65 All Out Suppression Part 3

    This energy transfer was a simple training method which the Black Coats possessed, specially designed for the Dao Yuan class.

    In reality, someone capable of inventing such a straightforward training method probably wouldn't be someone who had a simple role to play.

    According to Xi Fei's words, the training method which Lu Shu possessed was called the mysterious matter cycle and he was needed to train his own body.

    It seemed like the first step of the Daoyuan class' method was quite similar to the celestial map - and it was to train the body first before working on anything else.

    Xi Fei stood atop the rostrum and lectured, "You don't have to do it in school, go home and do your own self-training and from now onwards, do report your progress. You can consult me if you face any problems and lessons on Daoism will still continue. And everyone, you must all remember that your morality and strength must be matched or else you will face many difficulties in your journey to cultivate your powers."

    Liu Li raised up his hand and questioned, "Teacher Xi Fei, will the mysterious matter cycle allow us to have powers just like the strength-type metahuman?"

    At that point in time, Liu Li's aptitude was considered one of the highest and even more so in Class F9. This explained why his attitude was rather cocky. Just yesterday after class, he was seen pestering Xi Fei saying that he wanted to treat him to a meal to which Xi Fei rejected coldly.

    Xi Fei had just explained the influence of aptitude on the effects of training and upon hearing about the huge difference, the progress others required half a month to accomplish, he could accomplish within just a day. How awesome!

    Although the highest was still tier A, there was only that one Cao Qingci within the whole school. And the difference between a day and 3 hours did not sound significant but the difference between a day and a month was really huge.

    This boosted Liu Li's confidence.

    Xi Fei explained, "Yinyang Kinship of the Three is definitely a more comprehensive training method which can greatly increase your strength. But compared to those strength type metahumans, there'd still be some differences."

    These words meant that Yinyang Kinship of the Three could train them into more all-rounded metahumans than those strength types but their strength would still not be on par with them.

    "Only when the 9 small cycles were to combine into one huge cycle would the mysterious matter cycle then be considered to have reached its limit," as Xi Fei calmly continued, "after completing it, one's punching force would be able to reach a weight of roughly 900 pounds. But a word of advice to everyone, even if you were to achieve this level of power, one must not get too carried away."

    Lu Shu wondered, if these 9 small cycles would complete the mysterious matter cycle training method, it would mean that Liu Li would be able to complete it in 9 days and Cao Qingci would be able to do so even faster.

    From the looks of it, it seemed really effective. Increasing 900 pounds of strength in 9 days, the world must be brimming with magical energy!

    Hmm, Lu Shu suddenly felt something off, Xi Fei was talking about... pounds!

    The upper limit of Class F strength type metahumans was 1200kg and between 1200kg and 900 pounds, the difference was more than twice!

    Lu Shu let out a sigh of relief. It was comforting that his map was indeed quite powerful! Just by completing the first 5 stars of the first nebula was enough to increase his strength to that of a strength-type metahuman and the 6th star even gave him an extra skill to increase his defensive capabilities.

    No matter how he looked at it, the Yinyang Kinship of the Three training method could never match up to the strength-type metahumans.

    Lu Shu was delighted. Xi Fei was a dishonest man, to think he had purposely used such misleading choice of words. Everyone had yet to notice the nuances as all of them were still dreaming about the possibility of being as strong as a strength-type metahuman after the practice.

    My friends, please use your common sense. What you are trying to develop is all-roundedness while those people only focused on developing a single type of power. If they were to be that easily beaten by you guys in their specialty, then what was the point in specializing?

    Up till this point, Lu Shu decided that thinking about this was pointless.

    He quietly observed the classmates around him. Some were delighted while others, were depressed. But of course, the most satisfied one was Liu Li.

    At that moment, Liu Li nonchalantly glanced around the room and noticed Lu Shu having some kind of grin on his face and this dampened his originally good mood. He felt like something bad was bound to happen.

    "From Liu Li's distress, +44!"

    Wow, Lu Shu was speechless. How did those distress points even come about? There's no need to be so generous!

    The class ended with everyone filled with hope as Lu Shu squeezed his way through the crowd of Daoyuan class students. Most of them had a cheery and jolly smile on their faces.

    Regardless of how good or bad their aptitudes were, they all possessed the method to finally ascend to someone who's better than the common human.

    Everyone had learned to be more careful after witnessing the consequences of leaking confidential information. In order to keep learning about the training method, they had to watch what they say and follow instructions.

    However, Lu Shu felt that he was out of tune with the rest even though he had obtained a new training method. What Lu Shu really desired was freedom and not to be trapped in a scheme of rewards and consequences where he would always be under the control of others.

    After all, this scheme was still just a scheme without considering the humanitarian aspect of it.

    Although events such as Cao Cao meeting Xu You barefooted and Liu Bei putting his pride down to ask for help from Zhuge Liang could be seen as the sacrifices of an emperor; both of these cases were actually perfect representations of scheming with an ulterior motive behind them.

    There were also others who feel that being the Jiang Gan under an emperor's rule was great as well. Stealing reports from Zhou Yu and giving false reports to Cao Cao while being spared both times... all while he continues to get paid without any worries, how good was that?

    However, Lu Shu begged to differ. The reason why Jiang Gan was spared was due to the fact that the others did not want to kill him instead of him actually being invincible.

    For Lu Shu, what he wanted to be was an invincible creature which no one could harm, how exciting would that be!

    The first thing Lu Shu did as he reached home at night was to talk to Lu Xiaoyu for a short moment before she continued her night, watching her dramas as she cultivated her powers. As for Lu Shu, he forced himself back into his room, planning to try out the new training method which was taught to him in the Dao Yuan class.

    Right when he had just started his training, the magical energy entered his body following the training method, suddenly causing a change in the status quo.

    The initially calm darkness of the celestial map suddenly lighted up as the dagger inside of him which started to resonate, letting out a dull hum. That small bundle of magical energy which had just entered his body according to the new training method was being suppressed and it couldn't even move an inch!

    The feeling was like as if that bundle of energy had stopped in its tracks and was bowing down to a king!

    With the presence of the brightest star being there, it was as though nothing else other than the stars could exist.

    You have got to be kidding me. Was the celestial map so powerful that as long as it was around, Lu Shu would be unable to use any other types of training methods?

    That's too overbearing, isn't it?

    Then what about the daily reports he had to give to Xi Fei in class?

    I'm sorry, I've forgotten to practice at home? I'm sorry, the training method is too silly, I'm not doing it?

    This wasn't a laughing matter and Xi Fei could possibly expel him from the class any moment. The best excuse would probably be... ...that his own aptitude was too inadequate and as such, his training progress was extremely slow.

    It was surprising to find out that his map was so overbearing but the idea of it preventing the use of other training methods meant that it would definitely pose as an obstacle if he had wanted to stay in the Daoyuan class. As such, he needed to think of a solution.

    It was great that he was considered to have tier F aptitude since the others wouldn't notice him that much no matter how slow his training progress was. This was really a lucky coincidence...
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