185 185、Lu Xiaoyus First Day of School Part One

    Li Yixiao never mentioned that Lu Shu was a student and neither did Lu Shu. Although he looked young, he was dressed maturely. And the main point was that Li Yixiao brought them!

    Previously, Lu Shu had exemplary results and didn't stay in school. So the students' affair office never had any interactions with him and it was normal that other teachers did not recognize him.

    But this time, it was a problem for both Zhang Haitao and the director... But what could they say?

    But they immediately thought that Lu Shu must be a daoyuan student, why else would Li Yixiao step up for him?

    The students' affair director was stunned. Wait, the name Lu Shu sounds very familiar...

    Lu Shu wasn't too concerned as he had Li Yixiao backing him. And he only wanted to settle Lu Xiaoyu's admission quickly, "Mr. Zhang, I shall leave Xiaoyu with you. Do you need me to do anything else?"

    "Where are your parents?" Zhang Haitao asked Lu Shu.

    "We're orphans," Lu Shu did not want to mention thi
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