu or Ting Lan, both of their statuses in Soul Palace were extremely high. If Xia Guanghan didn't have a very high chance of success, he wouldn't easily take action.

    "This guard, take us down the mountain. We're withdrawing from the competition." Ting Lan said.

    Xia Guanghan nodded his head and said to Ting Lan and Shang Heng: "Recall your soul pets and come onto my Sunset Eagle."

    Ting Lan and Shang Heng didn't have any intentions of continuing to fight. To them, the eighth realm was pretty much their limit. If they tried to continue, they would very likely suffer the attacks of prisoners.

    "Don't recall your soul pets!" however, just as the two of them were about to recall their soul pets, Chu Mu instantly spoke to them with soul remembrance.

    If Ting Lan and Shang Heng recalled their soul pets and sat on Xia Guanghan's Sunset Eagle, Xia Guanghan would definitely immediately kill the two of them. Xia Guanghan was a ruthless person and if he had the opportunity to kill the two of them in one fell swoop, he would definitely take action.

    Ting Lan was stunned and quickly asked Chu Mu with soul remembrance: "Why? The competition authority guard has already appeared. We're very safe."

    "You two listen closely. Don't show any signs of panic. Feign calmness and pretend to say something secretive to Ye Qingzi." Chu Mu used soul remembrance to speak to Ting Lan and Shang Heng. "The truth is that this competition authority guard is my enemy and his methods are ruthless. He wants to kill me. If you recall your soul pets, he'll immediately kill you and then summon his other soul pets to deal with me!"

    Although Chu Mu told Ting Lan and Shang Heng not to show expressions of panic, when they knew that this competition authority guard wanted to kill them, their eyes ultimately still changed...

    Xia Guanghan was very sharp, and he had been watching Chu Mu and the others' expressions. Gradually, he discovered that there was something wrong with the atmosphere.

    "Could he have detected me? Impossible, my aura is completely hidden and he can't see my face." Xia Guanghan silently said.

    If he had been discovered by Chu Mu, Xia Guanghan would have to take action. Even if he would suffer punishment, he couldn't miss this opportunity to obtain a continuously mutating soul pet!

    As Xia Guanghan was observing their eyes and expressions, Chu Mu was also observing him. Quickly, Chu Mu found that Xia Guanghan's eyes were emitting an intent as if he was about to attack!

    Suddenly, a gust of violent wind swept down, forming currents of air that blew against everyone's hair and clothes.

    A figure on the air slowly grew larger. Just as Xia Guanghan and Chu Mu simultaneously discovered each other's killing intent, a wing type soul pet rapidly swooped down from the air and steadily landed in front of them.

    On top of the wing type soul pet, a man wearing golden armor jumped off this wing type soul pet.

    This competition authority hadn't covered his face like Xia Guanghan had with his helmet. Instead, after he saw Chu Mu and the others, he took it off and revealed a carefree yet noble face.

    "It took me a long time to find you guys here. I heard a comrade say that you guys encountered a large group of prisoners nearby." the man wore a smile as he spoke to the four of them.

    After speaking, the man intentionally glance at his colleague next to him and gave a faint smile as a greeting.

    "Big Brother Li Hen!" when Ting Lan saw the man appear, her face blossomed with a smile.

    When Chu Mu saw Li Hen appear, he let out a sigh of relief.

    Although Chu Mu was itching to kill Xia Guanghan, he would much rather get rid of him after the Battle of the Realm. Right now, Mo Xie was very close to her mutation and the moment she did mutate, his death was assured!

    "Chu Chen, Ye Qingzi, you guys saved my younger brother. In the future, no matter what, just call me over and I'll help you walk through both water and fire!" Li Hen stood in front of Chu Mu and spoke very sincerely to Chu Mu.

    Xia Guanghan's face turned much darker. When Li Hen appeared, he silently retreated to the side because he needed to consider if Chu Mu saw through his guise. If he did, he would definitely have Li Hen attack him.

    If he hadn't seriously wounded his soul a few years ago in the demon's home, Xia Guanghan wouldn't be afraid of Li Hen. However, he was no longer Li Hen's opponent now.

    Chu Mu saw that Xia Guanghan very intelligently retreated, and knew that it would be challenging for Li Hen to kill him.

    Promptly, Chu Mu used soul remembrance to say to Li Hen: "Big Brother Li Hen, I actually have something to request. The man wearing golden armor like you is from Nightmare Palace and is called Xia Guanghan. He has a great enmity with me, and just now he was planning on attacking me. Thank goodness you arrived on time."

    "Oh? So this happened. I'll help you slaughter him!" Li Hen's back was facing Xia Guanghan as he let out a sneer.

    "He's intentionally stepped to the side. The moment you attack, I'm afraid he'll flee. It'll be hard to keep him in place. In a bit, when you bring Ting Lan and Shang Heng down the mountain with you, have him leave together with you. The best would be if you could keep watch of him to prevent him from interfering with me." said Chu Mu.

    Chu Mu had to continue his realm breakthrough. If he was eliminated in the eighth realm, he wouldn't be able to obtain the inheritance for Ye Qingzi nor would he be able to find the defector young woman puppet. Additionally, he wouldn't be able to obtain any more clues about the defector young woman!
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