350 Mission

    In fact, the training was not as scary as Chen Zuan had expected. There were no competitions of physical abilities nor actual combat between students, which made the little fatty rather relieved. At the very least, he was on the same starting line as the rest in other areas.

    The first lesson was on guns, taught by a commanding officer the students had never met before. But the first thing he did after the lesson started was to ask who Lu Shu was. After Lu Shu stood up, he nodded his head, and gestured for him to sit down for the lesson.

    At that moment, everyone sensed that something was off. They were all curious about the happenings in the past ten plus days which earned Lu Shu such a high reputation among the veterans.

    It was a privilege more than one could wish for!

    Even as a Class A aptitude genius, your abilities would be pointless if you could not earn the respect of your future comrades-in-arms in the Heavenly Network. Moreover, among the many geniuses present, not everyone could become a significant figure in the Network.

    Looking at all the faces down the podium, the officer said, "You are all about to ascend to Class C, maybe in half a year or maybe one year. But sooner or later you would reach Class C. Thus, with flying daggers as the prerequisite, I am not going to teach you how to use guns, but how to guard against them. For example, what can be guarded by your Spirit Qi Armor, and what cannot. You need to know all that by heart."

    It suddenly struck Lu Shu that it was a mere sweeping statement to claim that Class C's could defend themselves against all hot weapons. There were so many hot weapons after all. A pistol was a hot weapon, so was a nuclear bomb.

    Thus, it was only true that they could guard against most guns. Like what the officer had said, they were defenseless in the face of over half of the types of sniper rifles.

    After that was more advanced knowledge about the use of magical instincts to locate sniper bullets and throwing daggers to make a slight change in the trajectory of the bullet.

    In other words, with magical instincts and flying daggers, you would be able to deflect the bullet away, though you could never survive the shot.

    The Death Blow flying daggers of Class D could surpass the speed of sound and those of Class C could be even faster, but most guns, including sniper rifles, could only fire bullets at below one kilometer per second.

    With prior experience with guns, Chen Zuan expected himself to excel in this subject. But he soon found himself struggling to catch up with the contents, which seemed completely different from what he had previously learned.


    The officer took three days in total to teach guns alone.

    The second subject was on team collaboration and gesture tactics.

    Many military amateurs actually knew about gesture tactics. At first, Chen Zuan thought he would ace this chapter too, since it was a popular activity in the Club, where competitions were held on the familiarity with the tactics.

    However, this subject turned out to be even more unexpected. In the original gesture tactics, curling all fingers and sweeping them up and down across the chest meant automatic weapons, which was not taught here at all. Instead, they learned the gesture for "use flying daggers".

    Basically it was way too different from Chen Zuan's previous knowledge.


    At the end of everyday, each of them also needed to learn about various regulations in groups under the officers' guidance. Not only that, they were required to recite them too.

    Chen Zuan could never have imagined that his performance in this subject was way below average, let alone to ace it.

    Lu Shu's memory had been extraordinarily good even before the regeneration of his Spirit Qi. Now, it was not an exaggeration to say that he could remember thousands of words in a short time. Although he might miss some details after a long time, he had no difficulty in dealing with spot checking and recitals. It was his self-esteem as a well-performing student.

    Nonetheless, Chen Zuan was a different case. Since primary school, he had been producing poor results for more than a decade.

    His memory was unmatched.

    Open the book, Ma Dongmei.

    Close the book, Ma what Dongmei?

    Open the book, Ma Dongmei.

    Close the book, what Dongmei?

    Open the book, Ma Dongmei.

    Close the book, Ma Dong what?

    Open the book, Ma Dongmei.

    Close the book, Ma Dongmei! Ma Dongmei! Ma Dongmei! Okay I remember it!

    At examination, Sun Honglei!

    Based on his talent in studies, it was really too hard on him to ask him to recite books.

    Afterwards, in addition to learning regulations, there were personal reflections as well. In fact, all of them were treated as rookies, and the same pattern might repeat again in the Practitioners universities. Perhaps they would learn it a second time in the future.

    Actually, the Heavenly Network gave them one magical stone per day as an allowance. Lu Shu also noticed that there was an exceptionally abundant amount of Spirit Qi under the Lingjing Lane.

    Indeed, it made perfect sense. Of course, the base of the Heavenly Network would be built at a place with rich Spirit Qi resources for the use of their fighters.


    The intense training lasted for half a month. Actually, schools in most places were already starting the new academic semester, and even Lu Shu thought that it was about time to go home for lessons.

    However, Lu Xiaoyu was very unhappy, though Lu Shu was rather pleased with getting one magical stone per day.

    On the 15th day, all of them were gathered together for the official group allocation.

    Hao Zhichao stood before the eighty-four students, "In order to obtain the training methods, you must accomplish military achievements, which most of you do not currently have. But it's alright. Here comes your opportunity. Now, in five minutes, change back to your original attire. You will be heading to various places as students to complete missions. None of these missions are supposed to be easy. Thus, I suggest you take it seriously. The relevant information will be given to you in due time. Hope you can make the most of it."

    Each group consisted of seven people, and Lu Shu's comprised of Chen Zuan, Cao Qingci, Cheng Qiuqiao, himself and three other strangers.

    Speaking of which, Lu Shu could vaguely recall that Shi Xuejin had mentioned something about missions, but he had almost forgotten about it after more than ten days of studying.

    To their surprise, the document given to them was about a secret black market on the boundary between Yuzhou and Shanzhou. According to the information, the person in charge of the market was engaged in scams, robbery and other unscrupulous deeds under the disguise of the black market. It was a case where unlawful Practitioners killed and robbed.

    And the objective of the mission was to crack down on the black market and kill all twenty-one targets on the list.

    Lu Shu thought, this was to let the geniuses have a taste in killing. If not, it would be too late to realize that oneself was scared of blood during his or her real fights with external Metahumans. Hence, through the use of one stone to kill two birds, the students could start with the gray areas in the local cultivation arena while they eradicated some criminals at the same time.

    Was the external cultivation situation already this messy? What was the hurry with the Heavenly Network?

    But... Black market? Black markets were a good place. Lu Shu exclaimed.
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