Chapter 1226: Ancient Organism, Dragon People!

    Chu Mu remembered the last time he was in the ice palace, the tunnel felt extremely long, causing Chu Mu to have a mind full of perverse thoughts.

    Now, Chu Mu was much stronger than before and wouldn't get affected as much. Also, he travels much faster now and won't be as slow as before.

    Anyways, after walking for a while, Chu Mu slowly felt that there were elemental ripples ahead.

    Sadly, the elemental ripples were there, but Chu Mu didn't see anything he wanted to see.

    Continuing forth, the elemental aura got denser and denser. If any ice type or wind type organism lived here long term, they could probably reach top tier emperor rank without any soul items.

    Chu Mu lost all sense of time now as he rode Mo Xie along the path. Chu Mu slowly started feeling a piercing coldness and biting wind.

    The cave was finally at an end. Chu Mu could see the tunnel open up into endless darkness ahead.

    Wind, Ice, and darkness, three thick elemental auras interlaced around Chu Mu. Standing at the edge of the cave, Chu Mu gazed at the suddenly wide open world, looking at the vast unknown in front of him.

    In the endless darkness, was there anything? Did it hide a terrifying creature?

    Terror came from nowhere, causing Chu Mu to not dare enter the empty darkness.

    "Mo Xie, light this up." Chu Musaid to Mo Xie.

    Mo Xie opened her mouth and spit out a purple flame.

    The purple flame swiftly flew out, floating in place, pushing the darkness out bit by bit.

    However, even if Mo Xie's purple flames lit up a large area, Chu Mu still didn't see anything. When the purple flames reached deeper darkness, it was slowly engulfed.

    "Mo Xie, cast it that way." Chu Mu pointed in a direction and opened his mouth.

    Mo Xie nodded, and spat out another flame towards where Chu Mu pointed.

    The purple flames flew out, lighting up a large area wherever they went. However, the flames got smaller yet again.

    Suddenly, at the edge of the flames, a special roof corner!

    Flames flew past and slowly disappeared into the darkness, hiding the roof corner again within darkness.

    "Yes, there!" Chu Mu locked onto that position and told Mo Xie to continue to send flames that way.

    This time, a bunch of purple flames flew out and lit up that region completely.

    Within the purple flames, an angular wind palace appeared in the darkness.

    The palace had outwardly protruding roof corners, each of which had a bronze bell on them. Because of the wind, the bells were constantly ringing and shaking, yet no sound came from them.

    The entire wind palace in the darkness isn't very large, but having a special structure appear in this unknown space wasn't normal.

    "Old Li, what do you think it is?" Chu mu said.

    The 100 meter cave had an ice palace- the one that Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi both explored. It seems that Qin and Immortal Ming Bird both had gotten a strange inheritance. Now, the second wind palace appeared in an even stranger way. Was there any special secret within it?

    "It could be a three palace ancient site. Maybe it has something to do with them, just go in, and check it out." Old Li said.

    Chu Mu nodded, bringing little hidden dragon, Qin, and Mo Xie towards the wind palace.

    The wind palace had a gate. When Chu Mu landed on the floating high steps, they finally started hearing the bells in the air.

    Chu Mu followed the steps into the wind palace. He found that the wind palace seemed to have a special restriction that could stop the darkness, wind, and ice cold. At least Chu Mu felt a little bit of warmth when they entered the wind palace.

    The wind palace's pillars and walls all had ancient carvings. It went without saying that Chu Mu understood nothing. If he brought the princess forward, maybe she could answer for him.

    Strange shapes were placed in the wind palace without any pattern, as if they were placed there temporarily.

    "Young master, look at that statue." Old Li suddenly pointed at a statue and said.

    Chu Mu looked at it closely and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.

    "Young master, what have you done with all the books you've read, why don't you recognize it at all. Its a dark type dominator, once known as the most powerful dark type species!" Old Li said.

    "The strongest dark type species isn't the Dark Demon Ancestor?" Chu Mu said.

    The dark Demon Ancestor was an organism that Chu Mu had seen in a cloud realm library. It is said that there was only one person in this world that owned it, but its strongest techniques could cause a fourth of the world to fall into endless darkness!

    Chu Mu already noticed that this world was incredibly large. Mu Qingyi's Evernight Emperor was low class dominator rank and could at most send all of new moon ground into night for two days. Something able to send a fourth of the world into darkness was like a darkness god!

    "Darkness Demon Ancestor is the current strongest dark type organism. Dark Demon Ancestor is a rather new species that is a mix breed between the Dark Death King and the Evernight Empress. What is before you is a statue that was once the strongest darkness organism - Dark Death King!" Old Li said very strictly.

    "There's not much to be excited about, its just a statue." Chu Mu wasn't impressed.

    Old Li extended a finger and shook it, "Young master, look at this statue's feet, aren't there many sealed diagrams."

    Chu Mu looked down immediately and found that, under each statue was a diagram. If they were actually sealing diagrams, that meant the statue before him was a real and alive but sealed dark death king!

    "Young master..... Young master, look at this!" Old Li suddenly yelled.

    Chu Mu hadn't come back to his senses and called Old Li aside.

    This time, Old Li pointed at another statue. This statue looked more familiar at first glance but Chu Mu couldn't seem to recall its name.

    "You don't have to think, young master definitely has never seen it. You've at most seen its bloodline descendents, but in reality its blood is weakening.... Does young master know why its bloodline is weakening?" Old Li said.

    Chu Mu, of course, didn't know. This natural law and reproduction wasn't something he could just say off the top of his head, and he wasn't exactly a researcher.

    Old Li was very serious, "Because it is so powerful, it had reached a peak!"

    "What is this?" Chu Mu asked.

    "This is the Guang Ice Immortal! Icy Death King and Ice Pupil Unicorn are already high species rank organisms. In reality, they're all weakened descendents. Guang Ice Immortal is very close to the five undead rank legends." Old Li said.

    Chu Mu suddenly paused as he started pondering why all these organisms were sealed.

    "Young master, look again, and here...."

    Chu Mu didn't have time to think and was pulled aside by Old Li.

    This time, Old Li pointed at a statue that Chu Mu had seen before, another wind type species that reached a peak.

    The highest rank organism that Chu Mu had seen before was probably Hero Chief's Unifying Wind unicorn. This tenth phase organism was nearly top tier emperor rank. However, in cloud realm books, Chu Mu saw a wind type organism many times stronger, which was the statue before him - Wind Xie.

    The Wind Xie was similar to Binding Wind Spirit, but it was a larger binding wind spirit. It was surrounded by space and had spirited eyes. It was constantly floating, including its form while sealed.

    "Old Li, have we entered some ancient organism museum?" Chu Mu looked and found that the entire hall was covered in organisms of at least dominator rank species rank that had stood at the tip of their type at some point!

    Old Li clearly was a scholar. It swiftly passed through all the statues and said all the organisms' names with joy and surprise.

    "Young master, young master!! Another discovery!!" Suddenly, Old Li yelled out.

    Chu Mu just thought of something, and was again distracted by the old Li.

    Unable to do much else, Chu Mu went to Old Li.

    This time, Old Li didn't stay in the center of the field anymore and instead ran to the highest palace hall.

    Just now, having a statue block his gaze, Chu Mu didn't notice a throne in the palace.

    The throne was massive and didn't belong to a human. The throne had a large figure on it, as if an organism was laying there.

    This organism seemed like a half human that was genderless. However, it seemed overall like a demonic man laying on his side.

    It half closed its eyes, and seemed nearly asleep. Its expression was calm yet slighlty ponderous, almost human.

    The statue was lively and almost seemed as if it would wake up at any time.

    Of course, its most special part was its lower half. It wasn't a normal human's legs, but instead was a dragon or fish like body. At first, Chu thought its body was perfectly the size of the chair, but he didn't see that there was a large portion of its long body behind the throne. It looked at least three to four times longer than its human part.

    "It seemed that this dragon person is the legendary petrified dragon person?" Chu mu asked.

    There were legends about the dragon people all over the world. In reality, according to Old Li's half human half soul pet theory, dragon people probably weren't legends. It's likely that they existed. One had to know that a half devil Chu Mu and half flower girl Yu Suo had appeared already, so why was a dragon person impossible?

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