Chapter 1577: The Destroyed Stronghold Under The Blackhole

    Ink-colored claws weaved into two stellar coronas and swept towards Chief Pan Jun's Four-eyed Steel Eagle!

    Four-eyed Steel Eagle did not make sufficient preparation for defense and was knocked away by the claw strikes. Two deep claw scars were carved into its body.

    The furious Four-eyed Steel Eagle flapped its wing and adjusted its balance. Then, countless feathers were detached from its wings.

    Those feathers rotated at high speed and rained towards Liu Binglan and Ye Qingzi.

    Battle Beast Mo Ye calmly watched the approaching feather rain. Just as those feathers were about to reach them, this Battle Beast Mo Ye heavily stomped the ground. A darkness storm surged up from the darkness energy wrapped around Battle Beast Mo Ye's feet!

    The darkness storm rose up and all the feather blades touching the darkness storm were swallowed.

    More and more feather blades approached from all directions. However, no matter how many feather blades there were, they could not pierce through the darkness storm generated by Battle Beast Mo Ye.

    The attack was easily neutralized. Chief Pan Jun stared furiously at the man who stopped his attack.

    "Good, very good. You're actually still alive and obtained another layer of Monument Tear's power!" Chief Pan Jun's expression turned menacing.

    "You two leave here first," said the man as he took a glance at Liu Binglan and Ye Qingzi.

    Liu Binglan did not hesitate and flew towards the edge of the stronghold with Ye Qingzi.

    Their objective had been achieved. Staying here would only become the weakness of Chu Mu.

    After Liu Binglan and Ye Qingzi left, that man walked forward and stood next to Battle Beast Mo Ye.

    He was similarly staring at Chief Pan Jun, his gaze showed not a trace of fear.

    This was his third time facing this human leader Pan Jun. During the first time, there was a huge gap between their strength, he escaped from this arrogant Chief out of pure luck.

    The second time was at Imprint Valley. He was still unable to oppose Chief Pan Jun. He could only rely on the advantage of spatial control to escape from this terrifying enemy.

    However, this time, Chu Tianmang no longer needed to escape!

    The order was given, Battle Beast Mo Ye charged forward. The darkness storm instantly shrouded this region into darkness.

    Four-eyed Steel Eagle stretched open its wings to intercept this Battle Beast Mo Ye's attack. Darkness aura and feather blades within the chaotic air currents clashed!


    The entire stronghold was completely in the air, approaching closer and closer towards the blackhole.

    Within the stronghold, countless soul pets and soul pet trainers were swept up by the blackhole. All the buildings were demolished by the turbulent storm. Rubbles danced in the air and it was chaos everywhere.

    The huge blackhole was right above the stronghold. Those desperately struggling armies still inside the stronghold could not even move a step.

    As they raised their heads, they no longer saw a gap in the sky, but the entire sky was filled by the blackhold. The black and white Half Devil at the center of the blackhole was ever terrifying!

    When death approached, not many could remain calm. As the storm was getting more intense, the barriers created by those armies were finally shattered!

    Be it large beasts, tiny fairies or rooted plants, once they lost the protection of the barrier, what awaited them was only to be swallowed by the blackhole of vengeance!

    One after another, they were sucked up into the blackhole.

    Some were shredded into pieces before even reaching the blackhole.


    As the entire stronghold was getting closer and closer to the blackhole, those Immortals also felt the strong suction force severely hindering their actions!

    "Gate Master Han, what should we do?" asked a Divine Sect Master Official.

    "Leave!" Han Yan resolutely rode on this Light Tiger to escape, leaving his Divine Sect army to be sucked into the blackhole.

    With Han Yan taking the lead to escape, the other Immortals naturally would not be willing to sacrifice themselves here. They rode on their soul pets and abandoned the fight against New Moon Land's Immortals, then ran towards the edge of the stronghold at full speed.

    With their speed and strength, as long as they left the stronghold before reaching the edge of the blackhole, they would be able to escape from the blackhole.

    "Escaping? Die here, you bastards!" Bai Shaoye saw those Immortals escaping and gave chase.

    What he wanted to do was only to stall those Immortals. This stronghold was about to enter the blackhole region. By then, even those Immortals would not be able to escape.

    As for whether he could escape himself, Bai Shaoye no longer cared. The war had been so devastating up to this point. He was long prepared to die. Even if he would die, he would also drag a few Immortals down with him!

    "Everyone retreat from the stronghold, hurry up!" In the distance, Uncle Yu shouted.

    Their mission had been completed. They had to leave this stronghold now.

    "Bai Shaoye, leave here now!" shouted Uncle Yu using mental voice when he noticed Bai Shaoye did not escape, but went to stall the enemies!

    Bai Shaoye ignored Uncle Yu and continued heading towards the direction Han Yan and the others escaped towards.



    Berserk Roar. The huge black flame soul shadow disappeared for a moment. Then, an even fiercer tiger-shaped black flame soul shadow appeared, its aura grealy boosted!

    The seventh Broken Limb Rebirth!

    During the battle, Zhen Ye finally reached its strongest moment!

    Dashing, charging, claw strike!

    Without any unnecessary actions, this claw strike was swung out. The huge soul shadow's energy was all contained inside Zhan Ye's claw strike!

    Black flame, darkness aura, Ancient Marks, bloodthirsty sharpness, strongest soul shadow, these five types of powers gathered on this claw strike!

    A streak of black light that broke apart the world appeared!

    The claw strike swept across the part where Rock Giant Beast's upper torso connected with the bottom torso!

    This claw strike not only tore through Rock Giant Beast's defenses, it also severed this Rock Giant Beast into two!

    Rock Giant Beast was completely made of rock, so there was not a single drop of blood even after getting bisected.

    This type of creature could not be killed by just bisecting it.

    The moment Zhan Ye landed, destructive light congregated in its throat and shot towards Rock Giant Beast!

    The energy exploded between the two separated parts of Rock Giant Beast. Rock Giant Beast was blasted into shards before it could reconnect its bisected body. Those shards scattered into the sky and were immediately sucked in by the blackhole.

    Rock Giant Beast was like a collapsed mountain. It was swept up by the blackhole pieces after pieces and swallowed!

    If Rock Giant Beast entered the blackhole as a complete entity, it could still struggle inside the blackhole with its solid defense. However, if it was heavily damaged like now, the intense blackhole storm could grind it into powder in a short time. There was no chance of survival!


    Each time the rampaging storm blew past, Rock Giant Beast's body would shatter.

    After shattering into tiny pieces of rocks, even greater storm blew past and those tiny pieces were grinded into sand and powder!

    In an instant, Rock Giant Beast lost a proper body. Eventually, those powders also disappeared into the blackhole, not leaving anything behind!


    Zhan Ye roared towards the sky after defeating Rock Giant Beast. That roar caused all those still struggling armies to tremble in fear.

    Even Rock Giant Beast was killed, would they still have a chance to survive??


    Soul pets and soul pet trainers were easily swept into the blackhole.

    The entire stronghold finally reached the blackhole region. Some buildings built with unique materials were vaporized after lighting touching the blackhole storm.

    The entire stronghold was slowly getting grinded. Watching from afar, this stronghold looked like a sandcastle getting dispersed by the wind!

    "Zhan Ye, Little Hidden Dragon, rescue everyone!"

    At the center of the blackhole, Chu Mu used mental voice to order Zhan Ye and Little Hidden Dragon.

    The stronghold had completely entered the blackhole region. Even Immortal rank creatures would not be able to escape. Chu Mu wanted to destroy the enemies and not those New Moon Land members who kept sacrificing for this war.

    Zhan Ye and Little Hidden Dragon could already feel a certain level of hindering. They dashed through this vaporizing stronghold, looking for those New Moon Land members who were unable to escape in time.

    Zhan Ye found Pang Yue who was getting swept away. It forcefully dragged her back from the edge of the blackhole. Next, it saw Ye Wansheng who was dyed in blood from the tearing of the blackhole......

    Little Hidden Dragon was spectral type. This spatial storm had less effect on it. It quickly found a few New Moon Land members who were unable to escape and held them in its mouth. It then flapped its wings and brought them out of the blackhole region.


    "Who else has not escaped?" asked Uncle Yu as he turned around to look at the descended Little Hidden Dragon.

    "Bai Shaoye, Sang Ying, Qingyi...... And that man who is fighting Chief Pan Jun," said Teng Lang.

    "Who is he??" Everyone turned around and noticed there was still someone who could fight evenly against Chief Pan Jun!

    The entire stronghold was almost swallowed up by the blackhole. That man could still fight against Chief Pan Jun within the blackhole storm.

    In their eyes, it seemed as if the blackhole never existed.

    Perhaps, they would only be satisfied after personally sending the other party into the blackhole!

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