425 Group Out for The Pledge

    Despite her failure to control the materialized Lu Shu herself, Lu Xiaoyu was happy nonetheless, even though she could not even erase those clones.

    Neither could she stop the consumption of Johnson's mana, but she felt it was only good this way!

    Admittedly, the clone had been compelled to make many promises to her earlier, but what was the point if it was not Lu Shu himself? That was why Lu Xiaoyu found it boring.

    Currently, though, it was Lu Shu himself who was standing beside her, not a mere puppet. It felt just wonderful!

    "Where are you, Lu Shu?" Lu Xiaoyu asked curiously.

    Lu Shu glanced around and replied, "It looked about the same everywhere. I have never been to this location and it's hard to confirm where I am now. Did you hear the earthquake just now?"

    "Yes, I did!" Lu Xiaoyu nodded.

    "Which direction?"

    "Not sure..." Lu Xiaoyu was too engrossed in conjuring up Lu Shu earlier and honestly she felt the entire ground was shaking together.

    "... Then did you hear the thunder?" Lu Shu continued.

    "No!" Lu Xiaoyu was quite sure about that.

    "Seems like we are pretty far apart as the sound has yet to reach you," Lu Shu estimated that they were at least twenty kilometers from each other.

    Twenty kilometers was not long compared to the size of the remains. After some consideration, Lu Shu materialized caps and masks for his five clones, ready to protect his new trump card from unnecessary attention.

    Just when Lu Shu was about to let four of the clones dissipate, four people emerged from the ground from not far away, each dressed in a red uniform. One of them knelt down on one knee and said in English, his face pale as paper, "This should be far enough. I'm beyond my limits and this is the farthest I can get through earth."

    "Yes, it was a narrow escape. We underestimated him. But we've lost so many broken magical weapons, so how should we report back?" another person knitted his brows together. It was a grave mistake.

    "I suppose you don't have to report to anyone anymore..." a voice sounded behind them.

    "Who's it?!" the four of them turned in shock.

    The next instant, however, all of them were dumbstruck at the five Lu Shus! Despite their different outfits, their masks and caps were identical!

    How did he make it here! Five of them too! Was this a sci-fi movie?! Wait, no. It was a freaking horror movie!

    "From Stanton Hope's distress, +999!"

    "From Staples Horace's distress, +999!"


    The four Class C experts from the Pledge took great efforts to arrive there, the supposed safety area. But how could they have imagined to bump into Lu Shu again!

    Five Lu Shus stood there at ease, as though having been waiting for them for a long time...

    As for Lu Shu, he was pretty shocked. Actually, after he accidentally let them escape, he had always been deliberating how to find them again. It was almost impossible, since neither could he catch them, who were fleeing via soil transport, nor locate them in the deep earth despite his sensory abilities.

    However, at this very moment, the four of them sent themselves to his clones! What a coincidence!

    Haha, you've gone too far...

    Then, the four Class C's could only stare as five Lu Shus materialized a spear each from thin air and leaped forward instantly. The Pledge was utterly routed as the Lu Shus hurled their lances and shouted, "Excellent runners, aren't you? Huh?!"

    The Pledge members were all on the brink of mental breakdown. Completely confused and dumbstruck, they did not even dare to fight back!

    Earlier, they were not even able to defeat one Lu Shu with five people. Now, with five Lu Shus...

    "From Stanton Hope's distress, +999!"

    "From Staples Horace's distress, +999!"


    If things were to be continue like this, they would not have enough strength to run! Giant flames erupted from a person's body, cocooning him inside. The sweltering heat wave rolled outwards in wakes, messing up Lu Shu's hair.

    In a split second, he summoned five fiery anacondas and shot them towards Lu Shu's clones at the best of his abilities. He had reached his limits!

    "Run! When he's held back!"

    Yet, with Class C strength-type power, Lu Shu's clones had speeds and strength parallel to Lu Shu himself.

    Before the arrival of the giant serpents, immediately the five of them applied leverage, dodging their attackers with different movements at the same time!

    Under the rolling clouds in the sky, five Lu Shus suddenly jumped to their feet, casting their spears out like thunderbolts!

    Once the first spear flew out, another one appeared beside each one of them!

    Just when the clones were about to descend at the highest point, they launched another round of attack as if hovering in the midair!

    The earth-type Metahuman plunged underground with his team mates at once. There was no time to care about anything else! However, having surpassed his mana limits, he vomited a mouthful of blood the moment they dived into the earth. His head was throbbing in pain!

    However, soon they were horrified to realize that all earth elements had been locked around them.

    Anthony took charge, giggling. Under his power, the four Pledge members could neither sink nor emerge. Stuck, they became Lu Shu's target.

    But Lu Xiaoyu left the killing to Lu Shu. His spears were coming with lightning!

    Then, against heavy crackling, the four Pledge members were buried in the thick dust swept up by falling spears. A giant cavern was formed from where they were due to the intense bombardment.

    No one could survive the intense shelling.

    Lu Shu stood stationary after he landed on the ground. Honestly it felt good to have five clones. "How did you come up with the idea of materializing me? Smart move!" he turned and smiled at Lu Xiaoyu.

    Lu Xiaoyu's eyes squeezed into little crescent moons again. "Of course!"
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