Chapter 1241: Refining Pool, Wolf Demon!

    Refining Pool was a special basin that seemed like a massive meteorite crater.

    The refining pool was very broad. There was a large group of wolf demons of decently high rank.

    Combining Amber was an important treasure for these demons to breakthrough. Every night, the combining amber would absorb moonlight and xuan aura to make this entire pool into a xuan aura filled refining pool. All the demons quickly became stronger because of it.

    Chu Mu felt that Combining Amber was a very important resource. Since he finally found a refining pool, there was no reason for him to only take a few pieces before leaving.

    Devil tree battle soldier, Ghost monarch King, and Ning had mostly recuperated their stamina. When entering the refining pool, Chu Mu summoned the three to fight the grouped up demons.

    The refining pool's wolf demons were all high class emperor rank or above. When these emperor ranks were gathered together and amounted to over a hundred many, even pseudo dominator rank organisms would get ripped to shreds.

    In the entire refining process, the emperor rank demons alone numbered five hundred. When they noticed the intruder stealing Combining Amber that they treasured above their lives, they all let out frenzied roars and pounced over!!

    Emperor ranked Demons weren't like the servants and warrior ranks, only able to run along the ground. These nimble demons were almost all capable of stepping through the air. When the five hundred demons all welled forth together, the quick figures darted through the skies in a confusing manner!

    Ning casted an incantation. A fan shaped piece of ice quickly swept forth. The wolf demon charging at the front instantly went stiff as they pounced forth!

    Twenty wolf demons were immediately sealed. The Ghost Monarch King lifted up its curved sword in a well timed fashion and slashed past them, instantly shattering the frozen demons.

    Twenty was nothing to the five hundred demons. However, these wolf demons no longer charged up brashly and instead hid in the plants, waiting for an opportunity to near Ning.

    These demons were very smart. They sent out twenty wolf demons to provoke Ghost Monarch King to leave Ning.

    If an elemental world soul pet were completely exposed in front of demons, their chanting could easily be interrupted. That way, 30 wolf demons was probably enough to slowly defeat Ning.

    Ghost monarch king and Ning had been fighting together for many years now. No matter how the twenty wolf demons taunted it, its sturdy body remained by ice air fairy's side. Any demon that tried to get near it would get slashed away!

    Ghost Monarch King, Ning, and Qin were all flawless in their cooperation. Though there were so many wolf demons, as long as Ghost Monarch King could withstand it, their numbers would eventually dwindle down.

    On the other side, the low class dominator rank devil tree battle soldier was doing much better.

    Demons were easily restricted by plant world soul pets, and group battles were battle tree devil soldier's greatest strength!

    Group lifeforce absorb, poison, sweeping roots, equipped with these tools, even one or two hundred demons charging devil tree battle soldier would be easily dealt with.

    Fighting had continued from evening to midnight. Ning's mental strength was nearly spent. As a low class dominator rank, it had reached seventy percent of its training. After it reached eighty percent, Chu Mu would try to use the ice orb in the wind palace to strengthen Ning to middle class dominator rank.

    Ghost monarch king was at sixty percent, but devil tree battle soldier was a killing monster and was at ninety percent already. If Chu Mu could get a fifth rank wood type xuan item, Chu Mu would go ahead and strengthen devil tree battle soldier already.


    A terrifying roar came from a corner of the Refining Pool.

    Once this call came, the battered wolf demons nearby all backed off.

    "It finally appeared?" Chu Mu smiled.

    This Refining Pool definitely had a dominator rank demon. With Chu Mu having killed so many wolf demons, there was no way this refining pool's owner could sit still.

    Chu Mu looked up and gazed afar.

    His silver eyes flashing, he found a wolf demon coming at extreme speeds from the darkness. Its first target was the fatigued Ning.

    "Ghost Monarch, stop it." Chu Mu gave a command.

    The ghost monarch king stepped forth and slammed its sword down, creating a ghostly slash with a muddied glow!

    The Refining Pool master seemed to want to mock Ghost Monarch King intentionally. It suddenly came to a stop, and waited until the sword was about to hit it before dodging.


    The ghost sword's power flashed past it but didn't do any damage.

    At this moment, the demon had already appeared by Ning's side and extended its blood red claws!

    If this claw landed on Ning, Ning would definitely die instantly. This refining pool's master was clearly a middle class dominator rank demon!

    Chu Mu furrowed his brows, and extended a palm towards the master wolf demon.


    The Wolf Demon Master was already prepared to collect the rewards of battle when suddenly an invisible force slammed into its head and caused it to back up a few thousand meters.

    The Wolf Demon was utterly dizzied and confused, not understanding what it got hit by.

    "Ning, Ghost Monarch, you guys come back first." Chu Mu cast an incantation. They were a little low in rank and weren't this Wolf Demon's match.

    "Qin, you defeat it." With an incantation, Chu Mu retracted Ning and Ghost Monarch before summoning binding wind spirit.

    After Qin floated out, all the air nearby went still, and the atmosphere became very strange.

    After the Wolf Demon Master noticed Qin, it realized what it was hit by. It bared its fangs and used its long tongue to lick off its claws.

    Qin floated in the air, as every wolf demon nearby turned to look at it as well.

    Qin glanced around at the emperor rank demons nearby and pointed a finger at them.

    Immediately, the still air around became turbulent. Before the demons could make any preparation, a chaotic wind unfolded around Qin.

    The five hundred demons nearby were all blown back. They desperately clawed at the ground to stay put but were still thrown into the skies.


    A few hundred wolf demons were all tossed into the skies, getting ripped and smashed together. After a moment, they all fell back onto the ground one after another, losing the power to even stand back up.

    Middle class dominator rank Qin truly had no trouble dealing with these demons. Devil Tree Battle Soldier, who already had a high efficiency, instantly lost its cool when it saw Qin defeat a few hundred demons with a single technique.

    "Ao!!!" Devil Tree Battle Soldier roared at Qin, telling Qin to focus on the middle class dominator rank, and to not disturb its training.

    "Qin~~~~" Qin let out a string of laughs.

    Over a few hundred demons were crushed. Standing far away, the demon master's gaze became even colder.

    The demons' ability to take hits weren't that strong. Once the Wolf Demon Master noticed that binding wind spirit's wind type techniques seemed even stronger than normal middle class dominator ranks, it knew it would be heavily injured if it was directly hit by any techniques.

    The demon master became very cautious as it stared at Qin unwaveringly, as if it was against its greatest opponent.

    It carefully moved forward, using its speed to dodge Qin's techniques.

    Slowly, it neared the five kilometer radius of Qin. This range was but a step's distance to dominator rank soul pets. At this distance, this wolf demon master could easily give its enemies a killing blow.

    Elemental world soul pets were restricted by demons to a certain degree because demons had techniques to interrupt channeling.

    Once the demon master neared the five kilometer range, it noticed that Qin was still muttering an incantation so its gaze sharpened, sending out a mental wave!

    The mental wave crashed into Qin's mind, causing Qin's chanting to slightly pause!

    Taking this opportunity, the wolf demon master instantly dashed forward. It knew that in such a short moment, there was no way this wind type dominator rank could cast another technique in time.

    Seeing the wolf demon master pounce forth immediately, Qin's spirited eyes flashed with mischief.

    The incantation that seemed to stop started again. When the wolf demon master was merely a kilometer away from Qin, it finished Wind Obliteration!


    With a long note, a violent storm pushed forth like a dragon straight towards the wolf demon master!

    The wolf demon master's eyes widened. Just as it was about to dodge it, its body was already thrown many thousands meters into the skies!


    The nearby wounded wolf demons all lifted their heads as they watched, dumbfounded, as their king was thrown into the skies helplessly.

    "Old Li, go search for their home." Chu Mu didn't even bother looking up and said straight to Old Li.

    With a demon's resistances, getting hit by a technique of Qin's meant it was mostly dead.

    In reality, the moment the wolf demon attacked right after its mental attack, Chu Mu knew this wolf demon was doomed.

    Mental interruption was useful to the vast majority of elemental world organisms, but Qin with its WInd Type Ancient Will will not get interrupted no matter what.

    Furthermore, wind type Ancient Will meant its wind type destructive powers was double that of a similar rank wind type. If the wolf demon master didn't immediately die, it meant its life force was exceptional.

    With the master dealt with, the little wolf demons naturally didn't dare stop them. Quickly, Old Li found all their Combining Ambers.

    Combining Ambers of different ranks could combine into different xuan items. Chu Mu was just about to sort them when a wisp of soul floated up to Chu Mu. It was the white dressed and beautiful Princess Jin Rou.

    Princess Jin Rou batted her eyelashes at Chu Mu and said, "here, I got the wood type xuan item you wanted."

    Chu Mu stared blankly, not knowing how to react.

    "You..... you ran into that group of wood demon kings' territory to steal this?" Chu Mu said with shock.

    Little princess truly was brave. Chu Mu didn't plan on going to their territory, because even if he used all his strength, he probably couldn't get much out of it.

    Yet, he never thought that little princess would run there herself and actually steal the wood type xuan item.

    Seeing Chu Mu flabbergasted, Princess Jin Rou's smile became even wider. Extending a smooth, white hand, she handed the green wood crystal to Chu Mu and said, "Here, it's for you."

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