Chapter 1141: Large Hunt, Fight Between 100 Experts

    Ye Wansheng and Prince Chao stared at them. This Evil Good Queen's techniques were too terrifying, to be able to instakill six pseudo dominators.

    Without even having a chance to take action, Mu Qingyi looked on with vigilance, as always, at Yu Suo. For some reason, even if this woman had become Chu Mu's slave, she was still able to sense a dangerous aura from this woman. This dangerous woman could even trap Chu Mu in a state of eternal damnation. This was especially the case when she saw this woman's shocking display of power, easily instakilling six pseudo dominators.

    As for Liao Yu, he was even more stunned. He never expected this big sis who looked like a fairy and was gorgeous like a snow lotus, would have such insane strength. Moreover, she didn't even blink an eye when killing people. Her cruel methods were completely the opposite of her beauty and temperament. He was even doubting whether he was seeing properly.

    Chu Mu glanced at the distant mountain range. He could feel a violent energy wave from between the mountains. The power being exhibited there was probably from low class dominators.

    "I'll go look first. You guys can come later." Chu Mu spoke to everyone behind him.

    Including Mu Qingyi, the others hadn't reached the low class dominator rank yet. Chu Mu couldn't be certain how many experts were fighting in the mountain range. Recklessly letting them go there would definitely lead to danger. Therefore, he had to go scout it out first.

    "Ok, be careful." Ye Qingzi nodded her head.

    Chu Mu glanced at the small Mo Xie on his shoulder and said: "You stay here and protect them."

    "Wu wu~~" the small Mo Xie lightly jumped off of Chu Mu's shoulder, and into Ye Qingzi's embrace. It shifted its body before returning to its enervated appearance. It just laid in Ye Qingzi's embrace and slept.

    Ye Qingzi stroked the small fellow's ears. Looking at her adorable appearance, she couldn't help but laugh: "How can she sleep so much?"

    With Mo Xie with them, Chu Mu didn't need to worry too much. He glanced at Yu Suo and hesitated. Ultimately, he said: "Follow me."

    Since there were still Devil Souls in the Mountain Range, recalling her to the soul pet space would waste quite a bit of soul power. Chu Mu's soul power was also the energy and physical strength of his half devil transformation. Consuming too much of it would affect his fighting strength.

    The Evil Good Queen had a rare opportunity to come out and take a breath of fresh air. There was a brimming smile on her face, but she looked very obedient as she followed closely beside Chu Mu.

    However, as this woman left, she didn't forget to throw a charming and smiling glance at Ye Wansheng, Prince Chao, and Liao Yu. It seemed like she was using her eyes to tell them something.

    Despite her flirtatious and enchanting appearance, she also gave people a flawless and unblemished feeling; nobody had touched her before. Ye Wansheng, who had the worst focus of the three, was instantly captivated. Prince Chao was a bit better since he had personally witnessed the terrifying and cruel side of the Evil Good Queen. As for the childish Liao Yu, he probably had already forgotten about his "sister" who was the most beautiful in this world.

    Seeing the expressions of these three men change, Yu Suo couldn't help but raise her captivating, pink lips. She was silently thinking that Chu Mu, this bastard, had a heart of stone that she couldn't move at all. The people beside him weren't saints, however. If she slowly built up dominance like this, one day she would be able to free herself!

    Of course, the Evil Good Queen had a headache over the fact that the Evil Good Flower was perpetually locked by Chu Mu in his second soul pact. If she were to risk her life, she would be able to escape from Chu Mu's soul pet space. However, the only thing that would escape would be her human soul. Without the Evil Good Flower, her strength would be greatly diminished.


    Chu Mu stood between the Little Hidden Dragon's dragon horns and flew high up above the mountain range.

    The Little Hidden Dragon's spectral attribute provided Chu Mu with excellent concealment. The state of the fight in the mountain range seemed to be a bit chaotic. If they were accidentally discovered, it was likely they would be pulled into the chaotic fight.

    They passed through the long valley between two mountains where the cliffs on either side were jagged. Countless high ranking soul pets appeared between cliffs and the halo of techniques spun through the air and narrow valley. Waves of dangerous energy spilled out, dissuading others from approaching.

    Chen Hua's group of people were probably weaker than the groups of people fighting in the mountain range. Among them were probably the underlings of Border Commander Wu Zhen, who Liao Yu had mentioned.

    Border Commander Wu Zhen's underlings were all Border Generals. In order to obtain the title of a Border General, one had to at least possess a low class dominator rank. Chu Mu used his other pupil to sweep his eyes over the undulating mountains. He discovered approximately ten pulsating auras, meaning that there were about ten dominator soul pets!

    Besides from this, there were other pulsating auras in other areas of the mountain range that were approximately near the dominator rank. These pulsating auras numbered even more. Chu Mu wasn't able to immediately figure out how many there were.

    "Why are there so many experts gathered here?" Chu MU creased his brows.

    The mountain range in front of him was expansive and would occasionally steeply rise to the clouds while at other times steeply dropping to form an enormous abyss valley. Among the undulating mountains, there were numerous dominator rank auras and even more high ranking emperor auras. Ostensibly with one glance, he could see ten or so high rank emperors flit through a corner of the mountain range.

    "Young master, Devil Souls are very precious. To a certain extent, they also act as an opportunity for spirit emperors to step into the spirit dominator rank. Monarch rank Devil Souls are valued no less than a first rank xuan item, while an emperor rank is approximate to a third or fourth rank xuan item, which are capable of creating a low rank dominator. From the current situation, you can see that there is more than one Devil Soul." said Old Li.

    The Devil Soul Chu Mu had just captured was a monarch rank. It was hard to believe that a monarch rank creature was equivalent to a dominator rank xuan item.

    "What about a dominator rank Devil Soul?" Chu Mu was very curious as to why Old Li didn't tell him about dominator rank Devil Souls.

    "Dominator rank Devil Souls are priceless treasures. They aren't inferior to the Hades Purple Emperor that your little fox transformed into. The chances of them appearing are practically zero." continued Old Li.

    Chu Mu nodded his head. He urged the Little Hidden Dragon to continue flying to the depths of the mountain range, but he quickly discovered that in front of him, there seemed to be people lingering between the tall mountains.

    "They seem to have surrounded a large mountain." Chu Mu muttered to himself.

    Chu Mu wanted to enter the mountain when he discovered that soul pet trainers were appearing from various directions. They were evenly distributed, resembling a noble hunting party that would use a group of servants to surround their prey and gradually close in and shrink the area around the prey.

    "Devil Soul!!! Devil Soul!!!" suddenly, an excited male voice rang out from the nearby mountain stream.

    "Split up and chase after it. You two go that way." said a man that resembled the team leader.

    Immediately after, Chu Mu saw a group of people watching over these two tall mountains split up and chase that Devil Soul.

    Most of the mountain had been surrounded by a group of people approximately at the high emperor rank. The Devil Soul was probably at the center of the mountain. The moment the Devil Soul attempted to escape one direction, those people would be in charge of chasing it. Chen Hua's group was definitely also a group that had pursued the Devil Soul beyond the mountains.

    As these people watching over the mountain scattered, Chu Mu happened to be flying towards them. As for the Devil Soul they were chasing, it was flying towards Chu Mu, since Old Li had told Chu Mu that the good side of Yu Suo was like a flower that attracted bees. Therefore, he had to use his advantage to obtain the Devil Soul. It would be best to obtain an emperor rank Devil Soul!

    Indeed, as Chu Mu flew straight towards the mountain, the spectral form Devil Soul shyly floated out from behind a rock.

    As per usual, Yu Suo used a flower type petrify when the Devil Soul got close, instantly binding the Devil Soul. Then, Chu Mu chanted an incantation and recalled this Devil Soul into the soul capture ring. It was simple and easy. As for that group of people watching over this area just now, they were chasing in various directions. They didn't realize that this smart little Devil Soul had been hiding in its original spot, and had been conveniently picked up by Chu Mu.

    Unfortunately, this small Devil Soul's species rank was only at the commander rank. It was much weaker than the monarch rank Devil Soul Chu Mu captured earlier.

    "The value of a commander rank Devil Soul is about the same as a spirit item. It's not much use to someone at young master's rank. Young master should keep it to give to others." said Old Li.

    Chu Mu nodded his head, and urged the Little Hidden Dragon to fly even deeper.

    The inner portion of the mountain had been completely destroyed. As Chu Mu flew along, he saw potholes of scorched earth. Presumably, some experts had contested over a Devil Soul and fought a huge battle here.

    After continuing forward some ways, Chu Mu saw four pseudo dominator rank creatures fighting. On two of the pseudo dominator rank creatures were the two people who had lead the way for them - Jia Heng and Li Qin.

    "They got here even earlier." Chu Mu never expected them to come.

    The Moon Devil Colt's body were full of a moonlight-like halo. They looked sparkling and pure. The person riding the Moon Devil Colt was Jia Heng and he relied on this demon soul pet's agility to obtain a monarch rank Devil Soul.

    Jia Heng and Li Qin only had one pseudo dominators each. However, the monarch rank devil soul's value was equivalent to a xuan item, meaning there was a high chance they would be able to strength another soul pet to the dominator rank. To them, being able to obtain one was already an immense good fortune. Therefore, they didn't dare be greedy, and immediately attempted to leave.

    However, Devil Souls were not easily taken away. The two of them were quickly blocked by people from Wen City. These people were very direct and gave them two options: either leave the Devil Soul or leave the Devil Soul and their lives!

    But how could they give up the thing they were protecting? The two of them risked their lives to fight.

    However, the opposing party of two were clearly stronger. Not long after they started fighting, they were at a disadvantage. The two of them were continuously crushed by the opponent soul pets' various techniques.

    As the two of them were being crushed, Chu Mu happened to fly over. He was planning initially on taking a detour and leaving, when he happened to hear them mention they had a monarch rank Devil Soul.

    A monarch rank Devil Soul was approximate to a first rank xuan item. Chu Mu suddenly felt that leaving like this would be too disloyal to his friends over there!

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