1307 Lord of Heaven Qing Kong

    Every mirror was connected to a spy. Yi Qian now had to command thousands of people to complete the collection of information everyday.

    Near the house, Ouyang Lishang crafted messenger mirrors with a bitter expression on his face...

    However, although Ouyang Lishang was tired, when he thought about how he was working hard for the King of Gods, he was full of motivation... this was the life of a lackey.

    The messenger mirror was not a common item. It was not that its materials were expensive. There were very few people who were able to produce it. Thus, only wealthy families used it. Furthermore, they were only given to more important spies.

    Aristocrats and wealthy families who did business also had to give their managers in all their regions a messenger mirror. Back then, the status of a boss was determined by whether they had a messenger mirror. When they discussed business, they were embarrassed to speak to others if they did not have a messenger mirror in their hands.

    They would place the messenger mirror on the table, then politely say to the other person, "Ha ha ha, I'm sorry. The Dong family might contact me at any time."

    This meant two things. One, it meant that the Dong family was very wealthy. Two, it meant that he was highly valued by the Dong family. It was good for his image!

    As for the typical civilians, Lu Shu had never seen any civilian in Nangeng City using a messenger mirror.

    Lu Shu concluded that it was just like when cell phones first appeared on Earth. Those who used phones were extremely rich.

    Back then, when Ouyang Lishang researched on this, he kicked up a storm in the palace. In the past, the families used letters and shouting to relay information. With the messenger mirror, it was different. As long as they had trained, they would be able to chat through videos at any time.

    Lu Shu thought about it. If he lived in a generation with no cell phones, or without any phones at all, he would want to buy a smartphone if it was on the market.

    Thus, since the production of the messenger mirror was slow, and did not meet the demands of the market, its price was inflated.

    Although it was more common now, Yi Qian would not be able to purchase so many messenger mirrors at once.

    Of course, this was not a problem. After all, the person who had researched on messenger mirrors was with them. Ouyang Lishang was the most brilliant weapon refiner in the Luniverse. All those who were able to produce the messenger mirror were his apprentices.

    When it came to weapon refinery, the master would go out of business if their disciples knew everything. Who would teach their disciples such a method, unless they were very close! Ouyang Lishang was unique. He did not rely on weapon refinery for living. He would be able to live without worries as long as he hung on to the King of Gods.

    There were times when Ouyang Lishang sighed with emotion. It would have been good if he did not anger the non-toxic gourd. It was no longer called the non-toxic gourd. It was now called the head-twisting gourd... back then, the gourd felt that it had been badly humiliated. It always wanted to attack Ouyang Lishang.

    After a few days, when Ouyang Lishang was familiar with the environment in the Luniverse, he asked Liu Yizhao to find people for him.

    Ouyang Lishang told Liu Yizhao, "Explain who is looking for them. If they are willing to come, tell them to come. If not, kill them."

    Liu Yizhao did not need to do much to prove Ouyang Lishang's credibility. Liu Yizhao carried a messenger mirror, while Ouyang Lishang observed the footage through the mirror...

    He was looking for the apprentices he had thought of in the past. Now, they were well-known weapon refiners.

    Ouyang Lishang felt that he would be able to attract people with his fame. Back then, he had raised these disciples like his sons. But as someone who had served the old King of Gods, he was cruel and merciless. To him, it was unacceptable to be disrespectful to one's elders. Furthermore, if they were left alone, they would be able to produce messenger mirrors for others. How could this do?

    But later on, Lu Shu told Liu Yizhao, "Just bring them back. No need to kill them."

    Ouyang Lishang wanted to talk back, but Lu Shu was unhappy. "Why kill them? Lock them up and make them do homework for me!"

    At this moment, all the Imperial Dragon Soldiers knew that Lu Shu needed distress. The secret that the old King of Gods had kept was now known by all.

    Although Lu Shu did not admit it, they were not foolish!

    Over the past two days, Lu Shu did not dare to anger Lu Xiaoyu. If there were any signs of rebuttal, Lu Xiaoyu would ask Lu Shu whether he was trying to earn distress from her. Lu Shu was very uncomfortable!

    But something strange happened. When Li Heitan and the others knew that Lu Shu needed their distress points, they started to request for homework!

    After all, they had nothing to do now. They would rather do homework and contribute to their Great Lord!

    They had good intentions, but the problem was, if they were willing to do homework, distress would not be produced. Li Heitan and the others sternly did their homework, but Lu Shu did not earn any points. He almost broke a table.

    They could pledge their loyalty through doing homework. Lu Shu lost another source of distress points...

    Over two days, Liu Yizhao sent over two of Ouyang Lishang's disciples. These disciples had missed their teacher. When they heard that their teacher was still alive, their eyes immediately turned red. They rushed over. When they saw Ouyang Lishang, the first thing they said was, "Teacher, we thought that you were killed by that gourd!"

    They were excited when they first came, but they were now uncomfortable. They were locked up by Ouyang Lishang and had to produce messenger mirrors for Yi Qian. At this moment, they finally understood that their teacher had only remembered them because he was far too busy.

    Ouyang Lishang earnestly said, "This is a chance for you to suck up to the King of Gods. Got it?"

    At that moment, Yi Qian suddenly received a messenger mirror from the North Region. There was a post-it stuck on the mirror that said "North Capital".

    This meant that this spy was within the North Capital, surveying the area.

    Yi Qian cast a spell and connected the messenger mirror. The scene in the mirror suddenly shocked him. "What is happening?"

    The field of vision of the mirror was not vast. It was as if the spy was hiding somewhere and transmitting the image over. In the image, many people were tearing off their skin on the streets of the North Capital.

    Beneath the seemingly normal people were countless demons. They spread out their massive wings as if no one else was present. Their clothes were torn by their rapidly swelling muscles.

    If Lu Shu was present, he would immediately be able to recognize these demons. These demons were the Inferno Blood Devils he had encountered in the Koh Chang Island remains! But these Inferno Blood Devil were not as strong as the ones he and Li Xianyi had encountered. Perhaps they were younger.

    In the distance, Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi led their Blood Devil and observed. Blood Devil was as attractive as before. Ordinary people would not be able to discern whether they were human or devils, even upon close inspection.

    Cloud Yi laughed to Blood Devil. "It looks like your father has turned the North Region into hell in the years that the King of Gods was missing! If we bring you to him, will he be more lenient?"

    Blood Devil lowered his eyes. "Master, if he was concerned about bloodline, he would not become the North Lord of Heaven. The old King of Gods wanted to detain me and hold me hostage. It was a wrong move. He typically spoils me, but it is all an act. Now that I am your slave, I do not dare to lie. You do not have to doubt me. If I didn't say anything, you would not know that Qing Kong is my father either."

    Cloud Yi looked at Blood Devil and calmly said, "Do you think that Sun Xunwen's fatherly feelings towards Sun Zhongyang are real?"

    Blood Devil smiled. "Master, you should understand. The joy that comes with power is able to break through all the boundaries in this world."

    Cloud Yi looked at Tiger Zhi. "It's time for us to go to the palace."

    "Let's wait until the smell of hotpot is gone from our bodies," said Tiger Zhi after some thought.
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