Chapter 857: Moonlight, The Sharpest Weapon!

    Shen Qiu's expression became heavy. In the three palaces, only he was able to deal with Zhu Chao.

    However, Shen Qiu had to deal with Yang Que right now, because Yang Que would very likely stand on soul alliance's side

    Shen Qiu couldn't make a move right now, so he could only use soul remembrance to signal to Chu Mu not to go directly against Zhu Chao!

    Zhu Chao finished his incantation, and a blue and violent pool beast slowly appeared within the wild totem!!

    This Heavenly Water Pool Beast was like a ten meter tall giant bear. On its arms, blue scythes protruded, criss crossing to the its back!

    Heavenly Water Pool Beast: Beast World - Beast Type - Pool Beast Species - Heavenly Water Pool Beast Subspecies - Middle class emperor rank

    Heavenly Water Pool Beast was the highest ranking organism of its massive species. All the higher ranking soul pet trainers had soul pets around middle class emperor rank species rank, which they then strengthened to higher ranks.

    One could say that middle class emperor rank was already the maximum a human could capture from the wild. Zhu Chao's Heavenly Water Pool Beast clearly was strengthened in a special way. Its thick as steel skin, muscles, and sharp arm spikes, all showed that this was an organism that had both its offense and defense strengthened to a max!!!

    "Your two soul pets' skulls are mine!" Zhu Chao said coldly!


    Heavenly Water Pool Beast's arms opened up, and its claws swiped bloodily towards Mo Xie on top of the platform!!!

    It's beast type energy came in a spiral and the moment it landed, one could see that even the clouds in the skies started spinning!!

    The black cloud swept down like a whirlwind. Almost the same time the claw landed, it fell upon the honor platform!!

    The honor platform was made of rock crystals near ten thousand times stronger than normal rocks. Even the fight between Mo Xie and the high class emperor ranks only left shallow cracks on the platform.

    However, with the slam of the Heavenly Water Pool Beast, the entire platform sank, and the rock crystals instantly shattered into thin powder!!

    Mo Xie noticed the Heavenly Water Pool Beast's attacking intent, and quickly brought Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi off of the platform. However, when she looked back she saw that countless cracks spread from the entire plaza towards the center of the city, devouring countless structures!!!

    "Such a powerful attack!!" Chu Mu was shocked. If Mo Xie hadn't moved, she definitely would have been instantly wounded!

    "White Nightmare Emperor, fight it!" Chu Mu gave white nightmare a command!

    Mo Xie had to deal with thirteen high class emperor ranks before, and she was already wounded. Thus, dealing with this incredibly powerful Heavenly Water Pool Beast would be hard for her!


    The White Nightmare Emperor floated in front of the Heavenly Water Pool Beast, and waved its hands, sending white devil flames morphing into clawing demons that pounced towards the Heavenly Water Pool Beast!!

    "Know your place!!" Zhu Chao chuckled coldly!

    The Heavenly Water Pool Beast's arm swept forth, bringing a chaotic beast type energy in the form of a shockwave that collided with the flames the white nightmare emperor sent out!!


    The white nightmare emperor's devil flames were pushed down by the Heavenly Water Pool Beast's energy while the remaining energy slammed into the white nightmare emperor's chest, sending it back and leaving a white flame trail along the ground!!

    The devil flames on the white nightmare emperor blazed higher suddenly, a sign it was furious!!

    It hadn't met a foe like this in a while. The white nightmare's anger caused the flames in its eyes to nearly dart outwards!!

    "Can you deal with it?" Chu Mu eyed the white nightmare emperor and asked.

    White nightmare emperor didn't reply, simply using the most direct method to prove that he would never lose to a mindless beast with just strength on its side!!

    The white nightmare emperor was also very near invincible emperor rank. Different from the nightmare commander, white nightmare emperor had amazing talent in its control of the dark. Feeling the heavy dark aura becoming a curtain that closed in, Chu Mu knew that the white nightmare emperor would very likely will use the bizarreness of dark and other type to counter this Heavenly Water Pool Beast, which had a clear disadvantage in speed!

    White nightmare was highly experienced in battle. Combining dark and other type allowed it to avoid any frontal assaults. In the following clashes, it quickly found the way to deal with the Heavenly Water Pool Beast, slowly bringing back the disadvantage it had in power.

    "How have I not heard of this powerful white nightmare that Chu Fangchen has?!"

    Seeing the white nightmare that was able to handle Zhu Chao's Heavenly Water Pool Beast, Shen Qiu's heart was in shock.

    Just how did this young man strengthen his soul pets to this level at such a young age?!

    One could say that when competing against the Heavenly Water Pool Beast, the white nightmare emperor's true strength finally showed itself. All spirit emperors were in disbelief!!

    The power of the seven sin fox was already powerful enough to shock the entire stadium. This white nightmare's strength was similarly not inferior in any respect, definitely an organism infinitely close to invincible emperor rank!

    Zhu Chao slightly furrowed his brows. He clearly underestimated the white nightmare's strength of Chu Mu's.

    "This kid must die!!!"

    Zhu Chao silently swore. Standing at the peak of humanity at such a young age, with a few more years, Chu Mu would be able to have the power of a Hero. This Chu Fangchen was extremely dangerous both to Zhu Chao, as well as to soul alliance as a whole.

    Zhu Chao didn't want to show all his trump cards at once, so seeing the Heavenly Water Pool Beast come into a stalemate with the white nightmare up in the black clouds, Zhu Chao again cast an incantation to summon his second soul pet!

    "Let me see just how powerful you are!" Zhu Chao was incredibly narrow minded, not wanting any threat like Chu Mu to continue existing.

    However, Zhu Chao knew that the three palaces were also watching him tightly. If it weren't dire circumstances, he wouldn't show his hand!


    Suddenly, a phantom darted out of Zhu Chao's summoning symbol, instantly appearing in front of Mo Xie!

    Before Mo Xie could make a reaction, her body flew outwards, skidding along the ground!!

    "Mo Xie!" Chu Mu's heart skipped a beat.

    The second soul pet that Zhu Chao summoned was too fast. Chu Mu couldn't even cast Other Pupil before Mo Xie was attacked!

    After one hit, the afterimage followed Mo Xie outwards, and sent a flurry of attacks and techniques against Mo Xie!!

    Facing this series of attacks, Mo Xie, even with her powerful dodging ability, couldn't even escape, and was only able to use her nine tails as defense to protect the important parts of her body!

    Mo Xie fighting against the thirteen high class emperor ranks already made her lightly wounded. With this continuous attack now, her silver body was even bloodier!!


    Finally, through Chu Mu's Sharp Eye technique, Mo Xie found the incredibly fast organism. Just as it was about to launch the next attack, all nine tails of Mo Xie locked onto the incredibly fast organism!


    Another after image. Mo Xie's nine tails couldn't grab hold of the organism, and she quickly backed off in vigilance!

    Chu Mu was secretly alarmed as he watched the demon that slid back a few kilometers!

    Mo Xie had always had the absolute advantage in speed and dodging in her rank. This series of attacks were usually what Mo Xie launched at enemies. However, the demon that Zhu Chao summoned could actually pressure Mo Xie into only defending passively!!

    "Speaking of speed, no organism can compare with my Afterimage Demon. Without any other trump card, your precious seven sin fox's skull will be taken by me!!" Zhu Chao smiled. From his expression, one could sense his absolute confidence in his soul pet!!

    The Afterimage Demon was a soul pet Chu Mu had never encountered before. Its shocking speed and terrifying explosiveness was even stronger than the demon and beast main type Mo Xie!

    "Chu Fangchen, bring Ying Rong's disciple and leave. You aren't match for Zhu Chao. This Afterimage Demon can even be ranked as invincible emperor rank by some!" Shen Qiu's mental voice came quickly!

    "Another nearly invincible emperor rank soul pet?" Chu Mu muttered.

    The person second only to eight desolation Ju Que was indeed powerful. He already summoned two soul pets near invincible emperor rank!!


    Mo Xie kept her distance with the Afterimage Demon. In the same rank, Mo Xie never lost, yet she truly felt the threat this time. Her yearning to win morphed into even brighter red flames that sprouted from her bloodied silver body!!

    This time, Mo Xie launched an attack!

    The silver shadow and black afterimage darted through the wide streets of the center city quickly. Every clash of power caused groups of nearby structures to collapse!!


    Within the muddied clouds that were lifted, Mo Xie slid back into the western side of the street, gaining many new wounds!

    Clearly, in this exchange, Mo Xie was pressured again!!

    Chu Mu and Mo Xie fought together for a long while, and very rarely did she find a match in the same rank. However this time, the demon Zhu Chao summoned clearly was faster and more explosive than Mo Xie!!

    "Mo Xie, are you alright?" Chu Mu saw Mo Xie stand up slightly shakily in the ruins and asked worriedly.

    "Wuwuwu!!!!!" Mo Xie let out an angry roar. No matter how hurt she was, her eyes still burned with unyielding fighting intent!!

    Just as Mo Xie let out a call, an after image streaked out from the collapsed streetside and came like a lethal sword!

    Chu Mu tightened his grip. He knew clearly that Mo Xie had already been hurt in the fight against the thirteen high class emperor ranks, and probably couldn't win against the near invincible emperor rank organism anymore. He had to help secretly!

    "Mo Xie, moonlight!"

    Suddenly, from behind, Chu Mu came Ye QIngzi's voice.

    Chu Mu was just about to turn around, when he noticed that the black clouds suddenly split, bringing rays of moonlight onto this chaotic battlefield, bathing Mo Xie in its light!


    The moment the moonlight fell, Mo Xie's red flames became even more vigorous!

    Countless times, she had painted the grounds with her enemy's blood under the cold moon.

    To Mo Xie, the beautiful moon was the strongest killing weapon!!!!

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