Chapter 1622: Chu Mu’s Hunting Teams

    After a few days, the four major factions sent a batch of people to New Moon Land.

    Divine Sect sent Xiao Xueang and Lin Mengling, Chu Mu was familiar with both of them.

    Demon Beast Palace sent a Chief Enforcer, it was said that he was someone with Underworld.

    Mu Family Dynasty seng Tang Ang, this was a human leader with high class Immortal rank ghost type creature.

    Elemental Clan sent a Sect Master. This Sect Master was a newly appointed one. Most of the newly appointed people were supported by Yu Suo, so he could be considered an ally.

    Chu Mu was already familiar with Xiao Xueang and Lin Mengling, so it was not necessary to be too formal when welcoming them.

    Watching the four human leaders and ten Gate Masters especially coming to New Moon Land, Chu Mu also gained another suspicion.

    "Solar Eclipse is very close," said Xiao Xueang.

    "This snow should be due to Ancient Flood Dragon Person's subordinate, Sky Covering Snow Demon. We are here to find this Sky Covering Snow Demon and kill it. Before Ancient Flood Dragon Person awakens, it's best to get rid of as many subordinates as possible," said Elemental Clan's Sect Master Jiang Gu.

    "According to my knowledge, it shouldn't be just Sky Covering Snow Demon. The most ancient wind type creature, Wind Disaster Demon, also awakened. Its wind caused immense damage to the various borders in the west," said Tang Ang.

    "Those people should have migrated long ago. I don't understand what kind of courage they have to stay in the west which will be destroyed soon. Did they think that just because New Moon Land was safe, they would also be safe? Ancient Flood Dragon Person is a creature that acts according to its desire, it will only do things as it likes. Once it awakens, leaving aside New Moon Land, the entire Zhengming Continent's west region will be swallowed by its ocean," said a rather young soul pet trainer.

    Chu Mu took a glance at the unfamiliar man and inquired Lin Mengling with his gaze.

    "He is a member from Hidden Pupil Royalty's Tao Family, Tao Wang. He is strong," explained Lin Mengling.

    "New Moon Land will not be destroyed!" Ning Maner stared at Tao Wang unhappily.

    "Stop deceiving yourselves. You don't know how strong Ancient Flood Dragon Person is! Those stupid borders do not understand, they are unwilling to give up their little assets. Only when Ancient Flood Dragon Person swallows their assets and families, they will realize how foolish it was to stay there," said Tao Wang.

    After the Dual Earth Conference, Zhengming Continent's western region started their migration. Ancient Flood Dragon Person's existence was certainly a huge threat to the human race.

    However, not all citizens in the borders left their homeland. There were still many people in some of the border cities, there were even many who held an optimistic attitude. They saw that New Moon Land was still standing at the most dangerous place. If anything happened, it would be New Moon Land which would be destroyed first. If that day really came, they could migrate by then.

    The royalties, Divine Sect and other factions were doing their best to transport people away from the danger zone. However, there were many who were unwilling to leave. New Moon Land was completely independent.

    "How do you intend to take on Ancient Flood Dragon Person?" asked Chu Mu.

    "Take it on? Impossible. We can only try to finish off its subordinates before it awakens. Our visit this time is to kill Sky Covering Snow Demon and Wind Disaster Demon. These two are already high class Immortal rank creatures," said Tao Wang.

    "All of you came just for this?" asked Chu Mu.

    Xiao Xueang and Tang Ang nodded, "We will diminish its fighting force as much as possible, as for taking on Ancient Flood Dragon Person...... Honestly speaking, we do not have a proper plan even until now. Perhaps we can only give up all the territories in the western region to that crazy devil, then negotiate some restriction with it through other races."

    "How many human leaders are there?" asked Chu Mu.

    Xiao Xueang was a little confused. He did not understand why Chu Mu asked this, so he roughly counted, "About thirty to forty."

    "Can they take on Ancient Flood Dragon Person if they join forces?" asked Chu Mu.

    Tao Wang immediately interrupted in disdain, "Impossible. Even leaders stand no chance before Ancient Flood Dragon Person, unless all leaders join forces. However, do you think those leaders who treated their lives as the most important factor would be willing to participate in such suicidal plans?"

    "You're saying that amongst humans, nobody is willing to take on Ancient Flood Dragon already?" asked Chu Mu calmly.

    Xiao Xueang, Tang Ang and the other two leaders remained silent.

    Certainly, no leader had clearly indicated to take on Ancient Flood Dragon Person.

    On one hand, Ancient Flood Dragon Person was really too strong, it might be Undying rank. On the other hand, leaders were rulers amongst rulers, they would never throw their precious lies away like this.

    Seeing everyone keeping quiet, Chu Mu already knew the answer.

    "You can return," said Chu Mu.

    Everyone was startled for a moment. They only arrived here not long ago, yet New Moon Land's King told them to return?

    "You're telling us to return?" asked Tao Wang in astonishment.

    "Yes," Chu Mu nodded.

    Since nobody wanted to take on Ancient Flood Dragon Person, there was no point for them to come.

    "Chu Mu, don't misunderstand. We will at least kill those subordinates of Ancient Flood Dragon Person. Without those subordinates, the damage Ancient Flood Dragon Person can do will be much smaller," said Xiao Xueang.

    "It's unnecessary," said Chu Mu.

    "You...... You're really too arrogant. Do you think you can take on Ancient Flood Dragon Person by yourself? You can't even take on its subordinates!" reprimanded Tao Wang.

    "Chu Mu, we know New Moon Land is very important to you. There are also other races living here apart from New Moon Land's citizens. However, before Ancient Flood Dragon Person awakens, we must kill its subordinates. Otherwise, when we come up with a plan to take on Ancient Flood Dragon Person and those subordinates hinder us, we will not be able to execute the plan." persuaded Lin Mengling.

    "This bizarre snow and wind will stop next month," said Chu Mu.

    "As long as Sky Covering Snow Demon and Wind Disaster Demon don't die, the snow and wind will never stop," sneered Tao Wang.

    "They are already dead," Chu Mu took a glance at this arrogant man and did not want to bother about his sarcastic attitude.

    "Dead??" Everyone looked at Chu Mu confusedly.

    "They are dead? When? Who killed them?" asked Lin Mengling.

    Chu Mu pointed at himself.

    "You killed them?" Lin Mengling opened her mouth in surprise.

    "Impossible. Sky Covering Snow Demon and Wind Disaster Demon are both high class Immortal rank creatures, how can you kill them by yourself?" snorted Tao Wang.

    Ning Maner and Ye Qingzi were also confused. Chu Mu had been in Wanxiang City after waking up. They never saw Chu Mu making a move, how were those subordinates killed?


    At that moment, a dragon roar came from outside. Next, everyone heard something heavy smashing onto the ground, shaking the earth and the palace.

    "Their corpses have been transported back. You can take a look yourselves," Chu Mu pointed outside.

    Everyone walked out of the palace in disbelief.

    There was a wide platform outside the palace.

    This platform was currently occupied by a creature covered in ice, it was about twenty meter big.

    This size was not really big in the soul pet world. However, one could judge from its unique fur and powerful limbs that it was a powerful ice type creature.

    Everyone raised their head to examine this lifeless corpse and their faces were slowly dominated by astonishment.

    "This...... This really looks like Sky Covering Snow Demon, it's exactly the same as the illustration in the document," said Lin Mengling.

    "How can that be possible? How did he kill it?"

    Xiao Xueang stood next to the corpse. It took a long time before he recollected himself and turned to look at Chu Mu who remained seated in the palace.

    Was it really killed by him??

    Sky Covering Snow Demon and Wind Disaster Demon were terrifying creatures recorded in documents. Otherwise, Divine Sect would not have sent him and three other leaders to here.

    They never expected that Chu Mu had already killed these two subordinates which they had to be cautious against when they just arrived here!


    Little Hidden Dragon flapped its wings and its body was already minimized.

    It flew past everyone and reached right in front of Chu Mu.

    Little Hidden Dragon kept circling around Chu Mu as if showing off.

    Chu Mu rubbed its head and grinned.

    "Little Hidden Dragon, did you kill the one which caused this snow disaster?" asked Ning Maner.

    Little Hidden Dragon nodded excitedly.

    "Little Hidden Dragon is so incredible! Come, let me hug you," Ning Maner happily hugged the chubby Little Hidden Dragon and squeezed it like a ball.

    Ye Qingzi looked at Little Hidden Dragon and realized what happened.

    When Chu Mu was cultivating, his soul pets were training outside.

    Chu Mu must have issued missions to them, which was to hunt down those subordinates of Ancient Flood Dragon Person.

    Dead Dream, Little Yellow Spring, Zhan Ye, Little Hidden Dragon, Night, Ning, Devil Tree and Ghost King, they left in groups of four.

    When Chu Mu was cultivating, Old Li took over the role of tracking down the whereabouts of those subordinates. When those subordinates awakened and started to cause disasters, Chu Mu's soul pet teams would hunt them down.

    Sky Covering Snow Demon and Wind Disaster Demon should be the most troublesome subordinates of Ancient Flood Dragon Person. Little Hidden Dragon, Night, Dead Dream and Ning only managed to kill them right before Chu Mu woke up.

    These leaders came to New Moon Land to finish off Ancient Flood Dragon Person's subordinates.

    Hence, Chu Mu felt that it was not necessary. If they were unwilling to take on Ancient Flood Dragon Person, they should just leave those subordinates to him. At least, he would be able to train his soul pets and let them grow stronger.

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