Chapter 1481: Invitation Letter from Two Great Royalty

    "Speaking of which, is the situation in Hidden Pupil Royalty doing alright?" Cloud Gate Elder changed the topic.

    "How alright can it get? Those that ought to be split up are split up, and those that ought to be engaging in internal struggle are still engaged in internal struggle. By the time they understand the meaning of unity, how will it be possible for those factions to rule over humanity? They're a group of obstinate and stupid people." Yu Bo sighed as he shook his head.

    "Along the same lines, 20 years have passed already. Why haven't the two royal families convened a meeting? Have these 20 years really been that tranquil?" said Cloud Gate Elder.

    It had been a long time since Cloud Gate Elder had left New Moon Land. However, he understood many things about the outside world.

    "They're about to. I estimate that in a little bit, I will take a trip with Female Supreme to Dual Earth Mountain. I'm sure the bigshots from various places will show themselves then." said Yu Bo.

    "She's going? Isn't that not appropriate?!" immediately said Cloud Gate Elder.

    "Brat Chu doesn't pay attention to these things. Obviously she's the one going. Moreover, the madam also wishes to see her." said Yu Bo.

    "Ai, your family's matters are truly complicated. Why are you doing things like this? Such a grand royal family that once ruled over humanity has become so strange." said Cloud Gate Elder.

    "Who wanted it to be like this? This person wants to become the lord and that person also wants to become the lord; yet, none of them wish to start a war over it. They're just procrastinating and delaying it like this. Both sides are fighting and plotting against each other, killing off all the good young successors and ending lineages..." a trace of haggardness flashed in Yu Bo's eyes.

    As the two of them were speaking, Wanxiang City gradually returned to its normal state. The lamps illuminated the city's buildings, accentuating their grandiose and dignified nature.

    The two old men simultaneously glanced at the area creating the darkness and were silent for a long while. Cloud Gate Elder then said: "I'm actually very optimistic about this brat."

    "Haha, who isn't?"


    Chu Mu was rather direct when he did things. He decided to go to North Ice to cultivate and on the morning of the second day he planned on leaving.

    "Huh? You're leaving now?" Ning Maner stared at him wide eyes at Chu Mu who was already prepared to embark.

    "When did you want to wait until?" Chu Mu said unhappily. Ning Maner was still dressed in her sleeping wear, her hair was a mess and she still looked drowsy.

    However, she looked very cute like this, especially her messy hair. One had to wonder how she slept at night to make her hair like this.

    "I need to pack some things. I have many things!" said Ning Maner.

    Ning Maner knew that Chu Mu would always use months or even years to count the time while cultivating. Thus, she had to bring everything she needed.  Things to eat, play, wear, use, pass the time, and hold to sleep...

    Ning Maner enjoyed wandering the streets and bought a whole heap of small objects. Her entire room was filled with these sparkling and pretty jewelry and things to put on her head.

    "Whatever, we'll leave in the afternoon. Pack up." Chu Mu forced a smile as he looked at Ning Maner. He guessed she wanted to pack everything in her room into her spatial ring.

    "Ok!" Ning Maner hastily nodded her head.

    After leaving her room, Chu Mu went to Female Supreme Palace.

    Since he was going a long ways away, he was going to say something to Liu Binglan.

    When he arrived at Female Supreme Palace, Chu Mu walked straight to the sleeping quarters.

    The only man who could walk straight into the sleeping quarters was Chu Mu. The serving girls didn't stop or make a report when they saw him. Liu Binglan, when she was freshening up, wasn't someone everyone could see.

    When Chu Mu entered the sleeping quarters, he saw two serving girls helping Liu Binglan comb her hair while two other serving girls were packing clothes.

    Chu Mu discovered that the two serving girls were packing travel clothing and items. He was befuddled. Did Liu Binglan want to go training with him?

    Liu Binglan saw Chu Mu from the mirror and a smile rose on her cold face.

    "Mother, where are you going?" Chu Mu asked, confused.

    "Dual Earth Mountain," responded Liu Binglan.

    "What place is that?"

    "Look at this invitation letter." Liu BInglan had the serving girl next to the table hand over the letter to Chu Mu.

    Chu Mu opened the grand looking invitation and glanced over the contents.

    The contents were rather straightforward. It was inviting New Moon Land's king to participate in Dual Earth Mountain's conference. The words were very polite, not any different from invitations normally received from large border territories.

    The only difference was that the inviting party this time were two mysterious factions.

    Hidden Pupil Royalty and Wupan Royalty!

    Chu Mu learned a bit about Hidden Pupil Royalty in Zhengming Main City. Chu Mu still remembered that the attack on Liu Binglan ostensibly had something to do with Hidden Pupil Royalty.

    As for Wupan Royalty, they were a clan in Wupan Continent and were also the true lords that ruled Wupan Continent.

    Wupan Royalty and Hidden Pupil Royalty were both semi-concealed families. They didn't participate in managing the human realm, but if something big happened regarding humanity, they would appear.

    From the respect shown by Divine Sect and the other big factions to the royal families, these two royal families were probably extremely special existences in the human realm. Nonetheless, Chu Mu was still unclear what kind of position they occupied in the human realm.

    "Yu Bo told me that this is humanity's highest conference. Every person or faction that receives an invitation must participate. Our New Moon Land conceals the huge hidden danger of the Ancient Flood Dragon Person. Although we have already informed Divine Sect, Divine Sect has yet to give a concrete response. Yu Bo wants me to use this conference to explain the Ancient Flood Dragon Person situation and see if I can obtain a solution in the conference." said Liu Binglan.

    The moment the powerful Ancient Flood Dragon Person awakened, it wouldn't only affect New Moon Land. The ten thousand year immortal Dark Death King's appearance was enough to prove that a creature of this rank would cause terrifying destruction to humanity.

    If such a disastrous matter could be anticipated earlier and resolved beforehand, that would be for the best. Presumably, the leaders of these factions wouldn't just ignore such a hidden danger.

    "It's obviously good if human experts can show themselves and resolve this matter." Chu MU nodded his head. It was indeed necessary to participate in this conference.

    "The conference will take place in a year. I'll go visit a few of our allied border kingdoms and factions first.  Then I'll go to Zhengming Main City for a bit before finally going to Dual Earth Mountain. Don't spend too long cultivating in North Ice Forbidden Region. If you have the opportunity to come back, then come back. It'll be better if you personally attend this conference." said Liu Binglan.

    "Ok, I'll try my best." Chu Mu nodded his head.

    Chu Mu himself didn't have a good grasp on how long he would cultivate for. If he could raise his soul pets' strength as fast as possible, Chu Mu would obviously be able to return at ease. However, if he didn't complete the advance in rank, Chu Mu would be delayed in North Ice Forbidden Region for some time.

    Fortunately, North Ice Forbidden Region wasn't too far from New Moon Land. A round trip wouldn't take too long and if something happened in New Moon Land, he would bea ble to return.

    "What happened last night?" Liu Binglan thought of the excessively thick dark element last night and inquired about it.

    "Night advanced a rank." Chu Mu cracked a smile.

    "Low class immortal?" Liu Bignlan asked, somewhat astonished.

    "Yup!" Chu Mu nodded his head.

    Currently, aside from his devil transformation, Night was the strongest. There existed a definite difference between the pseudo immortal and low class immortal rank. He only needed to raise his strength slightly by a level and if he were to encounter those people from Imprint Valley again, even without the Martial Cloud Dragon or the devil transformation, he would be able to deal with them.

    Of course, the one Chu Mu remembered the most was still the incredibly arrogant Navy Chieftain!

    Chu Mu would have to take his revenge. When his strength was enough, he wouldn't hesitate to take the Chieftain's head!!

    Therefore, the low class immortal rank was far from enough!


    In order to ensure cultivation efficiency, Chu Mu didn't take others. It was only him and Ning Maner who went to North Ice Forbidden Region to train.

    The low class immortal rank Night ran extremely fast. It probably only needed between half a day to a day to make a round trip in New Moon Land.

    They passed through New Moon Land's northern forbidden region and went even further north of Heaven Mountain. Here, the entire world was filled with ice and snow.

    The horizon was a white line that was sometimes straight, sometimes undulating and sometimes imposing. The beautiful snow and ice scenery visibly excited Ning Mnaer.

    Normally when she had nothing to do, Ning Maner enjoyed hugging Dead Dream. Now that Dead Dream was in a hibernating state, in order to accelerate Dead Dream's nirvana rebirth, Chu Mu specially summoned it and had Ning Maner, with nothing to do, hold it so it could receive more immortal aura.

    Dead Dream had spent a rather long time hibernating. It was difficult to estimate how long it would take to absorb the huge single instance influx of energy. Moreover, the Phoenix species' nirvana rebirth wasn't completed in only one or two days. Chu Mu remembered that Dead Dream had spent a long time in the wooden box during his first nirvana rebirth.

    "I wonder how strong it will become when it completes this nirvana rebirth." Chu Mu was silently anticipating this.

    A sleek black and demonic figure rapidly flew across the white glaciers like a dark aurora. Chu Mu held the sleeping Ning Maner and felt unrestrained icy air slapping against them.

    While running across the glacier, it was easy to forget about worries and one's mind would widen.

    Of course, Ning Maner's hair was under his nose and it emanated the unique and alluring fragrance of a young woman. This made things particularly carefree and relaxing.

    A beautiful scenery in the distance, riding on a sleek beast and a beauty in his arms. This was probably the comfortable life many men strived for.

    When he first picked up Ning Maner in Wanxiang City, it was usually Chu Mu fighting while Ning Maner was off in the distance, eating something while shaking her small **.

    When Chu Mu fought, he was rather bloodthirsty. He figured Ning Maner didn't like killing so he wouldn't take the lives of wild monsters when he trained. Soul crystals were rarer the higher ranked the creature was and the soul cores that appeared weren't of much use to him.

    Ning Maner's cultivation was rather simple. She just watched Chu Mu's fights from the side.

    There was also a need to find a suitable protector.

    Ning Maker currently only had two protectors. One was Chu Mu and the other was the Dark Emperor which was inseparable in her shadow.

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