Chapter 978: Strange Valley of Spells

    The momentary breakthrough in defense appeared, it wouldn't be so strenuous to kill this Thunder King. Right now, the Chaotic Thunder Sprite's thunder type techniques only had to strike the Thunder Giant's damaged armor to deal extremely large damage to it.

    Holding a large lightning blade, the Thunder Giant, after being successively heavily injured, roared and an electric arc came out. It stepped forward and targeted Chu Mu's Ghost King!

    Ghost King's thick defenses had repelled its techniques multiple times. If it wasn't for the existence of this obstacle, those soul pets would have already been smashed to pieces by its enormous strength!

    Therefore, it gave up on the others and concentrated solely on the Ghost King. If it died, the other thunder type soul pets wouldn't be able to survive.

    Very soon, the fight turned into one between the two Giant species. The Thunder Giant unceasingly attracted lightning from the sky didn't stop attacking.

    However, the Monarch Ghost Transformation gave the Ghost King absolute defense. After the ghost rock shield in its hands had shattered, it was reconstructed. If it could not be reconstructed, its arms shielded its vitals. Like a towering mountain, it bravely stood unmoving as it received the Thunder Giant's attacks!!

    The Thunder Giant ultimately had underestimated the Ghost King's defensive power. Despite consecutive attacks and heavily injuring the Ghost King, the Thunder Sword Winged Lion and Chaotic Thunder Sprite gave even heavier injuries to the Thunder King. Yet, this just angered the Thunder Giant into focusing the Ghost King even harder. It wanted to see who wouldn't be able to last first.

    The Ghost King's defense, added on the fact it had the physical composition of an elemental world creature, made it so that unless its inner crystal was shattered, the difficulty of killing it was not any lower than killing a paragon emperor. Obviously the area of the inner crystal was the most guarded area. Moreover, Pang Yue was continuously healing the Ghost King and using defensive techniques. The Thunder Giant's stubbornness would only bring it closer to death.


    A chaotic thunderbolt descended from the sky and smashed onto the Thunder King's head.

    The Thunder Giant's body violently trembled as its head fell back, followed by its body!

    The Thunder Sword Winged Lion grasped this opportunity. Its claws flickering with lightning flew across and accurately struck the chest of the Thunder Giant where the armor was already completely destroyed.

    This strike left no hope of survival for the Thunder Giant. Like an enormous collapsing mountain, when it fell, there were no signs of life. The only thing beating on its body was the lightning shackles around its body.

    Seeing the Thunder Giant fall, Chu Mu glanced at Pang Yue and said: "Help me heal my Ghost King."

    Pang Yue nodded. She considered that because the Ghost King had the ghost attribute, she could only use water type and flower type healing methods.

    During the fight, Pang Yue's healing abilities were only cover. After the fight, she would be able to have her soul pets thoroughly examine the injured. At the very least she would be able to immediately suppress wounds that were about to worsen...

    "Don't tell me that those small monsters we'll encounter on this path will be of this level." Teng Lang looked at the dead Thunder Giant and spoke with fear.

    If this Thunder Giant was released on the outside, it would definitely be a hegemon. It would either control a large territory that humans didn't dare enter or it would command an army of ten thousand!

    "It's not easy to say. The thunder type resources here are nearly 100 times more than the outer world. The starting point of growth these creatures experience is a level the space we live in cannot compete with. High ranking creatures are probably very common here." said Chu Mu.

    "Then if we are to come here and train, our strength will definitely soar." said Teng Lang.

    "Indeed; however, you must be able to survive first." nodded Chu Mu.

    The amount of resources here was nearly a hundred times the outer world. Simultaneously, this meant that the danger here was exponentially higher. Chu Mu felt that if a creature hadn't reached the dominator rank, whether it would survive here or not depended only 50% on luck. The remaining percent would be determined by luck and fate.

    The inner crystals of paragon emperors were obviously precious. Although the main fighting force this time had been Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi, both of them had reached the dominator rank. These two items were either needed or unneeded by them; it wasn't a problem of price or value for them. If they needed it, they would just take it. If they didn't, they would give it to the other for.

    Pang Yue's Delayed Lightning was still in the high emperor rank. Thus, the Paragon Emperor's inner crystal wen to her.

    After obtaining this pure energy crystal, her face blossomed in a smile. This was a huge help for her Delayed Lightning advancing to the peak emperor rank. Normally, for her, the hard part about this wasn't even killing a paragon emperor rank to obtain an inner crystal, but actually finding one.

    It could be said that purely the thunder type paragon emperor's inner crystal's was worth the five month journey for Pang Yue.


    Crossing the mountain, passing through the valley, flying over the precipice. The group of six continued towards the captivating red horizon.

    Often, they would feel that no matter how far they walked, the splotch of captivating red in the horizon didn't grow closer at all.

    En route, the rank of creatures they encountered was indeed very high. Chu Mu's analysis had been spot on in this regard.

    Fortunately, the four others besides Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi were exceptionally excited by the high ranking inner crystals they obtained. It was like they had entered a cornucopia.

    With so many resources, they were certain that once the training ended, their strength would erupt!

    These types of training opportunities could only be discovered, but not sought. Presumably, if it wasn't because Mu Qingyi wanted to repay the three great palaces for helping her matter, she wouldn't have easily told them about this secret ground that she had learned from her ancestors.

    "You don't need to leave a few thunder type crystals for yourself?" Mu Qingyi saw that Chu Mu had only taken a few of the crystals, and asked in curiosity.

    Mu Qingyi herself had a dominator rank creature and to obtain these resources, she normally only needed information of their whereabouts. It was understandable why she was being generous. However, she discovered that there were times when Chu Mu was even more generous than she was; he practically did not take any of the items obtained.

    "I just need to take a few for Qingzi's Purple Robed Dream Beast. There's no use in obtaining more." said Chu Mu.

    The Purple Robed Dream Beast was a demon and its secondary attribute was thunder. Thus Chu Mu took a few of the crystals for Ye Qingzi to amalgamate.

    "You don't have a thunder type soul pet, but if you do obtain one in the future, it'll be better if you prepare these thunder type crystals first. It'll be a lot easier than having to purchase and collect them when the time comes." said Mu Qingyi.

    Chu Mu ostensibly hadn't considered preparing for the future mainly because he felt that the probability of him obtaining a thunder type soul pet wasn't high.

    The Dead Dream would occupy Chu Mu's 15th soul pact, which meant that he would only have the 13th pact open.

    15 soul pacts was the limit of humans; ostensibly no one could cross this level. Even if Chu Mu was confident in his ability to surpass this limit, he understood that breaking through the spirit emperor rank and obtaining his 16th soul pact wasn't something that could be accomplished in a short period of time.

    Therefore, there was a chance that his 16th pact would be his last soul pact.

    If Chu Mu could choose, he would choose a water type soul pet and not a thunder type.

    Chu Mu was currently grounded non-swimmer. Chu Mu had never genuinely come into contact with the Eternal Ocean or the Dark Sky Ocean World. In the future, he would definitely enter those and would absolutely have to have a water type.

    Chu Mu was walking down the offensive power type mold. Of his water type choices, he obviously couldn't choose a support type like the Water Moon. Instead, he needed a majestic and domineering ocean beast!


    After passing through the thunder wasteland, the careful Chao Lengchuan discovered a problem.

    "Although the valleys, precipices, and mountains we have walked through are different, I feel that they're pretty similar. Especially the layout of the abyss. It seems that every abyss we pass through is three kilometers south of the precipices and the distance between mountain peaks is completely the same..." said Chao Lengchuan.

    The others hadn't noticed this. Thus, Mu Qingyi checked it over, and discovered that the terrain in the valley of spells was indeed the same everywhere.

    However, although Chao Lengchuan had mentioned this problem, he couldn't explain why. Everyone could only just continue onwards.

    Nonetheless, with this suspicion in mind, everyone discovered with shock that everywhere they walked, they had a feeling of familiarity. Especially when standing from a certain angle, if it wasn't because there were no marks of fighting left on the ground, they would have believed that they were stuck in a never ending valley of spells labyrinth.

    "Our route isn't wrong. The Phoenix species inheritance land is growing closer to us." said Mu Qingyi.

    "But why do I feel like we're just continually walking in circles?" asked Chao Lengchuan.

    "It could just be your mind playing tricks." Chu Mu didn't pay much heed. As long as their direction wasn't incorrect, the similarity in terrain probably wasn't of much concern.

    "Prince Chao, just keep these ideas in your stomach next time. Your words just now gave me a very strange feeling." said Pang Yue, a bit unsatisfied.

    Indeed, before Chao Lengchuan had mentioned this, nobody had thought of it. After it was brought to their attention by the prince, their attention focused on the strange terrain. They walked and walked to verify this strange theory, making them feel frightened in their hearts.

    "Let's go."

    Without an explanation, they could only continue progressing forwards.


    After traveling a month, the valley of spells was gradually left behind the group. In front of them were a series of continuous enormous mountains that extended to the horizon.

    While in the valley of spells, they were still able to see the splotch of red. However, their field of view was being blocked by the overlaying mountain peaks.

    After exiting the valley of spells, the suspicion in everyone's hearts vanished. The reason they felt strange was indeed only their minds playing tricks on them.

    Seeing the enormous mountains sprawled in front of him, Chu Mu could feel his heartbeat speed up. He was even closer to the Phoenix species inheritance ground!

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