Chapter 1135: Marsh Bewildering World, Marsh Fish Devil!

    After the Grassland Empire, they came across a dried yellow and grey marsh.

    Jia Heng told them that Devil Souls appeared on the southern side of the marsh, which bordered the ice fields. Thus, this area was abnormally vast, and finding Devil Souls was no easy task.

    After learning about the approximate location, Jia Heng and Li Qin were of no more use to Chu Mu. The five of them decided to ditch them and began to head to the southern side of the marsh.

    "Those two aren't just your normal arrogant fellows. After Chu Mu summoned the Dead Dream, their attitudes became much better." muttered Ye Wansheng.

    "Ignore them. Let's go to the marsh to train first. Afterwards, we'll search for Devil Souls." said Chu Mu.

    Training was the important thing for them to accomplish by coming to the vast bewildering world. This marsh bewildering world was an enormous empire. It looked deathly quiet, without a single life force. Yet, it was hidden with great danger and a careless  mistake could lead to them being dragged into an enormous pool of mud where they would choke to death.

    The ancient trees covered with a dense deathly aura littered the areas of the marsh where the ground was harder. As they looked at this expansive land of desolation and empty silence, the two women felt exceptionally uncomfortable. This was especially the case since the sludge was emitting a disgusting smell.

    "Sou sou!!!!"

    Suddenly, a tentacle rapidly shot out of the sludge beside Ye Qingzi. It rapidly wrapped around her waist and then pulled back.

    The others were stunned. They never expected the tentacle to be so fast.

    Chu Mu, who was walking next to Ye Qingzi, reacted equally as fast. Just as the tentacle was going to haul Ye Qingzi away, he immediately grabbed the tentacle!

    Silver devil flames shot up and quickly burned the tentacle. The flames spread to the area underneath the marsh.

    Once the tentacle was burned, it hastily let go of Ye Qingzi and rapidly pulled back.

    In the blink of an eye, the marsh was silent again. It was like nothing had happened just now.

    Ye Qingzi looked at Chu Mu with fright and shock. Chu Mu, however, discovered that Ye Qingzi's waist had been poisoned, and he brought it to her attention.

    Ye Qingzi found a detoxification medicine from her spatial ring, letting Chu Mu help her apply it. What was astonishing was that Ye Qingzi's personally concocted detoxification medicine would normally detoxify areas with a simple wipe; yet, the poison left by the tentacle only disappeared after rubbing for a while.

    "That thing shouldn't be a low rank. We need to be more careful." said Chu Mu.

    The devil flames that shot out from Chu Mu's hand just now weren't a technique. However, he was a low class dominator rank and a casual flame would be able to burn an emperor rank creature to ashes. Yet, this thing had managed to pull back.

    Not long after they entered the marsh, they had already encountered a high ranking creature. If it was a normal spirit emperor team, they probably would have been completely wiped out just now.

    The marshlands was a large empire, so flying wasn't practical. Thus, they could only continue walking.

    Chu Mu had a map in his hands. The map told them how to smoothly walk through the marsh lands.

    Normally speaking, a bewildering world didn't have a defined path. Indeed, bewildering worlds were unimaginably large and innately were like a maze. Being able to leave after entering was already very lucky.

    As for this marsh, its uniqueness lay in the fact that each puddle of mud could be a savage creature's nest.  There were even multiple times that one would have no idea one had stepped into a nest. Further, since the areas with solid ground were very limited, if one didn't follow the route on the map, the danger would be exponentially higher.

    The map showed several routes to take. Since they were here to train, they couldn't choose a completely safe one.

    The distribution of soul pet ranks in the marsh bewildering world was somewhat strange. Often, powerful and formidable creatures could appear in the outer perimeter of the marsh. City Lord Ziran had also warned Chu Mu and the others of this multiple times. It didn't matter where they went, they had to be particularly careful.

    Of course, they had personally experienced this just now. The marsh lands were indeed a dangerous area. If it were anyone else, they wouldn't be able to react so quickly to the tentacle attack. If someone were to be hauled into the mud, saving them would be even harder because the thin-looking mud was actually deeper than an ocean. A depth of several thousand meters was considered shallow.

    Concretely speaking, the marsh lands were probably actually an enormous and deep marsh ocean. Occasionally, hard land with grass and old trees formed by hardened mud would appear on the top. This would barely allow creatures to walk across. However, a fatal attack could come at any moment from the silent and still mud all around them.

    Chu Mu had no idea what soul pet to ride in the marsh land. Thus, he chose to ride with Ye Qingzi on the Purple Robe Dream Beast. If Night was here, its light steps would allow it to easily cross the marsh since it was even able to cross the ocean like it was stepping on land.

    As they continued to walk forwards, an enormous mud lake astonishingly appeared in front of everyone!

    The mud lake was a fourth rank and the mysterious bubbles rising from the top of the lake made one feel goosebumps. There was also the disgusting smell it emitted, filling one with a nauseating and vomiting feeling.

    Ye Qingzi and Mu Qingyi couldn't stand the smell. Fortunately, Ye Qingzi was able to summon the Bell Noise concubine and dispel the disgusting smell from around them.

    "If we are hauled down underwater here, even if we don't suffocate to death, we'll choke to death from the smell. It's even more terrifying than poison." muttered Chao Lengchuan.

    The two women nodded their heads in heavy affirmation.

    At this moment, Chu Mu's eyes fell on the lakeside in the distance.

    "There seems to be some movement there. Let's go over and look." said Chu Mu.

    Ye Qingzi nodded her head and the Purple Robe Dream Beast lightly floated over.

    As they gradually neared, Chu Mu quickly discovered that there was a beast type soul pet frantically attacking the mud on the lakeside. It continuously let out extremely angry roars.

    "It's a Blood Unicorn Beast near the dominator rank. What is it attacking the mud for?" Mu Qingyi looked curiously at the frantic Blood Unicorn Beast.

    The Blood Unicorn beast was about seven to eight meters long and was covered in a blood armor. Its outer appearance resembled an ancient Qilin and it evidently was a descendent of Qilins. Qilins, like dragons and phoenixes, belonged to extremely high ranked species. It was normally incredibly difficult to obtain one.

    For some reason now, the Blood Unicorn Beast was violently attacking the serene mud. It even looked like it wanted to bore into the mud.

    If a non-water creature entered water to fight, it would even have difficulty exhibiting 10% of its strength. The obstruction force of mud was even higher than water. Thus, if the Blood Unicorn Beast were to bore its way into the mud, it would just be delivering itself as a tasty meal to the lake's creatures.

    "Hou~~~~~ hou~~~~~~~"

    As the Blood Unicorn Beast bore its way in, it discovered Chu Mu and the others walking towards it. It hastily ran over and gave an imploring cry.

    "Young master, its master was hauled inside." Old Li translated the Blood Unicorn Beast's words.

    A spirit emperor's life force would allow one to live probably at most five minutes in the mud if it wasn't attacked. They didn't know how long this poor fellow had been dragged under for and whether he would be a corpse by the time they hauled him up.

    "Ling, save him." Ye Qingzi glanced at the adjacent Bell Noise Concubine and spoke to it.

    The Bell Noise Concubine nodded its head. A whip-like tendril emerged from its colorful flower-petals that resembled a dress.

    The tendril quickly shot into the mud and searched the area the Blood Unicorn Beast was attacking.


    The Bell Noise concubine seemed to have found the person who had been dragged to an unknown depth in the mud. It let out an elated cry and suddenly pulled back the tendril, dragging the person out of the mud.


    As the tendril drew back, a muddy person was dragged onto land.

    This muddy person had been covered by countless layers of mud. However, with Ye Qingzi here, he probably wouldn't die even if had been dragged under for more than five minutes.

    Ye Qingzi was going to save him when suddenly, a terrifying mud wave shot out from the mud. Immediately after, a monster, which upper body resembled a rotted beast while its lower body resembled a mud fish, appeared from the surging mud wave.

    The half-beast half-fish didn't have arms. Instead, on either side were malevolent and twisting tentacles. It looked extremely disgusting!

    Chu Mu and the others hadn't seen a creature like this before. They all looked at Old Li.

    "This is a Marsh Fish Devil. It is a combination of the corpse attribute and water attribute. Normally, its greatest enjoyment is to find create and collect corpses in its territory. The more corpses it has, the happier is." said Old Li.

    Listening to Old Li's description, everyone felt their hair stand on end. This was a monster that enjoyed collecting corpses. Did it take these corpses as food? That would be even more disgusting.

    "Hmph, it was this fellow just now that had attacked Qingzi, right?" sneered Chu Mu.

    Since it dared attack his wife, this disgusting fish devil really didn't want to live.

    Given that it enjoyed collecting corpses, then he would let it collect its own corpse!


    The Marsh Fish Devil's rotten eyes terrifyingly stared at Ye Qingzi's Bell Noise Concubine.

    Evidently, this monster was extremely angry. This fellow had stolen the collection piece it had caught. It normally most enjoyed collecting human corpses!

    The Bell Noise Concubine was not a fighting-type soul pet. Although it had reached the pseudo dominator rank, in front of this incomparably savage Marsh Fish Devil, the Bell Noise Concubine quickly jumped behind Chu MU and let out little girl noises.

    Chu Mu had already begun chanting an incantation. The only one suitable to fight in a marsh was the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

    However, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was no longer suitable for training, so he ultimately decided to summon Zhan Ye to fight alongside Mu Qingyi's White Tiger.

    The White Tiger used a freezing ability, freezing the marsh. It prevented the Marsh Fish Devil from returning to the marsh and gave Zhan Ye the means to fight!

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