Chapter 740: Seven diagram sacred beast’s head, Thousand Wave Beast!

    Chu Mu's half devil couldn't stand the waste of time. It could, at most, get rid of evernight emperor. Any longer, and his soul may not be able to take the stress.

    Now, the city suddenly showed an organism stronger than itself and evernight emperor. This was a huge blow to the sacred pet side. At least, he didn't have time to deal with this new entrant!

    While Chu Mu was shocked, the evernight emperor was also worried!

    The evernight emperor was heavily injured right now. It could feel the roaring organism was even stronger than it at its peak, so the evernight emperor wasn't its match!!

    Though immortal city magnates created factions, the leader had to use powerful organisms' corpses to solidify its position! Now that it was wounded, the summoned organism would definitely not hesitate to come up and finish it off and swallow its innards as energy.

    Thinking back, when the evernight emperor woke up from its seal, it also killed a large pack of emperors to replenish its energy!

    And let alone top tier emperor rank organisms, even high class emperor ranks may hazard a try to kill it for a chance to rank up with its innards!

    Soul pet survival was cruel. Killing an organism higher rank than it and swallowing its innards had a good chance of ranking itself up. After all, the innard crystals held energy equivalent to large amounts of spirits. If they were lucky and a soul crystal appeared, then it would become a hundred percent chance of ranking up!

    The evernight emperor was scared. The half devil behind it was already leaving it no escape, yet at this time another organism appeared within immortal city that was more powerful! The evernight emperor was truly in despair!


    A roar came from the ground and into the skies. The evernight emperor felt a pair of eyes locking onto it!

    The evernight emperor lived for a few hundred years, and didn't want to die here. Even if it were sealed for another hundred years, it was better than dying!

    It started using all its dark power to hide itself, and let the terrifying organisms' attentions fall onto the half devil behind.

    As long as the magnate on the ground stared at the half devil, it would have a chance of survival!

    Yet, the gaze's dignity and killing aura locked onto the evernight emperor, not budging no matter what evernight emperor did.

    Finally, the tyrannical organism appeared. The sacred light shrouded its whole body, exuding an emperor like aura. The beast type organism leaped into the air as the sacred light covered claw magnified infinitely, covering the entire city area!

    The massive beast claw heavily slammed down. Even half devil Chu Mu had to back off to avoid it, but even so, he felt a wind gust that pushed at him and caused him to waver!

    One had to know that half devil Chu Mu was still a kilometer away from the massive claw. Even Chu Mu couldn't guarantee he could exert power to such degrees!


    The massive claw fell down. The powerful organism clearly didn't want to damage the sealed city. When the claw was around a kilometer above immortal city, it directed the power into the space itself and shattered the space above   city!!

    Even if the evernight emperor wanted to escape it couldn't. Its already dim figure was shattered when the giant beast claw fell against the space it occupied. Even the dark aura after death was purified by the sacred light between the claws!!

    The sacred light beast's hit caused evernight emperor to truly disappear into nothing.

    Of course, Chu Mu couldn't' just watch as a nearly invincible emperor rank innard was shattered. He also casted other type technique to grab the dark innard crystal of the top tier emperor rank!


    To show off its kingly aura, after the beast killed the evernight emperor, it yelled out a roar strong enough to shake the entire city!!

    This roar had a very strong quelling effect. All the high class emperor ranks were originally waiting for their chances to attack the tired sacred pets.........

    Yet, after this firm roar, all the high class emperor ranks were scared back into their own places, not daring to rebel at all anymore!

    Binding wind spirit, immortal ming bird, and xuanzhen beetle all had some suppressing factor in immortal city. This suppressing factor could at most guarantee them not to get ganged up upon. However, there were countless emperor ranks in immortal city that yearned to be free. If these sacred pets were all very weak, they would definitely gather up everyone and defeat the sacred pets.

    Chu Mu had thought of this issue before, so during the battle, he told the sacred pets to save as much power as possible. What Chu Mu didn't expect was the beast's roar instantly silenced the entire city!

    This suppressing factor was something even evernight emperor couldn't do!!

    "Young master, this is the boss of the seven sacred pets - Thousand Wave Beast!! This fellow isn't just a little bit powerful!!" Old Li's voice came into Chu Mu's mind.

    Thousand Wave Beast! When Chu Mu saw the sacred light, he knew it meant the fourth sacred pet was awakened!

    Yet, he was surprised that this time it was the most powerful seven diagram sacred pet, Thousand Wave Beast!!

    Thousand Wave Beast was also known as Wanmo Beast (Thousand Bows), an organism beyond emperor rank that truly causes all beasts to bow down!!

    Of the seven diagram sacred pets, Linyin Beast, Xuanzhen Beetle, Immortal Ming Bird, Binding Wind Spirit, Palm Dawn Concubine were all monarch rank. Only Holy Stem Flower and Thousand Wave Beast were emperor rank. The Thousand Wave Beast was even on the higher end of emperor rank, so the moment it reached tenth phase it was a hegemon of a whole region, completely unstoppable!

    The amount of people that owned the Thousand Wave Beast was very limited even within soul palace. This Thousand Wave Beast was top tier emperor rank. Even without any subtypes, its easily discernible that this was an organism that truly was in touch with the invincible emperor rank realm. The evernight emperor would definitely lose against it!

    Chu Mu was shocked. He thought three sacred pets was the limit already, yet Thousand Wave Beast was awakened. He quickly glanced down to see who did it.

    "Her?" Chu Mu suddenly paused because where the Thousand Wave Beast's Suppressing Demon Monument was, Chu Mu found a familiar figure.

    This woman was the one that followed Chu Mu around for half a month. Other than pointing out the way, the only thing she did was scream, cry, and faint. Chu Mu was surprised that it was this woman that awakened the Thousand Wave Beast.

    However, a close look revealed that Chu Mu found many emperor rank soul pet corpses around the monument. Chu Mu understood. The brave warrior and defector young woman's subordinates fought and both died, leaving Lady Shan with the opportunity to awaken the strongest Thousand Wave Beast of all sacred diagram soul pets.

    Chu Mu had confidence he could kill the evernight emperor, but if the Thousand Wave Beast could appear earlier he wouldn't have had to waste the chance of using half devil.

    Of course, if Chu Mu didn't lead the three sacred pets into battle, the four magnates wouldn't   let anyone awaken the Thousand Wave Beast.


    The Thousand Wave Beast awakened, making suppressing immortal city much easier. Presumably, in a bit, the departed world gates would open and tianxia city's spirit emperor ranks will come through with the help of sacred pets and seal back all the organisms.

    "I don't know how likely I can win against this Thousand Wave Beast." Chu Mu looked at the powerful Thousand Wave Beast and thought to himself.

    It was rare he became half devil, so Chu Mu's wildness was completely ignited. Yearning a fight, he even had the urge to fight the Thousand Wave Beast.

    This was the half devil's influence. Logically, Chu Mu wouldn't ever anger the Thousand Wave Beast. Yet, while half devil, Chu Mu's blood was burning with battle, so even his mind constantly had cruel thoughts he couldn't control!


    Thousand Wave Beast was by the sacred spring while Lady Shan stared dumbfounded at the evil devil in the sky!

    "Half......half devil!!!!" lady Shan almost gave up her life to summon Thousand Wave Beast. She thought that the chaos could finally be suppressed, yet she didn't think that there would be a half devil in immortal city!!

    Compared to the Thousand Wave Beast's righteous aura, the half devil was full of evilness. When these two forces collided, one couldn't tell which was stronger and which was weaker. Lady Shan was originally full of hope, yet when she saw the half devil, her emotions fell significantly!

    Half devil was the utmost evil. Lady Shan had heard the tale of the half devil very early on. Though the half devil looked like Chu Mu, getting gazed at by the half devil still caused her to become cold all over and not even be able to stand.


    Thousand Wave Beast didn't have wings but it could easily stand in the sky and gaze at half devil with its golden pupils!

    If not for Chu Mu having the aura of the other three sacred pets, it definitely would leap forward without hesitation and fight Chu Mu. Evil and Righteousness couldn't stand each other, which was totally displayed between the two. This may be why soul palace and nightmare palace held such long grudges for each other.

    To Thousand Wave Beast's unfriendliness, Chu Mu didn't have to be polite either. He said calmly, "Xuanzhen beetle is almost dead. Instead of staring at me, might as well check to see if it can be saved."

    Thousand Wave Beast wasn't truly hostile towards Chu mu. It was like water and fire, or dark and light- friction was inevitable when they were nearby. It was an instinct!

    Chu Mu had to admit that half devil's heart had a strong resentment and evil aura. This soul pet filled with justice, righteousness and holiness caused Thousand Wave Beast to feel very uncomfortable too!!

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