Chapter 672: Throwing a Brick to Get a Jade Back, Infant Pet Trap

    "This still isn't the interior of the Heavenly Devil Insect's nest. Any one of them is capable of getting rid of these Heavenly Devil Insects. If both sides have unequal strength, we can't just sit here and reap the profits." Chu Tianren rubbed his chin, and was unable to find a solution.

    Chu Mu also understood this, so he began to think.

    One Heavenly Devil Insect Emperor infant was worth 10,000 spirits. This was no small amount.

    "We can only strike first to get the upper hand!" after thinking, Chu Tianren decided on this method.

    Obviously, this plan wasn't particularly strategic, but it really was hard to find a solution in this kind of a scenario.

    Chu Mu also couldn't think of a better method, and could only do as Chu Tianren said.


    Chu Mu's small Mo Xie had a distinct advantage when it came to speed. As for Chu Tianren's Deep Transient Demon Emperor, which was a sole demon attribute low class emperor, entering a nest which was equivalent to a first rank tribe wouldn't be too hard.

    Since they were going to strike first, timing was extremely valuable. After obtaining the precise location of the Heavenly Devil Insect infant, Chu Tianren and Chu Mu hastily made their move. From the other end, they made their way around the three careful fellows and immediately made their way into the nest they spoke of.

    The Heavenly Devil Insect's nest was shocking. It stood at the very peak of the mountain peak and could only be seen by tilting one's head up!

    The entire mountain peak was a brownish black color. Countless holes were scattered over the peak; each hole was a nest and inside were the 'homes' of single Heavenly Devil Insects. This mountain peak probably was 7000 meters high and the number of Heavenly Devil Insects inside were probably innumerable.

    Within the ten kilometer radius around the peak were another hundred of these mountains. Their height was only about 4000 meters and they probably formed the legion members of the small tribe.

    Without a doubt, the leader of this first rank Heavenly Devil Insect tribe which was attached to the larger third rank tribe, lived in the highest nest on the 7000 meter mountain. When Chu Mu used soul remembrance to observe the area, he quickly found two Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insects circling the peaks of the nest. They resembled devoted guards.

    "We don't have much time. They'll get here in about two hours." Chu Tianren tilted his head up as he spoke to Chu Mu.

    "Two hours? Isn't that being too paranoid?" Chu Mu was confused.

    There were a total of three enemies, and they were stronger than Chu Mu and Chu Tianren. With their strength, it would be extremely easy for them to deal with this nest with only one pseudo monarch. Yet, for some reason they were going to take their time.

    "Lu Zideng is just like that. He has to make sure nothing goes wrong." Chu Tianren didn't really pay much attention to this.

    Chu Mu still felt something wasn't too right about this. To any spirit emperor with adequate strength, even if he was extremely careful, there was no need to be careful to this extent. This would give others the chance to strike first.

    Chu Mu was planning on having Chu Tianren think this over again. After all, those three were truly moving too slow. It was as if they were intentionally having them strike first. However, Chu Tianren was evidently impatient and had already started heading up the 7000 meter high nest with his low class emperor rank soul pet!

    "Third Uncle, aren't we being a bit too hasty?" Chu Mu didn't immediately rush up the mountain.

    "We've already come here, we can't think for that long. How about this, I'll go up and you stay at the bottom and provide support." Chu Tianren knew what Chu Mu was afraid of, but he was even more confident in his own judgement.

    There would only be one chance, and it would be difficult to find another chance if they missed it. It wasn't that Chu Tianren hadn't thought of what Chu Mu was thinking of. However, even if their opponents had intentionally set them up, he still had to go up and check. After all, there was still a fifty percent chance there would be an infant soul pet!

    Chu Tianren by himself would be able to deal with the Heavenly Devil Insects on the mountain. Thus, Chu Mu, who had a rather strong intuition, decided to stay at the bottom of the mountain and watch.

    Chu Tianren's low class emperor's camouflage abilities were rather terrifying. He had made it up nearly 4000 meters, before those slow Heavenly Devil Insects finally discovered that there was an intruder.

    In order to save time, Chu Tianren immediately summoned all of his main pets and rushed for the top.

    Heavenly Devil Insects were rather united soul pets. The moment there was an invader, ear-piercing buzzing noises immediately would resound from the several hundred peaks!!

    Hiding under the mountain, Chu Mu observed his surroundings and discovered that countless black dots had risen to the air from the hundred mountains. From far away, it resembled countless specks of black dust that manifested from the mountain crumbling!

    The Heavenly Devil Insect legion quickly gathered and within a few minutes, the sky was covered by them. They transformed into a buzzing surging black cloud that quickly migrated to the 7000 meter mountain!!

    There were normally about 100 thousand members in a first rank tribe's legion.

    Bug type soul pets had double the reproduction ability, meaning that there were a total of 200 thousand Heavenly Devil Insects in this tribe. This was the first time Chu Mu had seen so many Heavenly Devil Insects. The black mass was a shocking sight and made Chu Mu stunned!

    In the skies above the 7000 meter peak, Chu Tianren was quickly surrounded by the Heavenly Devil Insect legion. Chu Tianren's soul pets were powerful, but under the constant wave after wave of attacks from the 200 thousand member legion, he wasn't able to reach the peak.

    "Hong hong hong hong~~~~~~~~~"

    The mountain and earth violently trembled. With each technique, one could see hundreds if not thousands of Heavenly Devil Insect corpses fall to the ground like rain as blood flew everywhere!

    The buzzing noise from the Heavenly Devil Insects covered everything. Chu Mu could no longer see Chu Tianren or his soul pets. He could only see the black cloud-like Heavenly Devil Insect legion from a distance. Even the light from techniques was completely covered by the Heavenly Devil Insects.


    Time slowly passed, and as he looked at the sky 7000 meters above, even though corpses were raining down, Chu Mu felt that the number of Heavenly Devil Insects wasn't decreasing.

    At this moment, the attacks from the legion had slowly moved to the peak of the mountain. Clearly, Chu Tianren had made it to the highest point of the mountain. It wouldn't be long before he would be able to determine if there was a Heavenly Devil Insect infant pet.

    "Haha, that fellow indeed was impatient. I just randomly mentioned something to incite him, and he went charging after it."

    Suddenly, a voice could be heard a thousand meters from where Chu Mu was.

    After reaching the spirit emperor level, utilizing soul remembrance to communicate wouldn't expend too much soul power. If they spoke and didn't intentionally lower them, they could be heard a thousand meters away if another spirit emperor rank expert released their soul remembrance.

    Chu Mu had carefully released his soul remembrance because he was afraid of a trap. The moment he heard their voices, Chu Mu was sure of it!!

    This indeed was a trap!! Lu Zideng had intentionally set a diversionary tactic!!

    "Kingdom Lord Lu, you truly are clever. How did you now that we were being followed by Chu Tianren?" Fang Li cracked an unsightly smile.

    "Before I came, I had people go and inquire about anyone who knew about this place. In Wogu City, an old friend told me that Chu Tianren had come to inquire about Great Broken Sting Valley, and that there was a chance he would come here..." Lu Zideng smiled and looked very cunning.

    "No wonder Kingdom Lord waited before entering and kept beating around the bush." said Zheng Kuang.

    "Well to tell the truth was that I didn't discover him following us. That fellow's demon has a very powerful camouflage ability. I wasn't able to tell, but I still threw out the bait so that I would be able to determine if he was nearby. Therefore, I had you guys say things that he could hear. Otherwise, how would he show himself? Nor would he have attempted to strike first like this. Isn't he slaughtering those Heavenly Devil Insects right now? Haha, I really want to see his unsightly expression when he makes his way to the peak and discovers that the nest is empty!" laughed Lu Zideng.

    "Kingdom Lord Lu's methods are truly superior. With Kingdom Lord Lu here, it won't be a problem for us to obtain that third rank Moonlight Magic Stone this time!" Zheng Kuang gave a brilliant laugh!

    A Moonlight Magic Stone was a spirit crystal that could strengthen any attribute. Moreover, it was a third rank spirit item that could strengthen a pseudo emperor to a low class emperor. A single Moonlight Magic Stone was invaluable and if it was a dual Moonlight Magic Stone, the three of them would strike it rich!

    A third rank spirit item was worth 500 thousand spirits! A dual Moonlight Magic Stone was five times that price. 2.5 million!

    Of course, the chances of a dual stone was extremely low. Zheng Kuang was just imagining, since it was practically impossible for a dual third rank emperor rank Moonlight Magic Stone to appear in the territory of a third rank tribe.

    Lu Zideng saw that Zheng Kuang had let out that piece of information, his brows immediately creased and he said: "Haven't I told you many times that when you start talking about that, you need to use soul remembrance to do so!"

    Zheng Kuang hastily nodded his head in affirmation and looked very deferential. However, he muttered in his heart: Chu Tianren, that idiot, has already been tricked into charging up the 7000 meter mountain. It's impossible for other people to be nearby. Is there really a need to be so careful? Using soul remembrance to speak is so tiring.

    "Fang Li, did you do the thing I had you do?" Lu Zideng asked.

    "Don't worry, for the next few days, Chu Tianren will be continuously chased by Heavenly Devil  Insects..." Fang Li craftily laughed.

    "Very good. It's best that if he accidentally loses one or two of his main pets. That would be even more interesting." said Lu Zideng.

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