Chapter 1677: The Approaching Collapse Of Heaven Boundary Monumen


    Thunder roared above the land in the northeastern part of Zhengming Continent. The green forest became eerie under the illumination of the white lightning.

    The earth was covered by a layer of green grass. The dark clouds pressed down gloomily, the green grass was already beginning to change color due to the loss of light over a long time.

    A river flowed in this land, and an exquisite wooden house was built next to the river.

    Lightning and thunder rampaged in the sky above the wooden house. One streak of lightning crashed down and hit the earth next to the wooden house.

    At the door of the wooden house, a young and beautiful lady stood there and watched the gloomy sky.

    The atmosphere and cloud were already pressing down close to the earth. It felt as if everything on earth would be flattened if they pressed down any further. The billowing wind carried the smell of destruction.

    "It seems that the sky is changing," mumbled the beautiful lady.

    After that, she went back into the house.

    The interior of the wooden house was simple. There were not many decorations, but it was very clean.

    A woman with unparalleled beauty was lying on a wooden bed peacefully, totally unfitting of this simple wooden house.

    "Master, ever since Solar Eclipse occurred, everything seems to have changed," said Xia Zhixian.

    "Just call me by my name," said Yu Suo calmly.

    "Do you want to eat anything?" asked Xia Zhixian.

    "No need, no appetite," answered Yu Suo.

    Yu Suo took a glance outside the window and frowned, "The atmosphere is a little strange."

    "Yes, it's the same everywhere...... feels like the sky is pressing down," said Xia Zhixian.

    Xia Zhixian rushed over from Northern Territory. The sky was similarly low in Northern Territory. It felt as if the sky would collapse any moment. Even after arriving at the eastern region, this phenomenon did not change. This meant that the strange phenomenon was occurring in many parts of the world.

    Solar Eclipse, sky collapse, the originally beautiful world suddenly became a dangerous and despairing place.

    "This place is close to one of the Heaven Boundary Monuments, right?" said Yu Suo.

    "It seems so......"

    "Let's go there and take a look," Yu Suo got up.

    Xia Zhixian stretched out her hands to help Yu Suo.

    "I'm fine," said Yu Suo.

    "No matter how strong a woman is, this period is her weakest moment," said Xia Zhixian with a serious expression.

    Yu Suo did not rebuke her and allowed her to support.


    Northern Territory.

    There was only North City emitting a feeble light in this land shrouded in darkness.

    The Solar Eclipse had continued for far too long. The anxiety caused by darkness had accumulated more and more.

    Parents would always console their children that the sun would rise up the next day.

    However, in the end, it was another dark night the next day.

    Elder Li stood on the light tower and stroked its beard. Its expression was stern.

    Mermaid princess hovered there and looked at the sky with worry.

    The sky was pressing down a little bit every day. The world was shrouded in darkness. If even the volume was shrinking day by day, what would this world become of in the end?

    "Is what our ancestors told us actually real?" said Elder Li slowly.

    "Heaven Boundary Monument does not lie," said mermaid princess.

    They were the agents of their race, as well as the agents of all living beings in the world. They still had one important mission, which was to record everything told by Heaven Boundary Monuments.

    Many years ago, Heaven Boundary Monument told them a horrifying fact.

    However, this fact was slowly forgotten over time. Only when the fact was actually happening, they suddenly realized that what was happening was told in the ancient prophecy.

    Perhaps, that should not be called a prophecy.

    It should be a warning from the ancestors from their bloody experience.

    The third layer of sky, second layer of sky, second layer of earth, third layer of earth, as well as the world where all living beings lived in now......

    In the past, were there really five worlds where living beings could live in?

    However, why was there only one now? Void and chaos filled the space between isolated spaces.

    Meanwhile, those isolated spaces appeared like lone islands floating in the sea of death. Some were self-sufficient, some perished gradually.

    If this world also shattered, would it become similar to the other dimensions? Would there only be a tiny bit of land for the living beings to live in?

    Before a collapsing world, creatures of any rank would become insignificant.

    Fighting for wealth, authority and glory would become meaningless.

    Would this day really come??


    The distant ocean was roaring furiously, as if trying to completely break something down.

    The sky was still pressing lower and lower, trying to squash everything on earth.

    Cracks abruptly appeared on mountains and in plains, silently expanding.

    Everything looked so fragile and would collapse any moment.

    Yet darkness shrouded everything and demons still rampaged around. Not many people noticed the change in environment.

    They would occasionally see white lightning flash in the sky and saw a glimpse of the collapsing world.

    However, the truth was that if the darkness was lifted, people would realize that the world they lived in had completely changed after getting covered by Solar Eclipse for a long period of time.

    No living world was eternal. Life had its lifespan, the living world also had its lifespan. It was just that the living world's lifespan was much longer. Compared to the entire world, the lifespan of an individual life form was just a tiny portion.


    Chu Mu had always remembered the sentence Messiah Tree told Ning Maner: You can only see the full picture of some things only when you stand at a certain height.

    In the past, Chu Mu had always stood below the Heaven Boundary Monument and looked up at it. Heaven Boundary Monument was like a mystery shrouding his heart.

    Now, he was standing on Heaven Palace and could look down at those Heaven Boundary Monuments.

    He clearly saw the Heaven Boundary Monuments erected all over the world.

    From New Moon Land's position, Eternal Ocean, Demon Continent, Human Territory, Flower Territory and Ghost Territory branches. They were not monuments of history, nor the grave of a certain era's strongest creature. They were the spines of the entire living world!

    This spine was erected above the land and ocean, supporting the heavy sky, preventing void and chaos from crushing the space filled with air, water and life forms, which was this world where all living beings lived in......

    Heaven Boundary Monument was not eternal. It required energy, it required a vast amount of energy to sustain this state.

    What Heaven Palace had to do was to inject new energy into those Heaven Boundary Monuments every cycle when the energy was exhausted, in order to maintain the next cycle......

    This would be repeated every cycle. Once Heaven Palace was destroyed in a certain cycle. The world would end by then.

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