318 318、The Golden Sheet Again Part 2

    The war over anime between Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu had not ended. However, Lu Shu suddenly realised the next day that Lu Xiaoyu was really noting down all the sand attack moves diligently onto a small notepad.

    Not just attack forms, but also her own thoughts about the usage.

    This came as a surprise to Lu Shu... Look, whose children don't watch cartoons, and it's the summer break now...

    Lu Shu decided to compromise...he returned to his own room to self-study Japanese through online videos.

    Upon seeing that, a smug Lu Xiaoyu gave Little Fury beside her on the sofa a wink. Little Fury sighed in its mind, so sneaky.


    "Should I eat the Energy Sea Fruit?" Lu Shu sat cross-legged on his bed and pondered. This was a big question.

    Now even with Corpsedog and Concealed Arrow both out, the snowy mountain cutting progress was still slow. If he were to eat one more Energy Sea fruit, he may never be able to open the Energy Sea.

    There were talks that Li Xianyi's whereabout was unknown. Lu Shu felt slightly angry every time he was reminded of this unreliable half-teacher...

    Still, Lu Shu was a headstrong competitor. He believed there may be new path opened if he were to continue. Blazing a new trail was also highly possible.

    Time for lucky draw!

    Lu Shu opened the lucky draw roulette and received a back-end prompt. The energy sea fruit is out of stock. Changed to shop listing. 5000 distress points for one. The lucky draw roulette will come up with new prizes.

    "So expensive?" Lu Shu was a little suspicious. Previously when he took part in the lucky draw, 5000 distress points could be exchanged for two. Now the price had rose so much, as if not wanting him to have the fruit.

    One must know that previously, when the fruits were converted into shop lists and could be purchased directly, it was always a better deal.

    Honestly speaking, now that the price had rose so crazily, Lu Shu did not have the heart to consume it anymore.

    However, the new prizes did catch Lu Shu's eyes and he was quick to open the lucky draw. He now possessed 420,000 distress points. He was planning to light up the first three stars and be left with 20,000 points.

    Just as Lu Shu was about to convert the star fruits, he discovered another prompt: Energy Sea Fruit, Nebula Fruit.

    What the hell is a Nebula Fruit? He went to the store and gasped. What the heck!

    A Nebula Fruit is priced at 100,000 distress points?! That is a hundred times more expensive than a Celestial Fruit?!

    Could it be an advanced version of the Celestial Fruit?

    Lu Shu's hands gave an involuntary tremble. If he convert just one and consume it, the first star of the third layer of Nebula could be instantly lighted up!

    He gave a small sigh of relief. Indeed, this was an advanced version and could save him the trouble of eating a few hundred fruits at one go. He would not have the energy to do that even if there was time...

    Lighting up three stars at one go. After that, he still required a massive 400,000; 800,000 distress points. The road ahead was still long.

    Now, even if he were to use both Corpsedog and Concealed Arrow simultaneously, Lu Shu could still last more than an hour in a high difficulty battle. If he fight the injured Anthony now at his current state, Anthony would find it hard to even break through the defense of his celestial cloak.

    Opening the lucky draw, Lu Shu was full of expectations as he waited for the lucky draw roulette to come up with something fascinating.

    After a hundred distress points were thrown in, the roulette began spinning fast. When the wheel stopped, Lu Shu looked at the thing the needle was pointing at and almost flipped his table!

    "The stinky tofu almost recommended by 'A Bite of China' documentary series!"

    What the heck! What is this "almost recommended"?!

    How can they screw people around like this!

    This is the "new item" as mentioned?

    Are you able to absorb my distress points to level up or what?!

    Lu Shu's mood at that point in time was hardly describable.

    He converted one stinky tofu and bit into the black-colored delicacy. Instantly, the soft, white interior of the beancurd was exposed. It was crispy on the outside and soft within. The spice tasted like authentic wild pepper and the spiciness made Lu Shu perspire profusely. It was indeed delicious...but what was the point!

    Thump! Lu Xiaoyu pushed open the door and entered, emotionless. Not uttering a word, she took the stinky tofu from Lu Shu and left silently...

    Lu Shu was totally caught off-guard! Okay, okay, you guys are the badass!

    Continue the lucky drawing. Lu Shu's greatest wish now was for the appearance of an item similar to the Energy Sea Fruit. Even though he did not know what would appear, Lu Shu was not utterly disappointed yet!

    After drawing for over a hundred times, just as Lu Shu was about to go numb, the needle on the roulette wheel suddenly landed on a golden sheet!

    Lu Shu's heart felt like it missed a beat. The first time a gold sheet appear, it was a little star. The second time was Lu Xiaoyu's cultivation technique. Could the third time be some invincible skill or something?!

    He spared no time in retrieving the golden sheet from the back-end item column. However, the golden sheet turned instantly into gold dust and floated towards the walls!

    Lu Shu stretched out his arms to catch the powdery gold, but they were like shards of light that were out of reach and impossible to catch as they floated right through the walls!

    He threw open his bedroom door and could only look on helplessly as the gold powder landed in Little Fury's body! Little Fury was then clutching the stinky tofu with its two tiny claws and savouring the delicacy.

    "Return them to me!" Lu Shu inverted Little Fury by grabbing its legs and started to shake it violently, as if trying to shake the golden lights out of Little Fury's body.

    Little Fury was utterly stunned as it was shaken up and did not dare to move a muscle, totally clueless about what was happening...

    Lu Xiaoyu, too, looked at Lu Shu in shock. Wasn't it just a piece of stinky tofu?!

    However, everyone understood soon after coming out of their shock. The issue lay with the golden lights.

    Lu Shu was also feeling beaten. From the look of it, the golden sheet was acting on its own in search of a host to reside in and was not subject to any control at all.

    Which also meant that, they had chosen Little Fury.

    Lu Shu asked, heartbroken, "What are those for?" He suddenly thought of a problem. Previously, it seemed like the golden sheet also floated into Lu Xiaoyu's body and every time she made someone angry after that, the distress points would be clocked in Lu Shu's record directly. Would it be the same in Little Fury's case?

    If it was really the case, this outcome could still be accepted...

    Little Fury shook its head and gesticulated for a very long time, saying it knew not what was going on and had to go think about it...

    "Then why aren't you go think about it now?!" Lu Shu said brusquely. "If you don't get to the bottom of the issue by tonight, I will give you double the homework to do tomorrow!"

    "From Little Fury's distress, +666!"

    Lu Shu was stunned...Little Fury's distress points had been overcome?!
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