457 Going Home

    Things that you don't know? Lu Shu thought for a while before replying, "Actually, there IS something I need to tell you."

    Li Yixiao's face lit up. See? I'm smart! He's finally telling the truth! "What is it?"

    "The first thing that old man will do after he comes back is probably look for you. He has been doing so for two days in the remains..."

    "From Li Yixiao's distress, +999!"

    At the moment, there was not much time for concern. Li Yixiao started packing up at once. "Hurry up! We are going back in a minute!"

    "Sure." Then, Lu Shu pulled Lu Xiaoyu aside and mumbled, "I thought this mask attacked me because the Puppet Master asked it to. But now I realize it is not like that. I'm guessing it attacks all humans automatically except me as it is suppressed by the fire inside my heart."

    Lu Xiaoyu shot him a brief glimpse. "Then go figure it out yourself."

    Then she went to binge on Naruto. She could not wait any longer to watch her animes after so many days in the remains. Things like competitions and relics were none of her interest and she had entered the remains just for Lu Shu!

    Distress crept into Lu Shu's mind. There was no one he could discuss with! Besides, he could not entrust the truth with Li Yixiao either.

    When Lu Xiaoyu's eyes were glued to her phone screen, Lu Shu suddenly leaned over. "Why do you think the remains did not close when the Puppet Master got the mask?"

    Lu Xiaoyu rolled her eyes without even looking up. "Do you think Naruto will become the Hokage in the end?"

    Lu Shu pondered for a minute. "Probably will."

    Wait a moment, Lu Xiaoyu had diverged from the topic!

    Now he understood that Lu Xiaoyu shared no interest in the conversation. Having returned to his room alone, Lu Shu took out the white mask for a closer inspection. In fact, instead of the obvious questions, he was more curious about why his inner flame could subdue the mask.

    Who else would have a flame blazing in his heart? Lu Shu had been burying the confusion deep in his heart in an attempt to get over it. Be it the sapling on his palm or the fire, it made him feel different from everyone else.

    As though... they were implying that he was not human at all.

    There was one possibility. Maybe the Puppet Masters, like blood spirits, could enter the remains freely with the white mask serving as the key. Even blood spirits could preserve their last breath in the remains and grow into a Class A today.

    However, the key could not let them out due to their non-human identity. Therefore, the Puppet Master wanted to use Lu Shu himself as a medium whose contact with the mask could end the remains.

    Perhaps the Puppet Master had even intended to kill Lu Shu in one go, but never had he expected what happened next. The low-level human, unharmed, actually made the mask his own possession.

    But that did not bother Lu Shu too much, since he had successfully closed the remains after all.

    Holding the white mask on his palms, Lu Shu studied it carefully. Made of unknown materials, the hard-looking item actually felt like cotton in his hands.

    After a long hesitation, Lu Shu finally placed the mask on his face. Yet, it did not go as smoothly as it did for the blood spirit. To his surprise, the mask struggled to leave his face and refused to cooperate. But when Lu Shu infused it with his celestial powers, he was astonished to realize that the mask was immediately tamed with even a tad familiarity with him.

    Was his celestial map really so domineering that it could suppress everything?

    In the past, it worked on Spirit Qi and the Yinyang Kinship of the Three. Now, it could even control this piece of creepy relic?!

    Lu Shu could feel that the mask was perfectly compatible with his skin. In a flash of thought, his face in the mirror, changed into... a thinner version of Li Yixiao!

    Lu Shu stared at himself for a long while, speechless. How would he have expected that the mask could not change the shape of his face?

    Then what's the use! What the hell!

    So if a fat man wanted to turn into a thin one, he would become a wider version?!

    Were there ANY reliable and useful magical weapons in the world?!

    As a matter of fact, there had been some misunderstanding on Lu Shu's side. The white mask was a sacred artifact that belonged to the clan of blood devils, who, consisted purely of blood, could transfigure into any form possible in accordance with the mask. Thus, its inventor had never given much consideration to whether the mask was capable of changing the body structure of the wearer...

    As a result, it inconvenienced Lu Shu...

    Taking a deep breath, Lu Shu took off the mask. At the moment it seemed that the greatest use of the mask was to disguise his true face.

    Back in the remains, Li Yixiao had called him by his name in front of Meng Jingchan and Evan's team. Thus, Lu Shu would not be surprised at all if his name appeared on the search list of various big organizations across the world the next day.

    Hence, a disguise would be very necessary. Otherwise, he might be pursued by a few experts interested in him. What a miserable life it would be!

    Lu Shu started calculating his gains from the remains this time. First of all, it certainly had to be his divine water, which had increased in size by... more than ten times. It had expanded to as big as a swimming pool after devouring the blood spirit.

    Moreover, with its own weapon spirit, its lethality towards individual targets had even reached the level of the black dragon spear.

    Speaking of which, this was a much more productive way of nurturing the divine water as compared to Earl's painstaking efforts.

    Following the same vein, one had to stop being too picky with their food if they wanted to gain weight.

    The second greatest gain was the large income of distress points. At the moment, points from big organizations including the Phoenix Society were gushing in like snow storms. At the current rate, the fifth star in the third nebula had already been ignited with even some excess...

    The success had to be attributed to Lu Shu's creative use of the Sun mirror and his carvings on the stone walls. Now, he had become an expert at gaining distress points! What an achievement!

    Lastly, Lu Shu suddenly felt that there was one more accomplishment that was worth mentioning, that it was his first time to have admirers.

    Li Yixiao's voice interrupted his thoughts. "Come on! Let's leave before it is too late!"

    Lu Shu rose and held Lu Xiaoyu's hand in his. Putting her phone back in her pocket, Lu Xiaoyu looked up and smiled at Lu Shu. Pattaya's sky was still blue as usual, as though undisturbed by the Practitioners' revelry.

    Gazing in the direction of Koh Chang island, Lu Shu smiled. "Goodbye."

    Suspicious, Lu Xiaoyu cast him a glance. "Who are you bidding farewell to?"

    "Humph, no one."

    "Lu Shu, you've changed!"

    The pair walked into the distance, until their figures blended in with the landscape and the sky above.



    ...Hokage is the leader of the village in Naruto
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