591 Man-Eating Lizards

    With a crash, the sandy soil caved into the ground. It seemed like some tents had been buried by the soil.

    No one knew what exactly had happened. Even the soldiers with combat experience rarely saw this kind of strange natural phenomenon.

    Suddenly, over ten massive lizards swiftly emerged from the hole. Their eyes were bloodshot and they were over over three meters long. Their tongues flicked in and out of their mouth. It seemed as if they could swallow a human whole.

    The soldiers took up their automatic rifles and starting firing at the lizards. But it seemed as if the bullets were useless against their thick scales. They did not receive any real damage. The lizards were rather fast on land, with no obstacles blocking their way.

    Some people rushed to retrieve heavy-duty weapons, but the rocket launchers could not take aim at these speedy lizards.

    Finally, a soldier took the chance and threw a grenade at a lizard that had stopped moving. The grenade exploded and fresh blood spilled from where the lizard was hit. But at the next moment, that lizard fiercely rushed towards the crowd.

    There were weapons with greater destructive power in the camp. But the problem was that the lizards were scattered within the camp. They could not blow up the entire campsite, right?

    The Heavenly Network members drew their long swords and charged forth. They could let their individual strength shine in times like this. But they could not lag behind. There was the possibility that an ordinary soldier may die every single second. No one knew how these lizards could suddenly appear from underground. They did not know exactly where they came from either.

    When Chen Zuan saw this, he roared, "Stop the truck!"

    Before he could finishing speaking, Lu Shu jumped out of the truck without waiting for the truck to stop. He ran towards the campsite.

    With the physique of a Practitioner, there was no need to wait for the truck to stop. They could ignore factors like inertia and height. They just had to react quickly.

    Although Lu Shu was desperate to go to the ruins, but to him, the lives of these people were more important.

    The Seal of Lands was not a secret, even while it was still in the hands of Nie Ting and Shi Xuejin. A spear appeared in Lu Shu's hands. He threw it towards a lizard with a speed faster than an RPG. The spear produced a terrifying roar as it flew through the air. The lizard, who was charging towards the crowd, was vulnerable. The spear hit the lizard in its rib.

    The spear entered from the left rib. There was a dull cry before the spear pierced through the right rib.

    The lizard staggered sideways. It could no longer maintain its own balance!

    Lu Shu had used 20 spears at the Collection of Gods. He still had five spears left. The spears accurately hit the five biggest lizards, who were charging towards the ordinary soldiers.

    The lizards who had been hit tried to stand up and attack. But the moment they stood up, they fell down again. Lu Shu was not very accurate in his attack, but the force from the spear when it pierced through the lizards was enough to cause massive pain. The heart was below the rib. Their hearts would stop functioning under this force, even if the spear had not pierced through the heart.

    According to Lu Shu's judgment, the lizards were probably around Class D. The stronger ones could even be Class C. They mainly attacked the ordinary soldiers. Although there were Heavenly Network members and Class C experts present, the Heavenly Network could not allocate many Class C's here, even if many had recently advanced to Class C.

    It was more than sufficient to have two or three Class C's guard the border against any intruders. But when over ten lizards suddenly appeared within the campsite, they could not do much.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    The remaining Heavenly Network members were powerless against the lizards. The lizards were just too fast.

    At this very moment, five spears flew through the air and hit the lizards in front of them. They were shocked. Someone strong had come to help them!

    Chen Zuan ran wildly behind Lu Shu. He was slightly annoyed. After the military training, he felt that the distance between him and Lu Shu should have narrowed. But Lu Shu was still Lu Shu. His strength was off the charts.

    Jiang Feng and the rest did not know what to feel. The moment the five spears flew out, they understood that Lu Shu was not the son of an influential family. The difference between them was like the difference between heaven and earth.

    Suddenly, they saw Lu Shu fire hundred of semi-transparent aurablades. The aurablades flew in a chaotic manner with no apparent order, but in the end they accurately hit the massive man-eating lizards.

    They had never seen an attack like this. If they encountered such an attack during their practice combat, a whole team would probably not be able to defeat this one person!

    "Wait, haven't you heard of this spear attack before? That person seems to be very skilled in throwing spears!"

    "Is that person Lu Shu?!" Someone said in shock.

    As Chen Zuan ran, he said while running out of breath, "This is not nonsense. Who could be more aggressive than Lu Shu?"

    Chen Zuan was envious of Lu Shu's swordplay. This was a technique from the Hall of Swords, invisible aurablade!

    Lu Shu furrowed his eyebrows and rushed forward wildly. When he had scraped his chi mountain recently, three hundred aurablades had been added. These aurablades attacked the massive man-eating lizards in waves. An aurablade could only pierce through a few centimeters of a Class C lizard. If Lu Shu wanted to kill them, he had to aim multiple aurablades at the same spot. He had the advantage of quantity. He would use this advantage to defeat the lizards!

    It was not difficult to control the aurablades, but aiming at many targets at the same time was very taxing for Lu Shu.

    After the aurablades hit the thick skin of the lizards, Lu Shu gave up on aiming accurately. The aurablades recklessly attacked the lizards from inside, killing them.

    Painful cries could be heard from the lizards. Lu Shu rejoiced. If there were a few more Class C lizards, Lu Shu may not have had enough aurablades to use.

    It seemed like Lu Shu was still more aggressive. Once he fired the aurablade, thousands of aurablades followed behind. He was truly merciless.

    Lu Shu had exhausted his aurablade. If he wanted to use them, he could probably use them only three days later. He remembered when he had researched on Lop Nur previously, there was a report that a few thousand man-eating lizards had been found among the rocks. In the end, they were killed by a heavy-duty weapon with fatal destructive power. There were even people who said that this place should be used as a nuclear weapon testing site precisely for this reason.

    This information was not completely true. At least these massive man-eating lizards did not die.

    Lu Shu strolled to the deep hole and looked down into the darkness. Would there still be such lizards underground?
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