Chapter 1313: Quiet Forest’s Fort City

    To the east of Luo Border was a full forest. This was the largest forest in Wupan Continent, having tens of thousands of soul pet empires within it alone.

    This endless forest wasn't completely soul pet territory, however, because Luo Border was within this forest.

    Luo Border had always been called the Forest Border by many Wupan Continent People because any city created within it was in the forest, completely surrounded by a green ocean.

    Luo Border's resources were very plentiful, especially in plant world and beast world soul pets. Some higher species rank soul pets often don't even rest in dangerous places. In calmer parts of the forest, one could still meet emperor rank and above young soul pets.

    This was why a lot of soul pet trainers of Wupan Continent came for its name. After all, in Luo Border, if they were lucky, they could often run into young children abandoned due to their parents' territorial struggles. These young soul pets could go up to monarch rank, and even emperor rank!

    To the west of the Luo Territory also extended endlessly in forest. The landscape slowly shifted towards a hilly landscape, with mountains appearing.

    The geography became much more complicated there because it started to deny any human entry. Only powerful explorers dared to explore deep in that region for resources.

    Passing through the mountain shape, another endless forest appeared.

    It was a prehistoric forest. These trees were high and thick, with some extending deep into the clouds, looking like the mountains themselves.

    The prehistoric forest was an extension from the quiet forest territory.

    The prehistoric forest marked a true human forbidden realm. Even those with absolute strength were susceptible. Even immortal rank experts could get trapped within this forest.

    The forbidden area marked the start of progressively more vicious soul pet dynasties. Species that were naturally aggressive were the enemies of humankind. Once a moon tide came, the vast amount of reproduction would cause them to invade en masse, potentially even encroaching upon human territory.

    Wupan Continent's Luo Jiang often received attacks from hese soul pet dynasties, so the people nearby would have to be constantly ready for disasters.

    Because of these many wars, Wupan Continent created a massive fort at the edge of the endless forest and Quiet Forest.

    This massive fort city was perfectly at the center of where the three forests' borders met and was stationed with an army to maintain its safety.

    The prehistoric forest was by far the richest in resources. Whether its soul items, xuan items, young soul pets, or just training, they were all extremely suited for advanced soul pet trainers.

    Thus, the fort city slowly became a city by the forest full of powerful adventurers. In fact, many adventurers in other places viewed being able to enter the Quiet Forest Fort City as an honor.


    The deep green sea of canopies rippled with the wind, stretching to the edges of the skies.

    In this forest, an icy cold rock wall was laid out, blocking the two mountains on either side.

    These two mountains on either side create a surround that acted as a natural barrier, keeping the structures inside well isolated.

    The Quiet Forest Fort City wasn't large, but its importance was beyond many capitals. This was because, the moment a soul pet dynasty launched an assault, the silent forest valley was the first line of defense that could stop the steps of the army to give the many other cities nearby time to defend. Otherwise, if the soul pet army came straight in, they would definitely take over the nearby three territories without the greater continent reacting.

    The Moon Tide was still ongoing. Especially after the Quiet Forest incident last time, the fort had received the greatest setback in history. Even now, it hadn't completely recovered.

    In the Quiet Forest Fort city, the army was around 50,000 in number. Though they were all elite, when facing a truly massive soul pet dynasty, this army could at most delay their footsteps temporarily.

    The city streets seemed rather lonesome. Some broken structures weren't even fixed yet. The only thing rebuilt was the important outer wall defenses.

    The city walls and scout towers all had soul pet trainers, while wing type squads patrolled the region.

    Before the moon tide finished, no fort general dared to slack off.


    "Boss Kang, this period of time I've followed your advice to constantly keep an eye on all people entering the city. We've even told an air patrol team to keep an eye out. Even a hamster that tries to enter Quiet Forest through our city will be found by our teams." A defending general said as he stood on the walls.

    Beside this general was a man. This man wore a black bandana on his head with prominent cheekbones, looking incredibly like a villain.

    Behind him were another dozen soul pet trainers. From their aura, one could tell that they were all powerful. This was another reason why a person as high ranking as a fort defending general needed to be this polite. Someone able to command this many high remembrance spirit dominators must be an immortal rank expert!

    Immortal rank experst deserved respect but also were incredibly scary.

    "Has there been anyone else in this city?" Kang Ruodong asked.

    "Yes, the navy division Navy General Zhen Wu is in the city. Also, divine sect's Master Official Xu said he wanted to come here. He hasn't arrived yet but his subordinates are here already." The defending general said.

    "Divine Sect Xu Lu?" Kang Ruodong slightly furrowed his brows.

    "Yes." The general replied.

    Kang Ruodong went silent for a moment, eyes not moving.

    Divine sect people had appeared. This wasn't good.

    However, earlier in their years, Kang Ruodong already heard that Xu Lu wasn't as obstinate as many other divine sect members. What was his real reason for coming to Quiet Forest? Could it be that he got some news and wanted to come here to test his luck?

    "Anyone else?" Kang Ruodong continued to ask.

    "Nothing else at the moment. However, things may be different in the following days. Some large factions have shown interest in secretly congregating here. When they come, they often mention it to General Tong, so the exact situation is probably something only General Tong knows.
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