73 The Real Objective Part 2

    Nie Ting. Lu Shu would surely remember this name.

    He continued to look outside as he noticed that the rest of the Black Coats standing at their original position while they waited for Nie Ting, the one in the black cloak, while he had disappeared into Li Xianyi's apartment.

    What did this Heavenly King wish to achieve by coming to such a small place in Luo Cheng just to visit Li Xianyi? Judging from their conversation, it seemed like... Li Xianyi was someone who had equal standing as a Heavenly King!

    But the real issue was - who exactly was Li Xianyi...

    Lu Shu was completely clueless as to what was going on and he had to be extremely careful in the future. Just like today, what if the Heavenly Kings and the Heavenly Network actually came here to surround Li Xianyi, wouldn't he be the one at the losing end?

    Right now, he could still take his own sweet time to see what exactly was happening and judging from the Black Coat's attitude, it seemed like they did not have the habit of randomly hurting the innocent.

    The heavenly king, Nie Ting, had entered the small apartment at this moment and deeply bowed in front of Li Xianyi, "Mr. Li, I trust you have been well since we last met. Judging from your complexion, the medicine from the ruins indeed have miraculous transformation effects."

    Li Xianyi smiled and replied, "News does spread fast to you."

    Both parties knew what they actually meant and Li Xianyi felt rather uneasy. While the other countries were still researching up on the metahumans' market value, those within the countries were already classified under the categories of Heavenly Kings and the Heavenly Network.

    And of course, there were many other organizations out there in other countries but none of them were comparable to the Heavenly Network, who had gathered everyone with supernatural powers under them.

    Even if there was someone out there who had done so already, it wasn't performed as perfectly as the Heavenly Network.

    Both Li Xianyi and Nie Ting kept silent. Nie Ting's pale, glistening eyes seemed to have emitted a trace of smoke under the warm, dim light.

    Past memories looked as if it had flashed past Nie Ting's eyes as he said, "Mr. Li, it seems like you have recovered your magical energy. If only you gained them back earlier, perhaps you wouldn't have lost your basic foundations."

    "Everyone has their own fate. So there's no need for regrets," replied Li Xianyi as he was still reluctant to talk more, at least not until he knows the reason why Nie Ting had come looking for him.

    Nie Ting nodded, "With such open-minded people like Mr. Li around, only then would the world be burdened with less hardship. I think that both of us, you and the Heavenly Network, agree with this point as well. In such an era where magical energy is returning, will Mr. Li be willing to work together with us? Our last Heavenly King position is still vacant and we cannot wait any longer."

    "I don't think our causes are aligned," Li Xianyi shook his head in denial. He poured a cup of tea for Nie Ting before saying, "The Golden Foundation had already stated in their rules when they had first started, that their few major directors are not to take up any roles in any country. This is to maintain fairness and longevity for their organization."

    Power is something that can easily corrupt someone. Once you have attained something before, it is difficult for you to turn back.

    The moment some people wielded both authority and power, it was as if they had the whole world in their hands.

    They would feel as though they had reached the highest peak in the world, overlooking everyone else and was breathing in the entire world, even feeling as though as they could revive the dead.

    To Li Xianyi, the golden foundation did not represent power nor did it represent fame and fortune. It was just like an ideal country.

    Perhaps for his belief, he would even fight till his last breath in a world where magic had all been exhausted.

    Nie Ting pondered for a moment and laughed, "The Nie Clan does admire whatever the Golden Foundation holds dear to heart. But since both of our goals are for world peace, we could actually work together. There are many ruins in this country that have yet to be unlocked and we, the Heavenly Network, promise you that if we were to find any medicine, we would immediately deliver it to you."

    Li Xianyi calmly smiled and replied, "Life is rather meaningless if one were to live for too long."

    Nie Ting had come for the Golden Foundation's power as it had existed for far too long. Even the Heavenly Network was unable to ascertain how many roots were under this unwavering, monolithic tree.

    Thankfully, this huge tree had always seemed to be harmless.

    But who could confirm, that it would stay harmless forever?

    Nie Ting did not want to continue further as he downed the cup of tea in one mouth before closing up his cloak and turning around. While he headed towards the exit, he said, "Take care Mr. Li. The Golden Foundation wishes to protect the world which is worthy of respect but we, the Nie Clan, wishes to protect the country. Hopefully, we won't be enemies the next time the Heavenly Network and the Golden Foundation meet."

    Just as he reached the exit, Nie Ting turned around once again and silently commented, "Perhaps it is not my place to say, but within this country, the only director in the Golden Foundation is you, Mr. Li."

    Li Xianyi finally understood what Nie Ting's true objective was.

    Trying to rope him in was a guise. One of the many reasons was to stabilize the relationship between the Golden Foundation and the Heavenly Network, and Nie Ting was even willing to promise the medicine found in the ruins in order to achieve this goal.

    However, their most important objective was to inform Li Xianyi that - the major directors of the Golden Foundation were not to step onto the frontline.

    Indeed, everything was to maintain the stability between them. Just one class B professional was enough to wreak havoc if he were to enter a country and crippling an entire city wouldn't even be considered a feat.

    But of course, the country being attacked would not just sit back and do nothing.

    Nie Ting had done all this to declare his aggression. Even if there were on friendly terms and that they had respected the Golden Foundation's ideals, their duty was to protect the country. Metahumans who weren't under their jurisdiction were not welcomed at all.

    Every professional in the world was now fighting to reach class A and the moment someone does that, only then would he be considered to have reached the top of the world.

    However, how easy could it be?

    Nie Ting looked back towards the tattered apartment as he exited the house, "Let's go, there's more important stuff to attend to. Back to Beijing!"

    Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu were both crawling around beside the window, looking out a small slit they had opened. They saw that Nie Ting had exited from the small apartment and had left immediately.

    Just as he was a distance away, Nie Ting's voice resonated once again in the night, "Take care of yourself Mr. Li, the Nie Clan will remember our promise. If we were to find any medicine from the unlocked ruins, it will be delivered to you right away."

    Lu Shu suddenly wondered that didn't this Heavenly King he had just seen seem as if he was on good terms with Li Xianyi?

    "Lu Shu, who is he?" as Lu Xiaoyu quietly muttered.

    "One of the bosses of the Black Coats. He's a class B expert," Lu Shu quietly replied.

    "When can we reach class B?" Lu Xiaoyu asked curiously.

    After thinking for a while, Lu Shu replied, "Not sure, but it probably wouldn't be that long."

    "Lu Shu, how many stars have you light up now. I've darkened out 4 of them," Lu Xiaoyu joyfully said.

    "You're too slow, I've already lighted up 7 of them," as he replied without a shred of embarrassment, "it seems like my aptitude is better than yours."

    "From Lu Xiaoyu's distress, +65."

    Lu Xiaoyu grew suspicious and turned around to look at Lu Shu, "Is that the truth?"

    "Of course it's the truth!" as Lu Shu replied with such assurance.

    Lu Shu felt like he had just escaped danger. Luckily, he was able to consume those celestial fruits! If he really had to compare his progress with Lu Xiaoyu without those fruits and she was to find out that their difference wasn't that huge even though she did not have to actively train at all, how cocky would this child be!
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