Chapter 1365: Paragon Dominator, Heaven Eye Toxin Beas


    After the Little Hidden Dragon had shown up on the battlefield, the number of soul pets within the entire Floating Mountain Battlefield had instantly increased.

    Those challengers had only summoned one of their soul pets before now. But at this moment they felt that they could not oppose Chu Mu's offensive with just one soul pet.

    Soon after, another 20 soul pets had appeared on the battlefield. A Fighting Heaven Horned Beast with a robust size that matched a Floating Mountain, A fairy that controlled lightning, a winged Bird with wings that covered the sky like clouds, and demonic beasts that were dashing with incredible speed between the Floating Mountains......

    Most of the time, the spectators could not even get a glimpse of Chu Mu and his soul pets.

    However, the spectators did witness several soul pets falling down one after another. Only Chu Mu's soul pet still remained peerless on the battlefield!


    Little Hidden Dragon summoned the underworld river. In an instant, the sounds of ghosts howling and sharp shrieks had filled up the entire battlefield!

    The underworld river had crossed over the sky. Countless ghostly hands started extending out of the pale blue river water. The ghostly hands then started greedily grabbing onto those living creatures who were filled with power!

    They crazily fought over who would get those living creatures, forcefully pulling and tearing the souls out of their bodies directly into the underworld river!

    Little Hidden Dragon used only one technique to harvest so many souls. The usual battles it fought always had only a low number of enemies, unlike this rare occasion where a large group of Dominator rank soul pets were present. This kind of battle could provide the greatest sum of energy to the Little Hidden Dragon. If this kind of battle happens a few more times, then the Little Hidden Dragon could easily advance into the Immortal rank!

    Little Hidden Dragon's fighting method was also slightly different from the others. It would dash across the battlefield eerily with just its soul body, and the enemies could not truly focus on it to launch an attack.

    Demon types like it had incredible dodging ability and moved in unexpected ways. However, they had weak defense and weak life force. They could easily be killed at once if they were to be caught.

    Little Hidden Dragon was an exception to this though. It had a thick layer of green dragon scales which made any creature below the Dominator rank unable to inflict any harm upon it. Even if they  scratched the Little Hidden Dragons' scales, it would recover after the Little Hidden Dragon coursed the spiritual power within its body through that area.

    Little Hidden Dragon was even more powerful in regards to its regeneration ability than Zhan Ye.

    "Summon your soul pets again!" Mu Ken was furious. He summoned his third soul pet.

    Mu Ken had summoned two peak Dominator rank soul pets already, but he was unable to summon another peak Dominator rank on his third summon. It was just a high class Dominator rank Blood Beast.

    The Blood Beast immediately pounced towards Zhan Ye right after it got summoned.

    Zhan Ye had already accumulated a number of wounds all over its body while it was facing a large number of enemies.

    Mu Ken saw that and was trying to deal a fatal blow to it while it was still injured!

    However, Mu Ken could never have imagined that Zhan Ye would complete its second Broken Limb Rebirth the moment the Blood Beast had arrived right in front of it!

    Ancient Power Awakening had once again raised Zhan Ye's strength further. Ancient Beast Soul had also appeared behind Zhan Ye once again and the beast soul's power gathered at Zhan Ye's Ink Armor Spikes!

    Zhan Ye's movements were much faster than the Blood Beast. When the Blood Beast approached it, Zhan Ye's Ink Armor Spikes transformed into the devil's fangs and pierced right through the Blood Beast's body!

    Blood Beast directly spasmed on the Ink Armor Spikes without getting a chance to use any of its technique. Blood started pouring out from its wounds and dyed Zhan Ye's black armor red!

    Seeing such a scene unfold before him, Mu Ken was utterly dumbfounded for a moment, then his eyes instantly became bloodshot!

    Even though the enemy was gravely wounded just a moment ago, why did it suddenly get a full recovery once again? It even easily killed his high class Dominator rank Blood Beast!

    Mu Ken's face turned pale. As he was looking at his Blood Beast again, the hole-ridden Blood Beast was flung to a floating rock like trash!

    After going through two Broken Limb Rebirths, Zhen Ye who possessed the Ancient Beast Soul had become two levels higher than the peak Dominator rank. This strength was not something that the high class or the middle class Dominator rank soul pets could oppose at all. Over half of the twenty or so soul pets were instantly exterminated and the remaining ones did not pose a threat to Zhan Ye!

    "This Zhan Ye Mo Ye is a little bit strange. Let Han Qi and He Zhen go. If he continues massacring soul pets like that, then the others probably won't dare to go anymore," said Tang Zhuo.

    Reaching the middle class or high class Dominator rank could certainly be enough for some people to be considered an elite in other places. However, when the scale became the entire Zhengming Continent, and especially in front of people at Tang Zhuo's level, these people were nothing but sacrificial pawns.

    Han Erxing nodded and instructed the servant standing at his side.

    The servant immediately passed on the orders to the people on the spectator seats on other Floating Mountains.

    Tang Ang's words meant that whoever could defeat Chu Mu, the participation right would then belong to that person.

    In this Outstanding Expert Competition, many powerful participants were eliminated unfortunately because they had encountered other powerful participants consecutively without break. To them, those who had entered the finals might not necessarily be stronger than them, just that the final eight had better luck than them.

    Han Qi and He Zhen were such type of participants. They did not get to enter the finals because they had encountered overwhelmingly powerful opponents in their second elimination match!

    The two were originally very proud soul pet trainers. Tang Zhuo and Han Erxing had secretly informed the two of them the day before that if they could defeat Chu Mu, then they could replace Chu Mu as the eighth finalist.

    The Outstanding Expert Competition was held only once every five years. They did not have that much time to wait for the next one to take place. This was their last chance to obtain glory. The two easily agreed to it after getting incited by Tang Zhuo and Han Erxing.

    Soul pets were constantly dying in the battle. However, the dead ones were mostly high class and middle class Dominators. Han Qi and He Zhen simply sneered after joining the fray.

    "It's Han Qi and He Zhen!" Mu Qingyi slightly frowned from the spectator seat.

    "Are those two strong?" asked Prince Chao.

    "I lost to Han Zhen in the second round, and Han Qi is even stronger than him. They are participants who are strong enough to enter the finals," explained Mu Qingyi.

    "It's fine. Chu Mu also has a trump card of his own," said Ye Wansheng.

    After Han Qi and He Zhen entered the battlefield, they immediately summoned out their own soul pets.

    The soul pet Han Qi had summoned was a Paragon Dominator rank Heaven Eye Toxin Beast. When it ran out, the surrounding Dominator rank soul pets immediately gave way to it. Compared to the Toxin Beast, even the peak Dominator rank soul pets could only be considered as side characters.

    Heaven Eye Toxin Beast's target was Zhan Ye. Its Toxic Mist Charge had blasted Zhan Ye directly to the edge of the Floating Mountain Battlefield, putting an end to Zhan Ye's one-sided massacre of those weak soul pets.

    "Relax, my Heaven Eye Toxin Beast will avenge all of your dead soul pets for you. All of you will also get a share of the shredded corpse," said Han Qi towards the other challengers with a smile.

    "It's Han Qi."

    "Han Qi, torture that bastard thoroughly! That bastard is too despicable!" cursed Mu Ken furiously.

    "That bastard is getting up again!" shouted an Elemental Clan disciple all of a sudden.

    Han Qi took a glance in the direction of the broken Floating Mountain where Zhan Ye was and noticed that the black figure was standing up again. The armor on its body only suffered a minor scratch from his attack.

    Han Qi frowned and whispered to Mu Ken, "I remember that soul pet wasn't that strong at the start."

    Mu Ken immediately nodded and said, "It has been strengthening itself continuously, it is about two levels stronger than it was at the start. However, Mr. Han's Heaven Eye Toxin Beast can definitely kill it with ease. It's no match against your soul pet."

    Han Qi naturally knew that Zhan Ye Mo Ye was no match for his Toxin Beast. What he was worried about was whether Chu Mu possessed even stronger soul pets or not.

    Han Qi did not dwell on this thought any longer and ordered his Toxin Beast to pounce onto Zhan Ye again.

    With a Paragon Dominator rank taking the lead, the others also felt more secure than before. Hence, over a dozen soul pets followed right behind the Heaven Eye Toxin Beast!

    Zhan Ye maintained its fearless attitude. Facing off against the Heaven Eye Toxin Beast which was one level higher than itself, it charged right ahead and chose to engage in direct melee!

    "Getting into a melee fight against my Heaven Eye Toxin Beast, that's plain suicidal!" mocked Han Qi.

    Heaven Eye Toxin Beast's body was full of toxin. It was not  afraid of engaging in a melee.

    The two battle beasts started wrestling against each other. Zhan Ye was already inferior in strength, but in addition to that over a dozen soul pets also attacked it from the surroundings, and its six times life force was quickly drained away.

    "It is already gravely injured," said Mu Ken.

    What Mu Ken worried about the most right now was that bastard using the Broken Limb Rebirth again!

    However, Han Qi did not pay too attention to that, instead his attention was completely focused on Chu Mu.

    He believed that since Chu Mu had dared to challenge Tang Ang's disciple, Chu Mu must definitely not be so weak. The two soul pets he summoned already were definitely not his full strength.

    Han Qi was waiting for Chu Mu to summon a soul pet again.

    "He's actually not summoning another. Is he thinking of using just these two soul pets to defeat all of us? How laughable......" Han Qi slightly frowned.

    "There will always be some people who are too arrogant. Let's kill this soul pet first," said He Zhen.

    He Zhen's soul pet had already started fighting against the Little Hidden Dragon, but the Little Hidden Dragon was more agile than expected, and it had great defensive power too, so nothing could be done to it for a while.

    "This bastard, it re...... recovered again!" scolded Mu Ken suddenly.

    Han Qi snapped out of his thoughts and he realized that the tattered Mo Ye had fully recovered!

    Ancient Power Awakening!

    After the third Broken Limb Rebirth, Zhan Ye's strength had finally advanced into the Paragon Dominator rank.

    Its two black eyes coldly stared at the Heaven Eye Toxin Beast. To Zhan Ye, the previous battles were not much of a challenge. After Heaven Eye Toxin Beast appeared, the battle had finally gotten more fun!

    Zhan Ye still took the initiative to strike first, it had no concept of retreat in its mind!

    Chu Mu took a glance at Han Qi and He Zhen, it seemed that the truly powerful people had finally decided to step up.


    The tiny Mo Xie sat on Chu Mu's shoulder, its silver eyes burning with purple flames kept sparkling.

    It was already raring to go to battle. It had been a long time since it had encountered such a large scale battle!

    Chu Mu flicked its forehead with his finger and spoke, "Don't be in a rush. There will be even more stronger enemies."

    Mo Xie nodded obediently. It shook its tail and cheered Zhan Ye and Little Hidden Dragon on with its harmless shout.

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