593 Lizard Nes

    Neither Chen Zuan nor Chen Hao had expected Lu Shu to be so brisk and firm, leaving no room for negotiation.

    Lu Shu's voice traveled up from the dark depths of the cavern. "You two don't have to come."

    The two of them looked at each other in hesitation. Chen Zuan drew a deep breath and asked, "Are we going down?"

    "Of course. Shouldn't we follow him?" Just when Chen Hao was about to jump, Chen Zuan stopped him. Chen Hao was confused. "Aren't you good friends? Why don't you follow him down? What if he's in danger?"

    "It's not that I'm unwilling to go down," Chen Zuan said, agitated, "The fall may be nothing for him, but for us..."

    Chen Hao resonated with his concern. He immediately ordered his people to bring over powerful lighting equipment.

    Indeed, his and Chen Zuan's abilities were far below Lu Shu's. The fall might cripple them both...

    When the lighting equipment was delivered to them, Chen Hao agreed that Chen Zuan had made a wise suggestion. Unsure about the formation of the hole, it was as deep as hundreds of meters. Chen Hao wondered how much courage Lu Shu needed to jump down like that.

    Besides, it seemed that Lu Shu had no intention to wait for him. He had disappeared into the darkness! The cavern underneath had passages that led in all directions, and they did not even know which one Lu Shu had picked. If they made the wrong choice, they might even die inside, let alone be able to help Lu Shu...

    "We can't go down like this." Chen Hao shook his head, apparently having calmed down. As the person in-charge of the campsite, he could not bear the responsibility of acting alone. Everyone had their own identity and share of duties, and Chen Hao had to stay with his team in the current moment.

    It was not out of his fear of death. He certainly wanted to follow Lu Shu, but he could not even locate him now.

    "Don't go to the ruins, Zuan." Then, Chen Hao turned to all Daoyuan Class students and instructed, "I need all of you to assist in the formation of the defense line and wait for Lu Shu's return. Any objections?"

    "No, Sir!"

    "No, Sir!" Jiang Feng and the other students answered. According to the original plans, they were supposed to enter the remains, which promised far greater benefits as well. But their mindsets had changed a lot after the military training.

    Many soldiers thought that the consecutive three-month training was harsh for the new recruits, while actually they had received the most growth during that period of time.


    Walking alone in the cavern, Lu Shu did not use the Sun mirror directly as his source of lighting. Instead, Corpsedog and Concealed Arrow flickered around him to provide traces of light. After all, the Sun mirror would have made an easy target, and the two flying daggers could provide convenient protection for him too.

    He had not come down to kill lizards. It was his duty, but it did not have to be done in such a great hurry.

    In fact, the chaos snake, while cruising in the black divine water in his Seal of Lands, had suddenly become on edge, as though it was hungry for those lizards!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Moreover, the snake seemed even more interested in what was underneath the hole! At the moment, the divine water and the chaos snake were Lu Shu's most reliable weapon that could be used with the greatest ease. Hence, it was sensible that Lu Shu hoped to develop them even further.

    That was why Lu Shu had leaped down without too much consideration. Honestly speaking, the golden water had almost become his symbol overseas. It was too easily recognizable.

    But things were different now. The thick black fog had dissolved completely in the water, turning it purely black. In other words, his most recognizable characteristic was no longer applicable, and he surely did not want to expose it himself.

    After all, not everyone at the campsite was trustworthy.

    Therefore, Lu Shu had forgone the dozens of dead lizards on the surface and went down in search of other lizards!

    However, he was uncertain about one thing. The fact that there was no contribution of distress points from the lizards implied that they were unintelligent creatures. Thus, were they looking for food under their natural instincts, or were they compelled by some other beings?

    Lu Shu thought the latter was more probable, because the divine water and the snake took no interest in ordinary creatures!

    Lu Shu was not afraid, though. There was nothing scary about a rival in hiding because they would have shown themselves if they were Class A.

    Lu Shu had paid special attention to the stone walls on his way down. There were footprints of the giant lizards, which meant that they had climbed their way up. As he walked, he also noticed a few wells that led straight up to the surface, though they were all pretty far away from the campsite. Lu Shu believed that Chen Hao, Chen Zuan and the rest would be able to manage the situation well so long as it was not a sudden, large-scale attack like just now.

    Also, he would help to relieve the stress on the surface if he carried on with his lizard hunt.

    The black tunnels meandered forward. They were not small, as they had to allow the passage of giant lizards, which were even taller than Lu Shu even when lying down.

    Indeed, Lop Nur was mysterious. It actually harbored such a great mystery under its barren surface. Nonetheless, it was reasonable that those lizards could survive the nuclear weapon tests since their nests were hundreds of meters underground.

    Suddenly Lu Shu stopped short. He heard the sound of dripping water, or slime, to be more precise, behind him.

    Slowly he took out a T-shirt from his Seal of Lands. At the chest area of the shirt there was an odd circular pocket, which could accommodate the Sun mirror perfectly...

    Back then, the Sun mirror had proven to be of great use in the darkness during Lu Shu's fight with Nogiwa Takenobu under Koh Chang Island. Not only could it provide effective lighting, it could also inflict visual harm on the enemies. However, it would be inconvenient if it had to be carried by hand all the time...

    And Lu Shu would never tolerate the fact that the potential of such a powerful weapon was restricted by external conditions. Hence, he had sewn a shirt specially for it... Although he would look like Iron Man in that outfit, Lu Shu did not care much. Besides, his light was so much brighter than Iron Man's...

    Lu Shu turned, so did the light in front of his chest. The lizard that hung upside down from the cave ceiling let out a cry of pain under the intense light and fell to the floor...

    Truth be told, even a Class B expert like Nogiwa Takenobu could not withstand the light, lizards of Class C or D did not stand a chance at all...

    The lizard probably had not expected this man to be so fully equipped, but Lu Shu felt it was a pity that lizards could not produce any distress points.

    With a lift of his hand, the divine water gushed out from Lu Shu's Seal of Lands and wrapped around the man-eating lizard. Within ten seconds, the gigantic body of the lizard was completely eroded. That was the irresistible corrosiveness of the divine water after its absorption of the thick black fog!

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