Chapter 1006: White Nightmare? Silver Devil?

    Chu Mu didn't know something very important.

    It was that Li Hong had sent someone to deliver information that Soul Alliance was planning on attacking. They seemed to have realized that the three great palaces was constantly pushing out experts like Chu Fangchen and if this continued, it would gradually grow disadvantageous for them.

    Therefore, they were searching for an opportunity. The appearance of Wu Kuang was just this; it amplified the morale of Soul Alliance and if Chu Fangchen, who represented the strongest young generation of the three great palaces, and Mu Qingyi, who was their strongest ally, lost under the witness of the neutral factions and both sides, Soul Alliance could use this victory to launch an all out attack on the three great palaces.

    This was information Li Hong had sent. Diagram Supreme Ke Yin obtained it yesterday.

    Diagram Supreme Ke Yin had discussed it with Liu Binglan, and Liu Binglan had summoned all of the senior elders to the great hall that night to discuss.

    The three great palaces clearly weren't fully prepared to fight, especially with the Four Heroes on the opposing side. The three great palaces would only be able to obtain advantages in fights in the cities and other territories.

    Therefore, the later the war broke out for the three great palaces, the better it was for them.

    Unfortunately, after many years of probing, Soul Alliance ultimately came to understand the bottomline for the three great palaces. When this happened and if they had accumulated enough strength, they wouldn't hesitate to start a war!

    Of course, the outbreak of war needed to have a good start!

    This duel, to a certain extent, was believed by Soul Alliance as a fight to boost morale. Once Chu Fangchen and Mu Qingyi, these two huge obstacles, were disposed of, Soul Alliance could rely on the victory to launch an all out attack...

    Liu Binglan and Ke Yin chose not to tell Chu Mu this.

    If they won this fight, Soul Alliance wouldn't make any rash moves. There was no leader that would try and start a war after suffering two consecutive defeats since their morale would be low.

    Thus, if they won, this would buy more time to prepare for the three great palaces. This was discussed that night and the hope was that they would win because the war was extremely important.

    If they could win, Chu Fangchen and Mu Qingyi would presumably use their full strength.

    By telling them the serious repercussions of the fight beforehand, this could make them stubbornly insisting on fighting till the end which could lead to serious injury or death.

    Both of these people were vital to the three great palaces. If they perished, they would have no hope of winning in the subsequent war.

    "If the situation is unfavorable, have them give up. If we need to fight, then let's fight. That day has finally arrived." Diagram Supreme Ke Ying sighed.

    Liu Binglan's eyes were fixed in on Chu Mu. She felt that not telling Chu Mu was correct. The opponent was too strong. If he insisted on fighting, it would cause him harm, and she wouldn't allow anything to happen to her son again.

    The higher ups of the three great palaces were filled with gloom as they quietly spoke. While this was happening, the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King with its beast soul force had charged at the Crown Phoenix King!

    Space began to tremble from its charge. The enormous horn soul shadow approached the Crown Phoenix King. Even if the Crown Phoenix King's ability to dodge was better, it still wouldn't be able to dodge this soul shadow attack. Its flying figure was knocked flying with a tragic cry after being struck by the horned soul shadow.

    "Hou Hou!!!!!!!"

    The Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King let out a roar. Its horned soul shadow suddenly split from its real horn, transforming into a flying horn that flew towards the ground the moment when the Crown Phoenix King landed!!

    The horn soul shadow didn't deal any destruction on the ground. However, the Crown Phoenix King, after being struck by the enormous soul shadow and falling from the sky, was painfully struggling and was pierced by the horn, nailing it to the ground.

    Just as the Crown Phoenix King was defeated, the snow and frost White Tiger was unable to keep up with the dominator rank Icy Death King. It was knocked to the ground by the powerful dominator's ice type techniques. Its body was filled with wounds.

    The White Tiger ultimately hadn't reached the dominator rank and could not persevere against the Icy Death King for a long time.

    Chu Mu, due to receiving the assistance of Mu Qingyi's two soul pets, gradually was able to suppress Mo Ling's arrogance. Seeing Mu Qingyi fall into a disadvantaged state, he hastily had the White Nightmare assist and lessen the pressure on the White Tiger and Crown Phoenix King.

    "It's not an optimistic situation. The soul shadow force is very dominating. My phoenix was struck by it once. It will be difficult to continue fighting." said Mu Qingyi.

    Of the two dominators, one was an ice type which completely countered Mu Qingyi's Crown Phoenix King.

    The other was a beast king with the rare Ancient Beast Soul Force. It was also hard to deal with and its advantage was visible!

    "This Wu Kuang is truly hard to deal with. If you can't keep going, we can give up." said Chu Mu.

    Chu Mu had already prepared to do this. Wu Kuang's strength had indeed made him shocked. However, once his Dead Dream reached the tenth phase, it wouldn't be a problem for the Dead Dream to face both the Icy Death King and Horned Beast King by itself. If needed, they didn't need to win here.

    As for Mo Ling's life. They could take it at any time later. There was no rush now.

    Mu Qingyi looked with a bit of shock at Chu Mu. She didn't know why he was willing to give up so fast.

    "Just give up like this? Soul Alliance has drummed up killing intent from this; you and I will still have to face these two people..." Mu Qingyi spoke through her mental voice.

    "What do you mean by drumming up killing intent?" Chu Mu didn't understand.

    "You don't know? You really don't know that it's likely that Soul Alliance will launch an all out attack on the three great palaces if they win this fight?" asked Mu Qingyi.

    Chu Mu obviously didn't know about this. He was about to ask for the details when he suddenly saw the Icy Death King and Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King drop from the sky, causing the sky filled with snowflakes to turn into an icy downpour. It charged towards the ground with its incomparably large soul shadow horn heavily smashing down!

    Chu Mu's heart tightened. Mu Qingyi would probably have trouble dealing with the techniques from these two dominator ranks while his White Nightmare would not be able to bear with their strength.

    "White Nightmare, Visual Obstruction Space!" Chu Mu hastily ordered the White Nightmare.

    The White Nightmare quickly chanted an incantation, extending its arms. Suddenly, a huge portion of space began to warp and everyone's vision of that space turned hazy!

    "Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~"

    A silver white devil flame suddenly proliferated in that space. The devil flame ocean attack had a wide range of attack. However, it was very unlikely to deal damage to a dominator rank creature.

    In the devil flames, Mu Qingyi looked confusedly at Chu Mu. She didn't understand why he would use a technique that merely dazzle one's eyes.

    Of course, she couldn't think about it any longer because the one flying at them from the sky was an incomparably strong dominator. A slight bit of inattentiveness could cause them to lose their lives. She quickly ordered the White Tiger and Crown Phoenix King to put up defenses.

    Neither the White Tiger nor Crown Phoenix King were defensive type soul pets. Thus, she knew that it was very likely that both of them would be injured this time...

    It seemed that this fight was truly unwinnable.

    The White Tiger and Crown Phoenix King were different attributes: one ice and one fire. They completely two different attributed defenses. However, Mu Qingyi was shocked because when the vast and powerful techniques of the two dominator rank creatures came, they mysteriously entered the White Nightmare's warped space, unexpectedly only leaving a light ripple?

    Mu Qingyi was stunned. She didn't know what Chu Mu's White Nightmare had used to stop the techniques from the two dominator rank creatures. When she glanced over at Chu Mu, she discovered that he had at some point disappeared in the devil flame ocean!

    She quickly condensed soul remembrance to search for Chu Mu in the silver white devil flames. After surveying the area, she was unable to see him; instead, in the incomparably sturdy defense of the space, Mu Qingyi found a pillar of silver devil flames!

    "How is it a completely silver color?" Mu Qingyi was stunned.

    Did the White Nightmare advance to a genuine dominator rank? Otherwise, why would it have silver colored devil flames?!

    "Hu hu~~~~~~"

    The torrential devil flames danced with flaming tongues. A silver evil figure suddenly flashed through Mu Qingyi's vision. Immediately afterwards, Mu Qingyi saw the evil figure extend an arm in the chaotic devil flames!

    The evil figure's devil hand grabbed the air. Space immediately crumbled and its left and right devil hands proceeded to pull out two gradually expanding spatial windstorms from a dimensional space!

    Mu Qingyi seemed to hear the silver figure let out a low roar. Two destructive windstorms from other worlds respectively surged at the Icy Death King and Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King. The two dominators were unable to detect that the opponent had instantaneously managed to create such a powerful technique. They were unable to retaliate against the spatial windstorms that were filled with crushing power. In an instant, their bodies were swallowed and fiercely knocked up, torn away at and flung around!

    Mu Qingyi was stunned. Even if the White Tiger and Crown Phoenix King combined forces, they probably would be unable to create such a powerful technique!

    Seeing the two dominators knocked flying by the windstrom and the blurry figure in the silver devil flames, a feeling of familiarity abruptly arose within Mu Qingyi. As this feeling grew more powerful, a huge wave suddenly arose in her heart!

    The silver devil!

    This evil figure was extremely similar to the silver devil!!

    But how could the silver devil appear here!

    The scene in front of her seemed to flash by, but it left an indelible picture in her heart.

    Was it a special soul technique used by Chu Mu, or was it Chu Mu's White Nightmare or was it the mysterious and dangerous silver devil?

    The silver devil flames had appeared too quickly and disappeared too quickly. Mu Qingyi knew that it had happened the moment the Icy Death King and Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King's techniques had been neutralized, and the subsequent powerful Spatial Windstorm retaliation!

    "Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~"

    The devil flames continued to burn beside Mu Qingyi, blocking her vision. For some reason, space began to strangely distort, preventing her from seeing outside the distortion.

    An unknown period of time passed before Mu Qingyi discovered that the man who had just disappeared had now reappeared near her. Moreover, he looked like he was commanding the fight.

    Only, Mu Qingyi had genuinely felt and seen that in the short two seconds he had disappeared, inconceivable things had occurred!

    "Chu Fangchen, you..." Mu Qingyi looked at Chu Mu, stunned.

    Chu Mu returned to his senses. His eyes passed through the devil flames and saw Mu Qingyi looking at him like that. He was able to guess that she should have seen something.

    His face didn't change, but the demonic silver light in his eyes had been shed. His expression was serious as he said: "Quick, take advantage and attack!"

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