Chapter 987: Reincarnated, Crown Phoenix King


    White Nightmare was slightly flustered. Its Shattering Sky Imprint didn't hit the forgiven fox at all!

    The forgiven fox clearly was amazing at dodging, just like Mo Xie. Even a patternless technique like shattering sky imprint couldn't hurt it at all!

    The forgiven fox's gaze looked over tauntingly at White Nightmare. A slight wave of its thunder tail easily fanned away the devil flames the White Nightmare gathered.

    White Nightmare's attitude was always incredibly bad. He could never allow his opponents to belittle him. The strength of resentment gathering caused him to grow a little stronger. It was ripping open space, and was just about to bring a spatial storm into the world.

    However, White Nightmare's incantation got halfway when it suddenly stopped. The burning devil flame face suddenly smiled and stared at the forgiven fox.

    Forgiven fox didn't know why this weak white nightmare would laugh. It was about to launch an attack, when it suddenly felt a coldness come from behind it.

    A pair of crescent eyes suddenly opened in the sky. Turning around, the forgiven fox was astonished to find that its entire behind was covered by a black ghostly figure!

    Its sixteen wings completely opened up caused its body to be massive and cover the entire couple kilometers of sky. It looked like the entire world was shrouded under the lback sixteen wings!

    The entire world turned black. No matter how fast the forgiven fox was, it couldn't instantly dash out of this winged shadow ground!


    Dead dream let out a call announcing death. Its massive phoenix figure fell from the sky towards the ground!

    The five thousand meter tall volcano stood alone while countless fire clouds stacked on top of it. It floated five thousand to ten thousand meters in the sky.

    Suddenly, all the fire clouds rolled towards the sides of the sky. Within the vast air space, a massive phoenix shadow unfurled its wings. It seemed even larger than the entire volcano, as it fell straight towards the rolling mountains at meteoric speeds!

    The entire mountain went silent. Within the red world, only the miracle like sixteen black wings and its handsome figure fell. No matter how sturdy the mountain was, how thick the rocks were, when the phoenix fell, it created a massive crater the shape of a sixteen winged phoenix!!

    This mark was much larger and deeper than many of the abysses, absolutely shocking to the eye.

    In the sky, Chu Mu stood on dead dream's body and looked down at the phoenix shaped abyss.

    Chu Mu knew that the forgiven fox thunder monarch wasn't this easily defeated. Now, the forgiven fox may be even wilder than before, darting from the abyss into the skies at any time.

    Indeed, after dead dream's technique hurt the forgiven fox thunder monarch, they successfully angered the demon fox king.

    Initially, the abyss nearby only had some thunder blinking, but slowly all the mountains, valleys, and ground were filled with purple red lightning arcs!

    Looking down from above, the bottom seemed to be filled with red purple snakes, creating a disastrous scene!


    In the abyss, the forgiven fox controlled thousands of thunder bolts that extended outwards along the ground, shattering all rocks in their way while causing others to float by sheer force......

    "Be careful, this fellow is completely enraged!" Chu Mu reminded dead dream, and told the other three injured soul pets to gather by dead dream.


    In the volcano

    "Did you hear anything?" Teng Lang lifted his head to gaze out of the mouth.

    From their angle, Teng Lang finally realized what it meant to be shallow sighted from a well. However, this "well" was truly large, feeling as if they fell instead into large basin.


    Suddenly, countless purple red dragons flew by the basin, their shocking after image scaring Teng Lang!

    This was clearly the forgiven fox thunder monarch's power. However, Chu Mu likely brought it far away, so why were these bolts still reaching here?

    After the thunder came, the entire volcano shook strangely and the lava that fell below two thousand meters started rolling!

    "The lava is coming back up!" Pang Yue went pale with terror and quickly said to Mu Qingyi.

    Mu QIngyi looked below the phoenix altar and saw that the lava was indeed rolling and starting to rise. Presumably, if the thunder that went across the mouth of the volcano instead came in, the lava wouldn't be bubbling up but instead erupt instantly!

    "We still have some time, don't worry." Shen Mo said calmly.

    Crown phoenix king's reincarnation needed Mu Qingyi's soul remembrance as a lead, bringing in the purest flames of the phoenix mountain in as blood of the crown phoenix king. It's similar to bringing the energy of a soul crystal into a soul pet; it took a while.

    Now Mu Qingyi was almost finished with the blood injection. As long as crown phoenix activates all the blood, it can reincarnate.

    Now, with the lava coming up, Mu Qingyi could only pray the lava would come up slower or else all their previous efforts would be in vain.

    "Let's think of ways to slow it down." Shen Mo glanced at Teng Lang and Pang Yue and said.

    The two nodded. No matter if they could use all their energy, they tried their absolute best to tell their soul pets to use techniques to stop the lava from rising.


    Outside the volcano, there were still lightning shocks. Every shake caused the volcano's rising speed to quicken. Shen Mo, Pang Yue, Teng Lang and the others were all covered in sweat now.

    Using all their might, they could only delay the lava meagerly. Now, the lava was around two thousand eight hundred meters. In two hundred more meters, the phoenix altar will be devoured.

    "You guys leave, I need a bit more time." Mu Qingyi didn't want to give up and said to the other three.

    'Sister Mu, let's let it go and wait until the lava falls again....." pang Yue said uneasily.

    The lava was less than a hundred meters away. The speed ti was rising was many times faster than a rising tide, so in a quick moment the lava could reach them.

    "Chu Fangchen couldn't possibly fight against the thunder monarch for that long. We have to do it in one go." Mu Qingyi said very sternly.

    "Let's leave first then." Shen Mo didn't say more and instead leaped onto his lwing type sou lpet.

    Pang Yue and Teng Lang also couldn't change Mu Qingyi's adamance and leaped onto Shen Mo's soul pet, lifting off towards the mouth.

    After the three left, Mu Qingyi gazed gravely at the rising red liquid, and her heart was slightly flustered.

    However, to not cause her to be distracted, she closed her eyes and stopped caring about the life devouring lava.

    The phoenix's burning blood slowly flowed through, its flaming aura giving it new life. Closing her eyes, Mu Qingyi stood fearlessly and submersed herself in the soul and blood connected world with her phoenix, thinking only about her desire for it to be reincarnated.

    And the life devouring lava was already over the altar and at her feet.....

    At the mouth of the volcano, Shen Mo, Teng Lang, and Pang Yue all stared at the decisive figure on the altar.

    Suddenly, another shake caused the lava to bubble forth!

    The three all stared blankly as they saw the war goddess get devoured by the lava the moment it bubbled higher!!

    She had no protection, so even if she were ninth remembrance spirit emperor, she couldn't last long in the lava. The three people could almost feel Mu Qingyi's elegant body dissolving in the lava already.

    "Didn't.....didn't succeed?" Pang Yue's face went pale as she looked down, her heart suddenly wrenching with pain.

    Shen Mo's head was blank as well. The only thing he could see was the color red. He didn't understand why the war goddess would do it even knowing the great danger that accompanied it.

    "Get out of the way!"

    Suddenly, Chu Mu's voice came from the three speechless people.

    The three turned around to find Chu Mu on Dead Dream, which was hit by lightning trident that sent it backwards right overhead of the three people!


    Dead Dream was impaled deeply into the side of the volcano. Countless purple red arcs flew out of the trident and covered dead dream's body, creating continuous powerful shocks to dead dream!


    Shen Mo and the other two didn't even realize when they felt something fly past them in a thundering manner towards dead dream!

    The three instantly started sweating profusely as their bodies went stiff.

    The thing that flew past them was the terrifying forgiven fox thunder monarch. If the fox king had any hostility towards them at all, they were definitely already dust!


    "This phoenix is truly powerful!!" Chu Mu finally realized how powerful a three main type demon fox was. Seeing the forgiven fox coming so quickly after for a follow up attack, Chu Mu furrowed his brows.

    The trident's thunder paralyzed dead dream causing it to be unable to move. In this state, if attacked directly by forgiven fox, dead dream would be heavily injured.

    Seeing dead dream unable to dodge, Chu Mu could only step forth. Though he didn't have White Nightmare, his body still had the defense of a half devil. Blocking forgiven fox's attack shouldn't be an issue. As for the three that would see this scene, Chu Mu could only explain with a defensive soul equipment.


    Just as Chu Mu was about to give himself up to the attack, an imposing phoenix roar came from the molten lava!

    The molten lava boiled and a beautiful lava blossomed upwards, sending streaks everywhere.

    Within the lava, a golden flaming figure flew outwards, becoming a holy beam that flew right into the attacking fox king's underbelly!


    The fox king let out a pained call and flew upwards into the sky along with the golden glow!

    As the golden glow appeared clearer, the high skies showed a noble figure!

    The burning golden flames covered a body that shined with feathers and a long elegant tail. The golden beam that hit the forgiven fox thunder monarch into the skies was the direct descendant of the ancestor of flames - crown phoenix king!

    And on the crown phoenix king's back stood someone the three people thought had melted: Mu Qingyi, elegant as always!

    At this moment, not only did crown phoenix king revive, Mu Qingyi seemed to have revived from the flames too.

    Under the holy glow, she seemed even more holy and was like a true war goddess!

    "Goddess Mu truly is beautiful. Chu Fangchen is too good at hiding jewels like her." Teng Lang looked at the beautiful figure in the sky and was envious.

    Standing at the edge of the volcano, Shen Mo and Pang Yue saw Mu Qingyi so valiant and let out a breath of relief, smiling.

    Crown phoenix king was revived, Mu Qingyi not only will return to her former glory, she will even raise a level because of her white tiger's breakthrough and become the strongest human in the world!

    The war goddess regaining her strength was a great factor to breaking the balance between three palace and soul alliance. Thinking back to when Mu Qingyi was wounded, many conservative three palace people didn't even want to help.

    Now that Mu Goddess was incredibly powerful, the elders would have to sigh at how wise Chu Fangchen's decision was.

    At the same time, soul alliance must be incredibly regretful as to why they attacked Mu Qingyi or why they didn't finish her off!


    "Chu Fangchen, phoenix altar has the ancient blood a phoenix needs to reincarnate. My phoenix has already awaken this blood. You have to tell dead dream to go now or else the ancient blood will disappear." Mu Qingyi said with mental voice from the skies."Your crown phoenix king reincarnated?" Chu Mu gazed up at the beautiful Mu Qingyi and asked.

    "Let me deal with the forgiven fox, quickly help your dead dream finish its reincarnation." Mu Qingyi said.

    Chu Mu noticed that the crown phoenix king only regained its former strength but didn't get stronger. He specially glanced at Mu Qingyi, who avoided his question, and understood the reasoning behind it.

    However, Chu Mu didn't hesitate. Calling white nightmare back to his soul pet space, not caring about the lava, he jumped right into it with dead dream!


    Reincarnation was in sight!

    At this moment, Chu Mu's heart boiled with the lava!!

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