242 242、Breaking The Silence Part 2

    Lu Shu hurled the bike to the side of Huanhu road and realized that he had gained distress points from someone called Wang Shuo. Lu Shu was rather curious, could this guy be Li Dian and Liang Che's accomplice?

    Why else would this random name provide him with a sudden surge of distress points? Or could it be related to something he did in the past?

    When he came back, Wang Shuli and her friends had already returned to their respective tents. Lu Shu had read online that people who drank too much would be thirsty and experience headaches the next day.

    Lu Shu couldn't comprehend the logic behind this. Why drink when you'll suffer the next day?

    Then again, this was not important to him right now. Lu Xiaoyu sat pitifully at the opening of their tent, waiting for his return. Her head nodded occasionally as if she would fall asleep any moment. Little Fury was on her head, sound asleep as it bobbed with her nods...

    Lu Xiaoyu was jolted awake when she hear
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