540 Lu Shus Distress Points

    The training preparation for Daoyuan Class students had been going on for a long time. By then, the camp would be a gathering place for all students who had passed the admission test of Luo Shen College.

    It was similar to the military camps newly enrolled university students participated in, albeit a tougher version.

    There was nothing special about their training regimes, which included basic things like military posture training. Some opined that they were meaningless, but Nie Ting disagreed, as did the many veterans of the Heavenly Network.

    They were elites of the troops, which taught them the utmost importance of discipline.

    The first half of the training camp aimed to internalize the idea that they were no longer ordinary students. Instead, they had to shoulder responsibilities in the future.

    As for the latter half, it focused more on basic training on military strategies, an easier version of what had been given to Class A aptitude geniuses like Lu Shu back then.

    "I'm not going." Lu Xiaoyu pursed her lips. "Why must I go if you are not even going."

    "From my point of view, the training I had last time has been of great help for me," Lu Shu said seriously and genuinely, "Explosive force is not the only thing that matters during combat, stamina and will power are crucial too. More often than not, the diversity of trump cards is not what determines your chances of winning in a fight. Rather, the winner is the one who is able to fight till his last breath."

    Lu Shu was reminded of the fight with Takashima. Had he not put in his best effort in scraping his chi mountain even when he was dying, probably he, together with Coral, would have been dead on the spot.

    "Nay. Go away." Lu Xiaoyu did not even look up from her phone which was streaming Naruto.

    Lu Shu was speechless.

    "From Lu Shu's distress, +666!"

    Lu Shu hissed, frowning, "Are you..."

    Wait a moment! Something was not right!

    There must have been something wrong... But what was wrong? When Lu Shu checked Lu Xiaoyu's income record, he was petrified!

    WTH? Lu Xiaoyu could collect his distress points now?!

    He looked at Xiaoyu, but was relieved that she did not seem to have noticed anything.

    Lu Shu checked his own record, but there was no such entry. This meant that only Lu Xiaoyu could access distress points from him.

    What kind of bloody system was that? To collect the host's distress points?!

    Other things aside, there were enough points to redeem another abyss fruit. Hence, Lu Shu made the redemption and ate it quietly...

    Since he had not discovered any other functions of points gained under Lu Xiaoyu's name, why not exchange for abyss fruits and eat as many as he could...

    Honestly speaking, though, it felt damn weird eating his own distress points.

    As for the task of persuading Lu Xiaoyu to join the training, Lu Shu had yet to figure out a method. Speaking of which, he had noticed his schoolmates' strange stares at him at the end of school that day.

    It was widely known that Lu Shu was a Major and also a Class C, which was rather admirable. Many girls in the school had even become his fans, and there were praises regarding his handsome looks wherever he went.

    That was almost insane...

    A 17-year-old Major? That sounded simply awesome. Back then, many girls had wanted to write love letters to Lu Shu, who then left with Li Yixiao to the Koh Chang Island before the girls could have a chance.

    After he returned to school, he was arranged into the security formation while other students were qualified for Luo Shen College. Obviously that signaled the end of Lu Shu's career path.

    What was security formation? It was a euphemism for the police force. They had lower social status than students graduated from cultivation colleges, which only admitted high scorers.

    In simpler words, the admission test separated the winners from the losers.

    This gave them an illusion, that Lu Shu's current achievements were well within their reach in the near future, because cultivation colleges were believed to be the platform where they could climb to the pinnacle of their lives.

    As a result, people's feelings towards Lu Shu had switched to those along the lines of sympathy and apathy.

    It would be a different story if he were really dead. But since he was alive, wasn't he simply an ordinary student? However, no one said it out aloud, because Lu Shu's younger sister had been enrolled into a cultivation school, though he himself had not.

    Many were jealous of Lu Shu for being blessed with such a good sister. It was a known fact that Lu Xiaoyu had awakened to Class C strength-type powers at a young age, and there were even rumors claiming that Chen Baili was interested in taking her under his wings!

    In comparison, Lu Shu's achievements were eclipsed, as his military credits were confidential.

    Nowadays, people tended to be forgettable and they were fond of predicting others' future with their own flawed logic.

    But Lu Shu could not care less. Unperturbed, he even wanted to ask if there were any potential buyers of his magical stones among his schoolmates...

    Just when Lu Xiaoyu was watching Naruto, Lu Shu's phone rang. He was confused by the unknown number, but answered it anyway. "Hello?"

    "Are you Lu Shu? There's a parcel for you. Can you tell me the direction to your apartment?" the man on the phone asked.

    It was Lu Shu's first time to receive a parcel. In bewilderment, he went out to collect it. On his way back, Lu Shu unwrapped the parcel to reveal an iron box, which was immediately packed into his Seal of Lands. Then, he saw a check written in English...

    Lu Shu was surprised that Coral had really kept her words. Then what was that iron box...

    "Who sent you the parcel, Lu Shu?" Lu Xiaoyu looked at Lu Shu suspiciously at the door.

    Lu Shu showed her the check. "I saved Coral's life, the Deities girl. She gave me this as a form of thanks."

    Lu Xiaoyu squeezed her eyes at the 2 million on the check. She knew from the currency symbol that it was in euros, not Chinese yuan!

    Coral was this rich?!

    For some reason, mixed feelings welled up Lu Xiaoyu's heart. Inside her heart, there had always been some repulsion against Coral, though she was sincerely grateful for Coral saving Lu Shu in Japan...

    Although she was hailed as the Master of Gods of the Deities, she was nothing more than just a leader. How could she possibly be a true God?

    Lu Xiaoyu clenched her teeth. "How does one become a Heavenly King, Lu Shu?"

    "Well, first of all you'll have to be strong enough. Then, you have to make sure your people listen to you..." In fact, Lu Shu had no concrete answers to the question either. He had yet to recover from his shock by the offer of the position as a Heavenly King. That was something millions had dreamed of!

    "Strength... people... Okay, I got it." Lu Xiaoyu gave him a firm nod.

    Lu Shu's face darkened at once. "I'm guessing you have some misunderstandings."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    "Never mind the details. Everything's under control!" Lu Xiaoyu dismissed him with a wave and returned to her room.
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