1311 Ten Kings of Hell

    Chaos looked up excitedly at the fleet of a hundred ships. Those were all his accomplishments, in the past, he was a person who only knew how to sleep and made no contributions. Now, he had made many accomplishments.

    He felt as though he had upgraded and could not wait to tell Lu Shu the good news.

    The young male companion on the first main ship was called Jiang Wenhan and he had died. The male companions on the ship behind him had left the ship without hesitation. Some of them left with a defensive formation in midair and had extremely good chemistry with each other.

    If Lu Shu was there, he would appreciate their chemistry. Like the 21 underlings he met on the limestone paths in the palace, he did not leave any traces of evidence behind for his enemies.

    Without confidence, he would not attack.

    All these years, they were training every day in the palace of the East Capital. This form of chemistry was not developed overnight. To put it uglily, their chemistry was even better than that of the Imperial Dragon Soldiers.

    Their average power was stronger than the Imperial Dragon Soldiers and their chemistry was better than the Imperial Dragon Soldiers too. Perhaps, they were hiding a trump card as well. The only aspect that they were inferior in was the lack of manpower.

    Chaos did not chase after them. Instead, he swallowed the entire fleet of ships in bites and was extremely hyped up!

    He felt that he did not need to bother about the people who just flew away because when he was released three days ago by Lu Shu, he was tasked with destroying the fleet of ships!

    Chaos remembered very clearly that Lu Shu told him to ensure the ships could not advance any further!

    Look, nobody told him to kill. Chaos felt that the people whom he had killed were considered extra credits.

    However, talking about that, although Chaos had reached the master realm, he was unable to showcase his powers freely when encountering hundreds of Rank One experts.

    Moreover, the male companions were determined to flee. It would be very good if Chaos could kill ten or twenty of them.

    The male companions did not intend to fight it out with Chaos. The current fleet was merely the advance party. They did not have to sacrifice themselves to save the aristocrat's troops.

    This was merely a small proportion of the East Region's army. The mission they had received was to fight smartly. They were only needed in the future. Moreover, they were aware that even if there were hundreds of them, it was difficult to kill Chaos.

    At this moment, Chaos was focused on the ships and like how Lu Xiaoyu liked to eat chips, it was crispy and tasted good.

    However, the people on the ship did not give up either. They were on the ship and could not escape.

    The troops on the ship moved a gigantic crossbow out to defend against Chaos. However, Chaos did not have any special abilities. He was unable to swallow thunder like the King Cow. His advantage was his tough skin and a good appetite.

    With a thousand meter long body, even if he casually touched the water, he could cause all the ships to become unstable. One had to aim the crossbow accurately, yet with Chaos writhing about and being on an unstable ship, it was very difficult to aim.

    Yet, when they managed to hit him, they realized that the black dragon was unhurt! As the difference between their powers was too big, it was no longer possible for them to fight against Chaos!

    No one understood where Chaos came from?

    Meanwhile, Chaos also could not understand why the humans were struggling uselessly...

    Yet, at this moment, the people on the ship suddenly stopped moving. They stretched their arms behind their backs and tore their skin apart. Their wings appeared and muscles bulged, piercing through their skin immediately!

    "Chirp chirp chirp!" Chaos looked in curiosity. What was that?!

    Before the Blood Devils on the ship had transformed, the ship was swallowed by Chaos...

    Ming Yueye woke up from the darkness. He gradually opened his eyes and felt his body. He did not feel pain.

    In his memories, he was still in the palace of the East Capital and was being tortured by a group of people. Why didn't he feel any pain? Was he dead?

    Perhaps, a dead man would not feel pain. It was good to die too, he did not want to experience the unbearable pain anymore.

    At this moment, Li Heitan who passed by the door saw that Ming Yueye had woken up and said in surprise, "You woke up. Welcome! I heard Zhang Weiyu call you 'Lord Ming?;"

    "No no, Ming Yueye's situation is still not clear." Ming Yueye did not understand the situation and hence remained humble to be safe.

    To God Lu, Ming Yueye was their Puppet Masters, and a subordinate. Yet, to Zhang Weiyu and the rest, Ming Yueye and the rest were people with superior presence and it was impossible to match up to their expectations.

    Therefore, Zhang Weiyu and the rest used respectful terms to speak to Ming Yueye, Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi.

    However, Ming Yueye felt that something was wrong when he heard Li Heitan. Welcoming him? Welcoming him to hell?

    He looked out at the darkness outside. It really felt like hell.

    Li Heitan turned and walked out. Ming Yueye stopped him and hesitated. "Who are you?"

    Li Heitan said happily, "I am King Qin Guang. First time meeting you, greetings!"

    It was over. Ming Yueye was dizzy as he had just recovered. He felt that everything was over.

    He really was in hell. Even King Qin Guang had greeted him. Haha, King Qin Guang was rather polite.

    Hold on, King Qin Guang mentioned Zhang Weiyu?

    Ming Yueye knew that Cloud Yi was targeting Zhang Weiyu and the rest. This was not a big secret for Ming Yueye. If the Dream Chooser had returned to the Luniverse beforehand, Zhang Weiyu and the rest would have been dead long ago. After all, the Puppet Masters knew too much about the old King of Gods.

    Ming Yueye thought that Zhang Weiyu and the rest were dead. In fact, in their plot, Zhang Weiyu and the rest were merely a casual chess piece. Whether he was used or dead did not matter.

    Moreover, he knew that there was a spy amongst the Puppet Masters. They would definitely die if Zhang Weiyu and the rest were exposed.

    Therefore, when Ming Yueye heard King Qin Guang mention Zhang Weiyu, it was most likely that he was in hell.

    Ming Yueye looked up and said, "King Qin Guang, may I know..."

    However, at this moment, Li Heitan had disappeared. Nobody answered his question. Li Heitan was happy, he had to relay the news to Great Lord immediately!

    When Lu Shu entered the house, Ming Yueye was evidently stunned. "What King are you?"

    Lu Shu paused for a moment before saying, "Yamaraja?"

    "From Ming Yueye's distress, +999!"

    Lu Shu heaved a sigh of relief. At this moment, he could confirm Ming Yueye's identity.

    After all, when Yu Fuyao handed him over, he was already almost dead and could not identify his identity. If the North Region could turn into a ghost town, it was not impossible for Yu Fuyao to hand over a fake Ming Yueye.

    Nevertheless, he could be assured of his identity now...
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