Chapter 1479: Middle Class Immortal Rank Ice Type Soul Crystal

    Dual Evil Dark Burial!

    Chu Mu had completed yet another incantation. A huge evil mound suddenly appeared on the body of Extreme Sky Ice Beast!

    Black and white flashes were clearly distinguished. Devil Fire shot up and the huge mound quickly shrouded the entire body of Extreme Sky Ice Beast!


    Dual Evil Devil Fire swept fast across the glacier. Extreme Sky Ice Beast itself could negate fire type abilities, but it did not mean that those other iceberg monsters could also withstand the Devil Fire.

    Devil Fire spread out in a flash and burned tens of thousands of iceberg monsters into cinders.

    At the center of that evil mound, the bustling Devil Fire was rapidly burning the fallen Extreme Sky Ice Beast's body.

    The fallen Extreme Sky Ice Beast was no longer immune to the fire. The Devil Fire within the evil mound imprisonment was several times more intense than the normal Devil Fire, the two types of Devil Fires were burning intensely!

    Extremely pained and angry roars of the Extreme Sky Ice Beast could be vividly heard from within the dual evil dark mound. The bisected monster had not died yet. It desperately struggled with all its might and raised one ice wave after another!

    Chu Mu's Devil Fire could not really damage it significantly, but the evil mound's imprisonment was sufficient enough to trap it. It would never be able to escape in such a situation!

    In the distance, the New Moon Navy members were also utterly tired after enduring a harsh battle.

    Iceberg monsters were no longer as ferocious as before, so they had finally obtained a moment to take a breather.

    Meanwhile, ahead of them, on the icy horizon, a huge dark mound was pressing down on the ground and had suppressed that humongous ice beast.

    Such an astonishing scene had mesmerized all of the New Moon Navy members.It was difficult to imagine that such extraordinary power had come from a single person.

    After Extreme Sky Ice Beast was suppressed, the ferocity of the iceberg monsters was also suddenly dispelled. They no longer dared to charge in recklessly and fight without a care for their lives.

    The intense power and ferocity of those iceberg monsters had partly come from Extreme Sky Ice Beast. Once it was imprisoned, their strength would also naturally be severely weakened. Furthermore, most of the iceberg monsters could sense that their Glacier Emperor was rapidly losing its life force.


    Suddenly, the huge dual evil dark mound exploded loudly!

    Countless shards shot out just like meteors, igniting the entire glacier on fire.

    Extreme Sky Ice Beast's body inside the evil mound was literally blasted into several pieces by that terrifying dark explosion. Pieces of its body were scattered all over the place!

    A chunk of the Extreme Sky Ice Beast's flesh was similar in size to a huge frozen rock. When those chunks of flesh were blasted into the sky and fell back down everywhere, a scene just like ice meteors showering down the glacier was displayed before them and it riddled the entire glacier full of craters.

    What was even more terrifying was that the Extreme Sky Ice Beast's head was rolling towards the New Moon Navy and it had almost crushing them underneath. It left a deep glacier valley right next to them!

    Half of its body still remained at the original spot. It still wobbled and trudged forward, clearly unwilling to fall down.

    Its thick and solid shell armor still remained on its back, and there was not even a scratch on it.

    As if unwilling to die, despite having its top half literally blown into pieces by the darkness energy, it was still desperately moving forward!

    Bam! Bam! Bam!

    Every step the Extreme Sky Ice Beast took would easily extinguish the clusters of flames burning on the ground at its feet.

    This was the glacier world that belonged to it. It was not going to allow any flame to burn on its territory even after its death!

    Seeing that monster with only the lower section of its body still stomping around in a lively manner, the New Moon Navy members drew a sharp breath.

    Perhaps only the king of New Moon Land could take on such a ridiculous monster.


    Eventually, Extreme Sky Ice Beast fell.

    Just like a mountain collapsing after losing its support, its body was no longer solid, and it turned into snow flakes and rumbled in all directions.

    All the remaining Devil Fire was extinguished by the spreading snow. After the humongous monster turned into a lifeless pile of snow, the entire world seemed to have suddenly quietened down. There was no longer any commotion at all.

    The eyes of those iceberg monsters gradually returned to a normal color. Many of the iceberg monsters even shrank in size. It was clear that the boost that they had obtained from Extreme Sky Ice Beast had disappeared along with its death.

    Without the ruler, these iceberg monsters from the North Ice Dynasty had returned to being just a crowd of mob level monsters and they hurriedly began escaping towards the North.

    Chu Mu did not give orders to pursue. The North Ice Dynasty's existence was crucial to New Moon Land. Once the North Ice Dynasty disappears, the other dynasties within the forbidden region might swarm in and cause even greater turmoil to New Moon Land.


    Martial Cloud Dragon stepped on the remains of Extreme Sky Ice Beast and roared proudly after raising its head high.

    After it defeats a powerful foe, Martial Cloud Dragon would always roar wildly just like that!

    However, Chu Mu could tell that Martial Cloud Dragon was also severely injured this time.

    Large patches of its dragon scales had clearly shattered. The wound on its back was also still bleeding. Various parts of its body had suffered from frostbite and ice toxin of various degrees.

    After it roared, Martial Clou Dragon laid down on the ground meekly and started panting lightly.

    Chu Mu did not really get much injured himself. One was because his devil transformation had greatly boosted his strength, the clumsy Extreme Sky Ice Beast would definitely not be able to hit him when he was like that. The other was because Martial Cloud Dragon had taken the brunt of Extreme Sky Ice Beast's attacks throughout the battle.

    "Are you alright?" Ye Qingzi flew over and asked Chu Mu worriedly.

    "Heal Martial Cloud Dragon first," replied Chu Mu.

    Ye Qingzi nodded. Letting her Ardent Yang Pupil heal the ice damage was the most suitable choice here.

    The New Moon Navy began resting as they sat around Chu Mu. Some members with relatively better conditions immediately began cleaning the battlefield.

    Corpses being strewn all over the place meant treasures all over the place. Those iceberg monsters were not really low in rank. This battle was also a great profit for the New Moon Navy. Not only did they improve their strength, but they could also harvest plenty of soul crystals and soul cores now.

    "Young master! There's something good there!"

    Suddenly, Old Li's voice came from the pile of snow.

    Chu Mu's eyes brightened instantly. Old Li naturally would not be interested in those iceberg monsters. It was rummaging through the Extreme Sky Ice Beast's remains.

    For a monster at Extreme Sky Ice Beast's level, if there was something, then it would definitely be an Immortal item!

    "Show it to me," Chu Mu reached Old Li's spot in a hurry.

    The skinny Old Li dragged out a sparkling ice crystal from the pile of snow. This ice crystal was as transparent as a normal crystal, yet it radiated just like a jade. The icy hue that it released remained lingering within a certain distance. It seemed as if it was accumulating an enormous amount of energy and was not planning on dissipating anytime soon.

    "What is this?" asked Chu Mu.

    "Soul crystal!" replied Old Li excitedly.

    Chu Mu was surprised for a moment. This ice crystal had already reached the size of an adult male. Chu Mu had never seen such a large soul crystal before!

    Amongst all the soul pets, regardless of their size, the soul crystals and soul cores were usually the same size as a human heart. Chu Mu had never really seen a soul crystal the size of a man before!

    "These ice type creature soul crystals with millennia of lifespan are usually like this. The energy dwelling within is also extremely large. If the young master makes good use of this soul crystal, then your Ice Air Fairy can easily take a leap in quality!" explained Old Li.

    "What class is this Immortal soul crystal at?" asked Chu Mu.

    "I can't really tell at the moment. This Extreme Sky Ice Beast is a middle class Immortal rank, its soul crystal should also naturally be at the middle class Immortal rank," said Old Li.

    Middle class Immortal rank!

    Only those Gate Master level existences within the human territories possessed middle class Immortal rank creatures. This was just how difficult it was to find the resources of the middle class Immortal rank.

    To think that Extreme Sky Ice Beast's death had gifted Chu Mu such a huge present, it made his heartbeat flutter!

    "Young master's Ice Air Fairy has not reached the Immortal rank yet. You cannot use this soul crystal on it for now. The energy inside can overload your Ice Air Fairy," said Old Li.

    "Yeah," Chu Mu nodded.

    Just for this middle class Immortal rank ice type soul crystal, Chu Mu now had to go to the North Ice Dynasty to train and raise the rank of his Ice Air Fairy.

    Furthermore, the North Ice Dynasty had invaded his territory due to the Extreme Sky Ice Beast awakening. As the king, should he not repay this favor in kind?


    On the other side, the battle of Zhan Ye, Little Hidden Dragon, Night and Ghost King had also come to a conclusion along with Extreme Sky Ice Beast's death.

    Amongst the four soul pets, Little Hidden Dragon was the most excited of all. It flapped its wings happily and landed on Chu Mu's shoulder, showing off something just like a child.

    Chu Mu examined it closely and noticed a little change on Little Hidden Dragon's scales. He could vaguely see a thin layer of spectral effect, forming a special protection on them.

    "How many Immortal rank souls did you devour?" asked Chu Mu.

    "Shashasha~!" Little Hidden Dragon stretched out its chubby paw and straightened out three claws.

    Chu Mu found it hilarious as he looked at its cute gesture. Since when did it learn how to count like a human?

    Three Immortal rank souls were really a great form of nutrition for Little Hidden Dragon. It would not be long before its main soul advances into the Immortal rank.

    Little Hidden Dragon possessed three main properties. Spectral Dragon was already at Immortal rank. If Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon soul also advances into Immortal rank, then its overall strength would be even greater than a low class Immortal rank!

    Night always took the lead. In this battle, its training experience had definitely maxed out. After going back, he would have to let Ning Maner strengthen Night with the Immortal charm aura. Night would also fundamentally become a low class Immortal rank.

    Meanwhile, Ice Air Fairy had already gained a middle class Immortal rank Immortal Item. After Chu Mu trains it for a period of time in the North Ice Dynasty, he could nurture a middle class Immortal rank soul pet. If more subordinates of the Ancient Flood Dragon Person awakened, then it would be much easier to handle.

    Of course, Chu Mu would also pay sufficient attention to the awakening of the Ancient Flood Dragon Person. If that guy awakened, then only Seven Sins Fox Dark Death King could possibly oppose it.

    Unfortunately, Seven Sins Fox Dark Death King could not be controlled by him or Yu Suo. Yu Suo was currently treating it like a celebrity. It was already impressive that she could prevent it from running away. It was impossible to make it fight for them for now.

    However, he wondered just what rank that Dark Death King under the Ancient Flood Dragon Person was.

    If that Dark Death King also possessed similar strength to the Imprint Valley's Ten Thousand year Immortal -- Dark Death King, then he clearly had to reevaluate Ancient Flood Dragon Person's strength!

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