Chapter 635: Human’s Westmost Territory

    "A couple hundred over thirty thousand; the scraps could be used as food." Old Li jumped down, holding all the spirits in his two small palms.

    "Thirty thousand sounds perfect!" Chu Mu smiled.

    The Western Kingdom had a Nightmare City. Presumably, if he spent twenty thousand spirits, Nightmare Palace people will be willing to give up a soul item used to strengthen White Nightmare.

    As for the rest of the ten thousand spirits, it could be used to strengthen Ning. Ning was already top tier monarch rank. Once past tenth phase, it could probably absorb the remaining Ground Immortal Ice energy in its body and strengthen it straight to emperor rank.

    Once Ning was emperor rank Chu Mu still had half of the Ground Immortal Ice left. After waiting a little longer, Chu Mu could use it to strengthen Ning to low level emperor rank. This way, Chu Mu's strength would greatly increase!

    Within a year, Chu Mu would definitely be ahead of a lot of spirit emperors.

    "Young master, normally, a spirit source's annual production is a tenth of its one time production. This means that, every year following, this place will make 3000 spirits. In three years, one could make a pseudo-monarch rank. This was incredible. Though after ten years, this source will slowly deteriorate, creating around 5 pseudo emperor ranks in 20 years was very sizeable. Young master's spirits should be used to strengthen your soul pets, but once they're all emperor rank, and the daily consumption of spirits reaches over ten spirits and a large battle could use up near hundred spirits, these are all resources that need a sustained source to provide for." Old Li said.

    "En, I will try my best to lift Chu family up to manage the business here." Chu Mu nodded.

    Seven color city's nearby resources were very plentiful. Even the kingdom master would be jealous. Too bad its too hard to excavate. However, now that the panther species was cleared out and western kingdom's territory was expanded, this expansion's resources could cause a clan to flourish.

    "Young master, to truly take over this resource, one has to subdue the nearby large factions. The first one is Luo Region Sect. Luo Region Sect specially sent people over. That soul emperor must be eyeing here covetously. If you don't have the strength to subdue him, he will definitely try to get share of the action. The other is great Chu Family. The Great Chu Family has a lot of experts, some of which are experts from other great factions hidden in their midsts. These people all have titles in Great Chu Family, but would only appear there when Hibernating Desolations appear." Old Li said.

    "What special place is Great Chu Family? Also, Western Kingdom doesn't seem to be as simple as a first rank kingdom. There are so many factions and experts." Chu Mu felt it strange. Normally, a first rank kingdom only had one kingdom master, which was an emperor with a pseudo-emperor rank. Occasionally, there could be experts of other kingdoms retired ehre. However in Western World, the factions are muddled and there are a lot of experts."

    "A kingdom's rank is determined by its resources. By Western Kingdom's resources, it takes 20 years for one pseudo-emperor to be born. However, the Western kingdom is situated in a very awkward location. To the north west, its the famous Eternal Ocean. The Eternal Ocean isn't human territory, and it is watched over by Nightmare Palace, which is the Nightmare City in Eternal Mountain Range."

    "Western Kingdom's north side is forbidden realm. Forbidden realm and Wogu Region's most north side is the infamous Great Broken Sting valley. Just what rank tribe it is, no one has figured out yet......"

    As for Great Broken Sting valley, Chu Mu was very curious. Why didn't human experts go and exterminate that place? After all, it was where Hibernating Desolations happened the most frequent and posed the greatest threat to humans.

    Immediately, Chu Mu asked Old Li.

    "Exterminate the heavenly devil insects? Impossible. Do you know who Tianxia Realm's enemy is?" Old Li said.

    "Is it this Great Broken Sting Valley?" Chu Mu said questioningly.

    Old Li shook his index finger and said, "The Great Broken Sting Valley is of tribe sized. It can't be compared to a region of humans. How about this: Assume Tianxia Realm is a country, then Wogu City is the fort that connected this country with another, used to protect the borders. This so called other country is the bug type empire that countless tinaxia region experts blanch in fear at. This is because Heavenly Devil Insect was this bug type bug species empire's commander, so they were called Heavenly Devil Insect Empire. This entire bug type empire covered the forbidden realm as well as the north most territory. It was great beyond imagination, possibly larger than all of Tianxia Realm."

    "Yet, this mysterious empire's fort set up aside the humans was the Great broken Sting valley!" old Li said.

    With Old Li's explanations, Chu Mu's heart went into turmoil!!

    When he had heard of Great Broken Sting valley, the thousand valley and ten thousand valley was already beyond what humans dared to step onto.

    What CHu Mu didn't realize was that the scary Great Broken Sting Valley was just a fort o the northern forbidden realm "Bug Type Empire".

    Then the bug type empire that extended into the vast unknown must be immeasurably large!

    "Your human territory is similar to a crescent that lies on a large piece of land."

    "The western world is the leftmost tip of the crescent."

    "North west of the western world is the vast eternal ocean. To the north is the bug type empire, to the south west is the forbidden realm of the western wetlands. The east is the world of men."

    "With three sides covered by wild soul pets, how can western kingdom not be special? The north west side has Nightmare Palace, the north side has Great Chu Family, while no one cares about the south west side, with a South Sect with no status barely keeping watch."

    "Young master's western region should be renamed Southwestern region. In the early days, the humans only reached seven color city on the west side, so they called this western region. In reality, the western region's seven color city was exactly the border between south west side of forbidden realm. Because the barbarian valley tribe is relatively quiet, the western wetlands thought this area was poor, it wasn't bothered as much as eternal ocean and Great broken sting valley, causing this direction to be relatively stable.

    "The western world has been safe for too long without any faction defending it. If the western wetlands came for just this spirit source, then the seven color city would have suffered. However, if Western wetlands were ambitious and wanted to take over western wetlands, then probably the entirety of the southern region of western kingdom would fall. Because, in western region south side, not a single force could stop a third rank tribe's appearance." Old Li said.

    "It's that severe!" Chu Mu said, surprised.

    Chu Mu originally thought that after seven color city was affected, at most some other cities in western kingdom was affected. However, he didn't realize the effects of the disaster could cause half of the people who come to pay and get food!

    "Just wait for news, they may be done soon. Young master wants to single handedly carry this family.. Though in the future, nightmare palace members, Luo Region Sect, and great chu family, they still believe that they will have strong growth.

    "Human factions are extremely rare with technicalities. Young master, the spirit emperors that supported you each gave us a different type of bar.

    "Third rank, monarch rank tribe, this can't be estimated easily. Originally, they wanted to steal, but young master got to it first. Young master didn't figure out the strength to subdue them, so 30,000 in funding sounds incredible.

    Chu Mu would gain a large batch of emperor ranks in the next two years. This food supply issue should be fixed in all sections, or else days and months of accumulation could cause the cost to skyrocket.

    So Chu Mu still had to figure out a way to deal with western wetlands. He had to either deal with them or subdue them, making Chu Family the sole power of the southern side.


    After taking the 30,000 spirits, Chu Mu specially searched around the panther emperor's old nest to take all things that glowed.

    These glowing things were all gold coins. They could be used to fill Chu family's vaults. Though gold was greatly devalued in face of spirits, it was still important to a faction's growth.

    After searching, Chu Mu had a full spatial ring and went back with a full load.

    "Young master, after the disaster calms down, Chu family can gather people to search barbarian valley mountains. WIth a great amount of panthers eliminated, in this mountain range, there must be a huge group of young pets becoming orphans. Tell them to bring large nets to hunt. They would get a huge amount of young soul pets. Added together, this is a lot of money. Even if you don't sell it and make it a family benefit, countless people would break their heads trying to join Chu Family, intangibly increasing the family's influence." Old Li said.

    After old Li said this, Chu Mu's eyes lit up.

    In a faction, what was more beneficial than getting a young soul pet?

    Presumably, after this large group of young soul pets brought up experts, Chu family would again flourish!

    So why couldn't Chu Mu catch it all himself?

    The entire barbarian mountain range was near half a kingdom in size. Even if the entire mountain range was covered in gold, how would Chu Mu have the time to collect it all?


    Of course, no matter how many things, it wasn't as important as the 30 thousand spirits. Chu Mu put all the spirits in his most valuable spirit ring, making him truly return with a full load.

    When Chu Mu returned, it was already broad daylight. This route was rather far, but good thing the panther emperor didn't live on the south side. Or else, no one would be able to come back in a few short days.

    "Chu Mu, Chu Mu!!!!" You're finally back, you scared us!!" Chu Lang left guarding outside saw Chu Mu return and quickly ran over, face full of excitement.

    "I went into the barbarian valley mountain range and spend some time scouring the region. How's the situation inside the valley?" Chu Mu smiled and asked.

    "En, we spent all of last night cleaning up the remaining panther species in the valley. Its just that the huge corpse pile was way too obtrusive. I told everyone to walk around it already, yet they still puked all over the place. However, in the morning, I told second uncle to collect all the soul cores, soul crystals, and innard crystals and start the burial job. It should be mostly covered up by now." Chu Lang said.

    "Bring me to uncle, I have something to give him" Chu Mu said.

    "What thing?" Chu Lang asked curiously. With Chu Mu's current strength, whatever he gave away wasn't average for sure.

    "You'll know soon enough." Chu Mu smiled, giving Chu Lang a cliff-hanger.

    If Chu Lang saw the monarch rank young panther and a huge pile of soul crystals and soul cores, his eyes would definitely pop out.

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