Chapter 1376: So What if I Kill 1

    The night was dark, and Zhengming Main City's lights became bleak.

    The busiest time period was already over. At this moment, most people were putting away the well built lamps.....

    On a silent and elegant street in the city, there was a white building standing tall. Dim lights glowed upon the nearby little garden, causing the white building to seem even more elegant.

    The cloud sky building's highest level was one of the rare spots where the entire city's scenery was in view.

    On the white clean floating corridor, a man sat there.with two curvaceous song women carefully serving him.

    "Guo Shi, you think Mister Snake is reliable?" Han Erxing asked.

    "He's reliable, Lu Fengnan recommended him. Though he can't do anything to Chu Mu, he absolutely will be able to take down people around him." Guo Shi said.

    "En, good." Han Erxing nodded in satisfaction.

    "However, New Moon Land's people aren't weak either. Female Supreme Liu always has an expert near her. The people I sent were detected by her the moment they neared." Guo Shi said.

    "Just give up on her. We should be able to take down the others." Han Erxing said.

    "No problem, Mister Snake most likely has already succeeded." Guo Shi laughed.

    As the two spoke, an armored divine sect guard walked over. After saluting to Han Erxing, he said, "Mister Snake is back."

    "Tell him to come forth." Han Erxing nodded.

    In a moment, Mister Snake reached the building. He glanced at the casually drinking Han Erxing as well as the strangely laughing Guo Shi, and his face instantly went sullen.

    "Where are the people I asked for?" Han Erxing saw Mister Snake with empty hands and immediately furrowed his brows.

    "Didn't succeed, met an expert." Mister Snake lowered his head.

    Han Erxing's gaze went cold and he said furiously, "You couldn't even capture a few women?"

    "That woman has an extremely powerful dark type soul pet. My Shadow Snake died." Mister Snake said emotionlessly.

    "Dark type soul pet? Isn't your Shadow Snake known to assault even immortal rank soul pets? How did you fail? Don't tell me those women all have immortal rank soul pets defending them." Han Erxing stood up from his place.

    Han Erxing wanted to get the deal done before the opposition had any preparations. Yet, his first attempt failed, meaning that it would be hard for him to succeed in the future too.

    "My Shadow Snake died. That dark organism didn't even cast a technique. When you told me to attack, you told me that the target's strength was mediocre. Yet, my Shadow Snake died and even I almost died. I'm here for compensation." Mister Snake said coldly.

    "Your Shadow Snake is at least near immortal rank, how did it die without even a technique!" Guo Shi said.

    "I did what I could do already. Your information error caused my Shadow Snake to die....." Mister Snake continued coldly.

    Han Erxing's face fell. Mister Snake's face was incredibly pale, looking really as if he hurt his soul.

    However, Han Erxing couldn't understand how these women would have such a powerful soul pet protecting them!

    Able to instantly kill the near immortal rank Shadow Snake, just how powerful was this dark organism?

    "Han Erxing, this......" Guo Shi's face was full of shock, not knowing what he should do.

    Han Erxing thought for a moment, and said to the armored Divine Sect guard beside him, "Zhao Zhuo, bring Mister Snake to grab his commission. Give what we can to compensate him for his losses as well."

    The guard named Zhao Zhuo nodded and glanced at Mister Snake, "Come with me."

    Mister Snake glanced at Han Erxing and didn't say anything else, walking down the building with Zhao Zhuo.

    After they left, Guo Shi looked at Han Erxing in confusion, "You really going to compensate him? That's a nearly immortal rank soul pet."

    "Heng, failing his mission and still daring to come back to me. This Mister Snake is a wanted criminal of Divine Sect already, so who would care if we killed him?" Han Erxing said with disdain.

    "You told Zhao Zhuo to....." Guo Shi immediately understood.

    Zhao Zhuo was a powerful guard of the Han Family. His strength was outstanding, and he was incredibly loyal as well.

    Normally, Gate Master Han told Zhao Zhuo to follow Han Erxing around, and Han Erxing often used his loyalty to do many evil deeds.

    "We didn't succeed this time, meaning Tang Zhuo will have to fight tomorrow with his own strength." Han Erxing said to himself.

    "He can't be Tang Zhuo's opponent. Tang Zhuo's Ash Blood Wing is unbeatable." Guo Shi said.

    "Heng, Tang Zhuo, he urgently wants me to kill Chu Mu tonight, yet acts as if he doesn't care." Han Erxing said.

    As the two spoke, in ten minutes, the Divine Sect armored Zhao Zhuo slowly walked up.

    "Did the man die?" Han Erxing asked.

    Zhao Zhuo shook his head, "He's smart and knew I was about to kill him. He ran away."

    "Whatever, an insignificant person." Han Erxing said.

    "He left a word as he escaped."

    "What did he say?"

    "One day, you will regret your actions today."

    "Hehe, tomorrow morning, his name will be wanted on the Divine Sect Wanted List. After that, the only thing he can do is run away for his dear life." Han Erxing didn't think much of it.

    Han Erxing glanced at the normally wordless Zhao Zhuo and saw him wanting to speak further. "What else did you want to say?"

    "Mister Snake is a vengeful man that excels at assassination, I urge master to be more careful." Zhao Zhuo said.

    "Even if he comes, with an expert like brother Zhao, he's looking for death." Han Erxing said.

    Han Erxing had great confidence in Zhao Zhuo. If only Zhao Zhuo could protect his safety but also completely obey his commands, he wouldn't have an issue dealing with a place like New Moon Land.

    "Prince, you are too kind. You can surpass me in no time. I'll spend the rest of my life in this realm." Zhao Zhuo said.

    Zhao Zhuo knew his place. No matter how talented he was, if he acted proud in front of the Gate Master's son, he would not only spend the rest of his life in this realm but may also have a very short life ahead of him.

    "No way," Han Erxing didn't mind complimenting his own people occasionally.

    Zhao Zhuo still wanted to talk when his soul remembrance suddenly felt a coldness coming from the dark night.

    The Cloud Sky building was very tall and often faced cold winds. However, that cold gust wasn't caused by wind. There definitely was a powerful expert hiding in the night.

    Zhao Zhuo's gaze strengthened as he gazed into the night.

    The coldness instantly dissipated and left far away.

    "What's wrong?" Han Erxing asked confused.

    "It's Mister Snake, he really dared to come back. If I didn't keep an eye out, he may have actually succeeded. He was extremely close to us already." Zhao Zhuo said angrily.

    This Mister Snake clearly wasn't as powerful as Zhao Zhuo, yet Zhao Zhuo couldn't capture him either, causing him a headache.

    Han Erxing was also shocked. He didn't feel Mister Snake nearby at all. It looked like the legends were true and Mister Snake truly was an assassination expert!

    "Young master, let's leave here." Zhao Zhuo said uneasily.

    Han Erxing nodded. Though this building was famous, the position was slightly away from the true city center. If anything happened here, Divine Sect couldn't get here for assistance immediately.

    Han Erxing stood up and spent some time with the two song girls before leaving reluctantly.

    Just as they walked out of the cloud building, another cold gust came and hit Han Erxing, Guo Shi, and Zhao Zhuo in the face.

    "You dare come again, you're looking for death!!" Zhao Zhuo's anger was obvious. There was no way Zhao Zhou was letting Mister Snake away this time!

    Zhao Zhuo quickly summoned his Ash Demon and made his way to the Little Forest!

    Zhao Zhuo was incredibly fast and instantly entered the forest. However, when he entered, he didn't see Mister Snake at all, but instead saw a man and woman walk out slowly.

    The woman wore a veil and had an elegant air around her. With the moonlight, she seemed like an angel that had come down from the moons.

    The man was cold and steely with inhumane eyes that were staring at him!

    The coldness came from the man. Zhao Zhuo never expected the dangerous aura he felt was coming from someone other than Mister Snake.

    What was even more terrifying was that this man was emitting an aura many times scarier than Mister Snake. Only after nearing him did Zhao Zhuo realize that it was a grave mistake!

    "You are Han Erxing's subordinate?" The man asked calmly.

    Zhao Zhuo forced himself to confront the man and said with a divine sect's pride tone, "Who are you!"

    The man lifted his head to gaze through the darkness at Han Erxing and Guo Shi on the silent path.

    "He's Han Erxing's guard, Zhao Zhuo." The angel-like woman spoke.

    The man nodded and walked straight towards Han Erxing, ignoring Zhao Zhuo as if he didn't exist.

    Not far away, Han Erxing was stunned as he stared at the man walking out of the shadows.

    Chu Mu!

    Wasn't he the one he was trying to deal with?

    Han Erxing didn't expect him to appear here!

    "If you don't state your identity, I will capture you in the name of Divine Sect!" After Zhao Zhuo was ignored, he was furious and readied an attack.

    Chu Mu turned around and his pupils flashed coldly.


    An invisible force slammed into Zhao Zhuo's Ashe Demon.

    It let out a whimper and flew outward, spewing blood. After it landed against a stone wall far away, it could no longer get back up!

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