166 Can you speak normally? Part 1

    At this moment, Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu's house was totally silent apart from the hysterical laughter from the conjured class D soul. Looking at the black smoke, Lu Shu was still rather confused. Why was there such a side effect?!

    Previously, Lu Shu was already very meticulous and even if he wanted to test out corpsedog's other abilities, he did not try it on Lu Xiaoyu's conjured souls.

    But what was happening now? Noticing Lu Xiaoyu's rage beneath her calm demeanor and then looking at the laughing soul, Lu Shu was absolutely frustrated!

    "Would you believe it if I said I didn't know this would happen..." Lu Shu explained apologetically, realizing that he didn't sound convincing at all.

    Lu Shu suddenly thought of the Ambilight soul pearl he kept in his celestial map after killing that Japanese spy. His eyes lit up, "I have a pearl here, maybe the soul would stop laughing if he eats it?"

    Lu Xiaoyu reabsorbed the soul, ignoring Lu Shu's suggestion and hinting that only a week's
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